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[Dividing Line Image]FOREWORD

In 1856, Jonathan Worcester published The Worcester Family, or the Descendants of Rev. William Worcester. (W.W. Kellogg, Lynn, Mass., 1856). It consisted of approximately 100 pages and included 1,332 Worcesters spanning eight generations of the descendants of Rev. William Worcester. In 1914, Sarah Alice Worcester published an update to the original genealogical work entitled The Descendants of Rev. William Worcester With a Brief Notice of the Connecticut Wooster Family. (E.F. Worcester, Publisher, Hudson Printing Company, 1914). This work consisted of approximately 250 pages and included 1,903 Worcesters spanning eleven generations. The current effort to update the family history has yielded over 3,450 family members spanning fifteen generations of Worcesters in America and seven generations in England. I am not a genealogist and I do not pretend that this work is complete. It does, however, provide an outline which will make it easier for all current and future Worcesters to fill in the gaps.

This book is intended to complement the internet web site, I trust that by publishing the results of my research to date that additional members of the family will come forward with their personal family histories to be included in future editions of the "The Worcester Family in America." Publication of this work on the World Wide Web offers tremendous advantages for continuing the effort to update the family history. Memory on computer servers is virtually unlimited for storage of information, the retrieval of secondary sources of information is very easy, family members can send updated information almost effortlessly, and distribution of and access to the material is unlimited and free to all.

There is, however, a major disadvantage to having our family history stored and distributed in digital format. The problem will be retrieval of the information on future platforms. Right now, the information is available on the World Wide Web, but there is no guarantee that I or another member of the family will maintain the web site in the future. People can download the information and store it on disks or even CD-ROM’s, but what assurance is there that anyone will have a computer ten years from now that can read disks or CD’s. (Who has a computer today that can read floppy disks that were in wide use only a few years ago?) One answer, of course, is that the information be printed out and saved as we have saved all treasured books since the publication of the Gutenberg Bible. For this reason, I encourage everyone to print the material and not rely on the information being available in any other form in the future. Indeed, I would encourage everyone to print additional copies to be donated to local libraries so that future generations will have ready access to our family history.

My current intention is to continue adding to the family history by supplementing and updating the web site. Thus, the reader is encouraged to periodically return to the site. This “book” format will be updated periodically, but the latest information will be presented on the web site first.

Whenever I tell someone that I have been working on the family genealogy, invariably the first response is the question: "How far back can you trace your family?" Although the subject matter of this work has been the Worcester family in America, I have included below a discussion of what is currently known about the Worcester family in England before Rev. William Worcester emigrated to America.

The second question I'm asked is "Why?" I don't really know why I started to "collect" family histories. I do recall as a young boy sitting on my great uncle Wayne's lap as he showed me the 1914 edition of the family history. I suppose I was fascinated by the long history of the family, but was most concerned that my name was not in it. In 1973, I received a Xerox copy of the book from Uncle Wayne and decided that I would try to bring it up to date. I am also a stamp collector and receiving information from Worcester relatives excites me in the same manner as a new stamp being added to my collection. I can't explain this phenomenon, but can attest to the fact that "collecting" family histories has been fun, rewarding, and interesting. I must admit to a certain amount of pride in knowing that our family history can be traced back to the sixteenth century, but I am equally proud of the fact that my mother's family immigrated to our country in the twentieth century.

It is truly remarkable how cooperative most people have been in responding to questionnaires that they received from a relative stranger. My favorite response was the one I received from an elderly lady who responded to my request with the following: "I'm a Worcester by marriage and doubt that you want to know anything about me. I divorced your George 23 years ago. I haven't heard from him since and don't know where he is. I do hope the rest of the Worcester family is better than he is in keeping in touch with his relatives. Good luck!"

I have tried to maintain the format used by Jonathan Fox and Sarah Alice. Whenever appropriate, I used the same description of family members as used in the 1914 edition. Similarly, whenever a family member submitted information on their family history, I attempted to use their words and used the information they thought was important for future generations to know about their relatives. It is difficult to synthesize a person's life into a single paragraph or two, but I have attempted to do just that. For any errors or omissions, I apologize. To quote from Sarah Alice's introduction, "Imperfect as it must necessarily be, I offer it to my friends and relatives with the hope that it will find a not unwelcome place on the library table."

There are many people to whom I am indebted for the new information contained in this book. They unselfishly shared their own research so that this work could progress to where it is today. Hopefully we can all build upon it. For much of the information on the Worcester family branch of Pleasant Valley and Berwick, Me., I'm indebted to Arlene M. Skehan of Ottsville, Pa. For the descendants of Moses5 Worster, I’m indebted to Clarence H. Drisko of Columbia Falls, Me. For the descendants of Edward9 Worcester and Jane Tunis Sargent, I’m indebted to Katherine K. Williams of Ottsville, Pa. I am indebted to Susie Worster McQuaide who publishes the Worcester Notes, a quarterly newsletter of the Worcester Family Association of Maine. For the descendants of James McRoberts Worcester, I am grateful to Jeff Stigsworth of Elyria, Oh. who continues to serve as that branch’s family historian. Finally, credit must be given to countless other family members who completed and returned questionnaires. Much of the genealogical research relating to Rev. William’s antecendents in England was provided to me by Benjamin D. Worcester, of Arlington, Virginia. For the research and analysis that lead us to the conclusion that Joseph Worcester, the elder of Rugby, was Rev. William's father, I most grateful to David Worcester who has spent countless hours finding, transcribing and analyzing 16th century documents from England.

Again, I invite all to send me corrections, additions and suggestions to improve this continuing history of the Worcester family in America. The easiest way to send corrections additions, memorabilia, etc. is to log on to and follow the instructions shown on the web site.

John P. Worcester

Aspen, Colorado








The name of Worcester is of local origin and was derived from the residence of its first bearers in the city or county of that name in England. These places were anciently called Wigornaceastre. The earliest recorded forms, used in the last decade of the seventh centurt A.D., were Uuegernensem ecclesium and Uuergerna cester, while in the eighth century the form of Wigerna civitas appears. The Welsh wig or qwig meant "wood or forest," while the Welsh wern or gwern (Gaelic vern) meant "alder," and the Latin castra, later cester, meant "camp." The literal meaning of the word is probably, therefore, "The camp in the Alder-wood." In ancient English records the name appears in the various spellings of Wygorn’, Wygornia, Wirecestre, Worcettor, Wigracester, Wigrecester, Wurster, Wircestre, Wircester, Wurtor, Wucester, Wostor, Woster, Worster, Wooster, Worcester, Wysseter, Wyssester, and others. Many of these variations should look familiar to any modern day Worcester, Worster or Wooster from persons attempting to spell our name. Of the forms mentioned, Worcester is the most generally found in America today, while Worster and Wooster are frequently in evidence as well.

Dr. David Wooster of San Francisco in his 1885 history of the Wooster’s in America states that it was his belief that the family originated in Wales. Near the English border in Wales is the Wye Forest as well as the Wye River. People from that area undoubtedly referred to themselves as being from "Wyster."

Unlike the city in Massachusetts, the City of Worcester in England probably came to bear its name in the same manner as the Worcester family. The City of Worcester lies mainly on the east banks of the Severn River in western England about 100 miles northwest of London. It is one of the most ancient towns in England. It is the site of a Roman fortified camp, established in the time of Julius Caesar. This camp, or Castrum was located close to the forest of Wyre, and was called Wyrecaestre, corrupted later into Worcester. In the year 673 the Sea of Worcester was founded by primate Theodore. The City’s first charter was granted by Richard I in 1189. Henry III granted another in 1227, and in 1621 James I granted a charter declaring the city a county in itself. Besides the famous Worcester Cathedral founded by Henry VIII in 1541, modern day Worcesters are familiar with several other institutions which originated in that city. Royal Worcester porcelain has been produced in that city since 1751, and in 1845 manufacture of the famous Worcestershire sauce was begun.

According to, ( Worcester is the 8,417th most popular surname in the United States. Worcester is the name of a County in Maryland and Massachusetts. It is also the name of cities and towns in Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Wisconsin.


Seated in early times, not only in Worcestershire, but also in the English Counties of Wilts, Warwick, Derby, Northampton, Buckingham, and London, the families bearing this name were, for the most part, of the landed gentry and yeomanry.

Urso d’Abtot, first Earl of Worcester, came to England with William the Conqueror at the time of the Norman Conquest, A.D. 1066. His line is believed to have died out at an early date, however, upon the death of his son Roger without male issue. The Earldom of Worcester then passed into the hands of the Beauchamps, but none of the families bearing the name of Worcester are descended from the Earls of the county.

Among the earliest records of the name in England are references to Roger de Wircester, in 1140; Richard de Wygorn’ and Henry de Wygornia, of Wiltshire, about the year 1273; Robert (d ca. 1333), Hugh (d ca. 1323), and William de Wircestre (also given as Wyrcestre and Wirecestre), in the fourteenth century; William Worcestre, of Bristol, who was born in 1415; and William Worcester or Botoner (1415-1482?), chronicler and traveller, son of William de Worcester, a substantial burgess of Bristol. At least one genealogist claims to be able to trace the principal Worcester family line from the two wills of Robert and Hugh to the end of the seventeenth century. (Gustav Anjou; The Worcester Family 1345-1625. LDS book ID 929.273, A1,557 and LDS microfilm ID 2908504 Item 8.) I remain skeptical, however, that anyone can trace the family name back to such an early date with any certainty.



The Coat-of-Arms on the left was adopted by the New England Worcester Association on June 22, 1912. The following is its blazon:  Worcester. Arms, Argent, a castle sable, between eight torteaux (red). Crest. A griffin segreant, gules. This coat-of-arms is slight variation of the emblem of the Episcopal See of Worcesters in England. The motto: Pax Potior Bello, translated means, "peace preferable to war."

Below are other devices borne by Worcesters in England. There is no evidence that any of them belong to the progenitors of Rev. William Worcester. They are shown here as several of them have been passed off as legitimate family coat-of-arms for the Worcester Family in America.

ARMS OF WORCESTER ("Burke's Armory," Ed. 1884, p. 1135.

Gules, on a fess; on between six crosses crosslet or, a mullet sable.

Sir William Dugdale in his "Antiquities of Warwickshire" ed. 1730. Vol. II. Appendix, gives the Arms of Worcester of Draycote, "Argent, on a chief gules, three cinquefoils of the field."


Butnor, or Butenor, -Or, on a chevron between three lion's heads erased gukes as many bezants. Borne by William de Wyrcester who assumed his mother's name of Botenor or Butnor. The family of Botenor was of Withybrooke Co., Warwick, temp. Henry IV. The same coat occurs among the Lyttleton quarterlings at Frankley, about 10 miles north of Draycott. The same coat was formerly in one of the windows of the cloisters of Worcester Cathedral, inscribed "Ricardus de Wigorn."

Worcester; as borne according to Nash, by Thomas de Worcester, Deputy Sheriff of this County, temp. Henry III.
Argent, a raven proper.



     Parish Church at Olney
Copyright © Kevin Quick

 Sarah Alice in her 1914 edition of The Worcester Family, suggested that Rev. William was the Vicar of Olney before emigrating to America[1]. She stated that her genealogist “thinks there can be no moral doubt that the Vicar of Olney was our ancestor, but whether we can establish this by written documents is doubtful, as so many records were destroyed in the great London fire of 1666.” In fact, there are pretty good historical records that survive regarding the Vicar of Olney during the period of time that Rev. William could have held that position. It is important, therefore, to review the evidence that helps to prove that Rev. William was, in fact, the Vicar of Olney.

 Sarah Alice’s evidence to support her contention that Rev. William was the Vicar of Olney was as follows:

 “We find it recorded, 1st, that a certain "William Worcester compounded the first fruits of the vicarage of Olney in 26 July 22 James I, 1624. His sureties being Peter Worcester of St. Edmunds, Lombard St. London, merchant taylor and Ralph Pavier of St. Stephen's in Colman Street merchant taylor."

Presentation by Rob Gorge Knt. of William Worcester, cl. to the vic. of Olney, vac. by the cession or demise of Robert Thogmerton, 29 Ap. 1624, 22 James, Endorsed-- Instituted 27 July, 1624. (Presentation Deed 1624, No. 2.)

Robert Throckmorton was instituted to Olney Vicarage 27 May 1623. (Bishop's Certificate.) Also, 2nd, that he retained this position till 1636, when on acct. of refusing to comply with the command of his Superior to read from the King's book to his congregation those portions which allowed sports and recreations after service on the Lord's day, he was suspended from his office at Olney.

But, is this conclusive proof? It is valuable information about the vicar of Olney, but where is the written documentation that Rev. William was, in fact, the Vicar of Olney? The following information which has come to light since Sarah Alice’s 1914 edition of the family history, offers the requisite documentation.

 The Alumni Cantabrigienses, a biographical list of all known students, graduates and holders of office at the University of Cambridge, from the earliest times to 1900, compiled by John Venn,  Sc.D., F.R.S., F.S.A. President of Gonville and Caius College, and J.A. Venn, M.A., Gilbey Lecturer in the History and Economics of Agriculture, contains the following entry:

WORCESTER or WORCETER, William – Probably son of William Worcester Vicar of Watford, Northants. Christened there 5 Oct. 1595. St. John’s College Cambridge. Matric sizar Easter 1620. Deacon 22 December 1622 (Peterborough) as literate of St. John’s Vicar of Olney, Buckinghamshire 1624-36.

 The Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy, a six volume set completed in 1972 contains the following entry:

                      WORCESTER (WORCETER), William, Clerk. Oxford B.A. 12 April
                    1570, Vicar of West Haddon, Northants 1571-4. Inst 2 December 1571
                    as W.W. of West Haddon. Vicar of Watford, Northamptonshire 1574-97.
                    Aged 28 in 1576. Probably died 1597.

From these two entries we learn that William, Vicar of Olney, matriculated at Cambridge from St. John’s College in 1620, was ordained deacon at Peterborough  on December 22, 1622, was the Vicar of Olney between 1624 to 1636 and emigrated to New England. The entry also indicates that he was probably the son of William, the Vicar of Watford. How accurate are these entries? If they are unassailable, then the answer is given, Rev. William was the Vicar of Olney. Unfortunately, however, one cannot assume that the compilers were correct in this regard. The fact that a William Worcester took his degree from Cambridge would certainly be difficult to deny, but that he later emigrated to America or that he was the son of the Vicar of Watford is not proved. (Cambridge University should certainly have good records of the students that graduated from their institutions, but information about alumni after they graduated is less credible.) The Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy, work was completed in 1972 and was most likely taken from the Alumni Cantabrigienses, thereby passing on any factual errors in the earlier work. The Alumni Cantabrigienses was compiled between 1922 – 27. Much of the information contained in the work on alumni who emigrated to America was supplied by Mr. J. Gardner Bartlett of Boston, Mass. The 1927 entry for William has after it, “J.G.Bartlett.” In the preface to the first volume, published in 1922, it states as follows: “We are therefore peculiarly fortunate in having enjoyed the advice and assistance of Mr. J. Gardiner Bartlett, of Boston, Mass. He has supplied us with the biographical accounts of upwards of a hundred Cambridge students who emigrated to New England prior to 1650. The information he has supplied about many of these will be entirely new to most readers.”  Mr. Bartlett may well have taken the information about William from Sarah Alice’s 1914 edition. Still to be verified is whether the records at Cambridge pre-date Sarah Alice’s work on the family history.

Cowper and Newton Museum in Olney

The best evidence that Rev. William was, in fact, the Vicar of Olney comes from recently discovered parish records from Olney. David Worcester was able to obtain the assistance of Elizabeth Knight of the Cowper and Newton museum in Olney which resulted in obtaining the following entries from the Bishop’s Transcripts of the Parish Registers for Olney (Buckingham Record Office in Aylesbury – LDS Film # 1999458 Items 3 & 4 -


c1630    Mary Worcester daughter of Wilia December 4 (Buried)
1630     Patience  Worcester daughter of Willia November 19 (Buried)
1634     Susanna daughter of Ma(aster) William Worcester 5 May (Baptised)
1636     John son of Ma(ster) William Worcester 26 March (Baptised).
1637     John son of Ma(ster) William Worcester 26 March (Buried).
1638     William son of Ma(ster) William Worcester 15 January (Baptised).

William Worcester
Vicar of Olney - 1637/38

Some years (1626, 1627 and 1633) are missing. Regrettably, Samuel’s christening and William’s marriage to Sarah are not yet found. Many of the Bishop’s transcripts are signed by William as the vicar from 1924 through 1637 (which ended March 24, 1638, by the modern calendar). Although the transcripts are in extremely poor condition and some parts are not legible, the evidence is quite compelling that William, the Vicar of Olney, had a daughter, Susannah, and a son, William, of the correct age to correspond with the daughter and son that settled in Salisbury, Mass. with their father, Rev. William Worcester. These records not only reveal the birth dates for Susanna and William, but also reveal that Rev. William had two daughters, Mary and Patience, and a son, John, who died before the family left England.

Another example of Rev. William Worcester's signature from Olney Bishop's register - 1635

It is known that Rev. William came to America some time between 1638 and 1640. Knowing why he left England may also provide additional evidence of his identity while in England. The historical record of the Vicar of Olney’s difficulties with his church in 1636 is quite good. As indicated by Sarah Alice in 1914, while he was Vicar of Olney, certain doctrines of the church were changed, including the relaxation of a rule requiring full dedication of Sunday to meditation and prayer, and allowing the playing of sports and recreation after service on the Lord’s day. He was commanded to read from the King’s Book that set forth the new changes to church doctrine. In 1636 he was disciplined for insubordination for refusing to read and endorse from the pulpit the commands of the King’s Book. The Public Record Office, Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series Reign of Charles I, Vol. 9 (1635-36), p 47, contains the following entry which describes the promise made by Rev. William to read from the Kings Book:

Declaration to be made by William Worsceter, Vicar of Olney, in the parish church of that place, after reading the Gospel during divine service on the Sunday next after receipt thereof. He was to declare that being so ordered by his ordinary he had read the King’s book for lawful recreations and he conceived that he did lawfully in so reading it, and that the book was lawful, and also the use of the sports therein allowed.

This declaration was signed by Rev. William. He was subsequently suspended. There is no evidence of William, the Vicar of Olney, being in England after the birth of his son, William, in 1638. It is most plausible that the Vicar of Olney, having been suspended from his position, left England with his family after 1638 as did so many other Puritan ministers of the time to avoid further persecution and find a place where they could freely practice their religious beliefs.

The Records of the Colonies of Massachusetts Bay, in New England state that at a “Meeting of the General Court at Boston, 5th day of the 9th mo. 1639, the petition of the inhabitants of Colchester is granted for Mr. Samuell Dudley, Mr. _____ Worster, Christo: Batt,” and others “to order all businesse of the towne.” At a meeting, Oct. 7, 1640, “Colchester henceforward to be called Salisbury.” Thus, Rev. William had to have arrived after January 15, 1938, when his son, William was born in England, and before Sept. 5, 1639, when he signed a petition as an inhabitant of Colchester.


Jonathan Fox Worcester's genealogy does not contain any information regarding Rev. William Worcester's father. All that he could report at that time was that William "settled pastor of the first church gathered in Salisbury, Mass., sometime between the years 1638 and 1640. The place and date of his nativity have not been ascertained." He further indicated that [t]raditions that William Worcester was born in Salisbury, England, and, that he first landed in this country, at Gloucester, Mass., are not confirmed by any thing contained in the records of those towns."

Sarah Alice Worcester "felt that a strenuous effort should be made to ascertain the early history and antecedents in England of our progenitor, the Rev. William Worcester." Her research, including a visit to England in 1910, did reveal some information regarding William's probable father, his public life in England, and his reasons for leaving England. She concluded, based upon the evidence available to her at the time, that there were two possible candidates for Rev. William’s father: Wylliam Woster of Cheddington and Rev. William Worcester, the Vicar of Watford. She also made reference to some research suggesting that a William Worcester of Willisden may have been Rev. Worcester. Since 1914, additional evidence has presented itself, primarily through the research of David Worcester, that the actual father was one Joseph Worcester of Rugby, Warwickshire.

Before stating the case for each possibility, it is important to understand what is clearly known about Rev. William Worcester before he emigrated to New England in 1638 or 1639, which is relevant to clearing up this mystery. We know that he married Sarah in England and had three or four children before arriving in the New World: Samuel, Susannah, William, and Sarah. (Sarah may, in fact, have been born in Salisbury.) It is known that he matriculated at Cambridge University in 1620, became a deacon of the Church of England in 1622, became the Vicar of Olney which post he held between 1624 to 1636, was suspended from that post in 1636, and subsequently emigrated to New England in 1638 or 1639. Nothing else was really known about his life in England that was conclusive until David Worcester discovered new documentation which is discussed below.

Whether Rev. William had any siblings and whether any of those siblings removed to America with him are important facts that would help determine who his father might have been. This is particularly true since most of the information that can be obtained of families in England during the relevant time frame that still exist are contained only in parish records (births, deaths and marriages), and wills that frequently identify family relationships.

Sarah Alice Worcester reported in the 1914 edition of the family history that “[t]radition points very strongly to three brothers, William, Thomas, and Edward, the latter of whom went to Connecticut and founded what is called the Connecticut line. Thomas is supposed to have remained in Massachusetts with William.” In support of this tradition, Sarah Alice presents the following:

“In the Connecticut Magazine, Vol. XII., No. 1, Spring of 1908, is an article on "The British House of Worcester in America." From this it would appear that Edward Wooster and his brother came to this country in 1651, several years after William; that the brother remained with William in Massachusetts, and that Edward settled in Connecticut. This article does not give the name of the brother that came with Edward, but the latter calls his eldest son, born in 1656, Thomas, which seems to point towards his wish to thus keep in mind the brother who accompanied him to the new world.

Poem written by Edward Johnson in Wonder Working Providence to honor "Thomas" Worcester printed in London, 1654

In regard to Thomas we are led to believe that he remained in Salisbury with William, and that he may have assisted the latter in his ministerial work. There seems to be some confusion in regard to the name of the first minister of Salisbury. Johnson in his "Wonder Working Providence" speaks of him as the "reverend and graciously godly M. Thomas Woster," and this mistake may have led to a tradition in the family that the name of the first minister was Thomas.

It is said that when the Rev. Thomas Worcester of Boston, Mass., received his name, it was supposed to be in memory of the first Worcester minister in our country.”

 Finally, Sarah Alice reports that “an ancient heirloom in the Worcester family bears its silent testimony. This is a little book of poems, called, ‘Meditations all in Verse,’ written by Rev. Francis Worcester, in the 60th year of his age. Among the poems he devotes one to each of his ancestors, viz. to ‘his honored great grandfather, his grandfather, and his father, godly men he trusts.’ After this quotation we find in ink, at the opening of his poem on his great grandfather, the name, ‘Thomas Worcester.’ A star in paler ink refers to a foot note which reads. ‘Brother, William Worcester, not Thomas.’ We do not know who wrote the name Thomas Worcester, but the foot note is in a different handwriting, noticeably like that of Joseph E. Worcester, in whose possession the little book remained for many years, indicating plainly that later generations recognized the error and corrected it. We may safely conclude then that three Worcester brothers named William, Thomas and Edward came to this country and settled, the first two in Massachusetts, the third in Connecticut.”

 The tradition may have, indeed, been strong, but however strong it might have been, that tradition does not constitute the type of evidence requisite to enable one to categorically state that Rev. William had two brothers and that their names were Thomas and Edward. Nevertheless, family tradition does carry some weight and any investigation should honor that tradition as a clue, if not as conclusive evidence. 

 The fact that an Edward Wooster established the Connecticut branch of Woosters cannot be disputed. The New England Historical and Genealogical Register in 1921 printed the most reliable compilation of this distinguished family in America, a 22 page genealogical study by Donald Lines Jacobus, entitled Edward Wooster of Derby, Conn., and Some of his Descendants. In it he states that Edward’s “origin is unknown.” His date of death, however, is listed as July 8, 1689. The Genealogical Dictionary of New England, by James Savage, at Vol. IV, published in 1862, and reprinted in 1965, lists Edward Wooster as having died on “8 July, 1689, aged 67, hav. made his will that day.” If this last reference is correct, Edward would have been born in 1621-22. There is no evidence in any of these references that suggests that Edward was Rev. William’s brother.

 Did William have a brother by the name of Thomas? Sarah Alice strongly suggests that he did and that he lived in Salisbury. Indeed, she mentions that this Thomas helped William with his ministry. Sarah Alice references a 1654 publication by Edward Johnson that mentions a  "reverend and graciously godly M. Thomas Woster," living in Salisbury. Mr. Johnson also published Good News from New England” in London about 1648 wherein he lists “these 26 churches in the government of Mattachusets” and their “servants in the ministry” with the entry, "Salisbury: M. Th. Woster, 45.1” (The 45.1 referring to annual pay.) (Both of these works are available as a single volume: 1974 Scholars Facsimiles & Reprints – ISBN 0-8201-1130-9). In any event, it is clear that the error made in the 1648 work was carried forward to the 1654 publication. The error was either that Mr. Johnson was confused about Rev. William’s name, or that he thought Thomas, and not William, was the leader of the church at Salisbury. If the error were the latter, then it would seem to indicate that if Thomas was in Salisbury, he arrived on, or before, 1648.  David Worcester suggests that the error was probably confusion as to who was the leader of the church in Salisbury. Thomas Bradbury was the first schoolteacher in Salisbury, a prominent member of the community, representative to the General Court, and important church member (the same person who witnessed Rev. Willim’s will.)

           St. Giles Parish Church at Cheddington

Wylliam Woster of Cheddington.   The case for Wylliam Woster of Cheddington being Rev. William Worcester’s father is grounded in the family tradition reported by Sarah Alice Worcester. She indicated that "[t]radition points very strongly to three brothers, William, Thomas and Edward, the latter of whom went to Connecticut and founded what is called the Connecticut line."  Following this tradition, then, Rev. William’s father must have had two other sons named Edward and Thomas.

In Sarah Alice’s book, she relates her efforts to find a person who had three sons named William, Edward and Thomas. She did, in fact, discover such a person. A will was discovered that was prepared by a William Worcester of Cheddington, Buckingham Co., dated 1623, in which he bequeaths to "Willyam his eldest sonne tenn pounds, to his sonne Thomas 10 pds. and to his sonne Edward 10 pds.[2]" To his sons George and Francis he gives all his lands after his wife's decease. To each of his two daughters, Mary and Rebecca, he gives 100 pds. It is worthy of note that he cuts his three eldest sons with only10 pds. each, bequeathing them no land. The fact that the three sons were pretty much disinherited leads Sarah Alice to speculate that this may have been a reason for their departure from England a decade and a half later.

Church records in Cheddington, Buckinghamshire (LDS - IGI Batch #7233628) contain the following entries:

                  a.  Married 1576 April 13 Edward Worcester & Elizabth Alen.
                  b.  Christened 1576 April 20 William Worcester, sonne to Edward Worcester.

                    The records appear to have a gap of about 30 years, but continue as follows:

                  c.  Christened 1613 Sep 12 Thomas, s of William Woceter
                  d.  Christened 1616 Dec 26 Mary, dau of William Worster
                  e.  Christened 1618 Mar 21 Rebecca Woster, dau of William Woster
                  f.  Christened 1621 Feb 4 Gorge, s of William Worster
                  g.  Christened 1623 Aug 5 Francis, son of William Worster & Rebecca
                  h.  1623 Nov 3 William Worster was buried
                  i.   1659 May 3 George Wooster was buried

There can be little doubt that these church records record the marriages, baptisms, and deaths of family members of the same William who prepared the 1623 will. The reader will note that the will is dated Oct. 23, 1623, and accepted for probate on November 20, 1623. According to the church records, William Worcester was buried on Nov. 3, 1623. The reader will also note that the church records do make mention of a Thomas, but do not make reference to either William or Edward. It is not unlikely, however, that William and Edward were born during the period of time for which the church records are missing. The will indicates that William was his eldest son so clearly William had to have been born before Thomas in 1613. Moreover, the will makes mention of George, Francis, Mary (“my eldest daughter”), and Rebecca ("my youngest daughter”). The names in the will and their listing in the church records coincide perfectly. Thus, there can be no reasonable doubt that the Wylliam Woster who prepared a will in 1623 is the same William referenced in the church records at Cheddington.

The church records also reveal that a certain Edward Worcester married Elizabeth Alen on April 13, 1576, a week before a son by the name of William Worcester was christened at the church. From this record, it is inferred that in early April, 1576, Edward’s first wife died, perhaps in childbirth and that Edward immediately remarried as was the custom of the time when a widower was left with small children.

           Parish Church at Husborne Crawley

The 1623 will also contains some additional clues that may be helpful. The will indicates that William was married to Rebecca daughter of George King (“my ffather-in-lawe.”) The bequests to William, Edward, Thomas, Mary and Rebecca are conditioned upon their coming of age (“one & twentie yeares” in the case of the sons, and “twentie yeares, or at their daie of marriage” whichever comes first.”) This means that none of them had “come of age” on October 23, 1623, when the will was prepared. We know that is true of Thomas, Mary and Rebecca from the church records. We can calculate therefore that the William and Edward referenced in the will must have been born some time after 1601-02 (which is consistent with the gap in the church records.)

The parish register of Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire (about 12 miles north of Cheddington) contains the christening of Rebecca Kynge, dau of Georgij Kynge 10 March 1590 (LDS - IGI Batch #C035651) and also the christenings of Willia Worcester 22 Feb. 1611 and Edward Worster 30 April 1615, both of whose father is William. (LDS film # 1066992, Item 2; film # 0826474, Items 5-7; Transcript of Parish register 1557-1812. Book call # 942.565B4e, Bedfordshire Parish register Series vol. 68, published by the Bedfrodshire County Records Office, 1989.) It can therefore be assumed that Rebecca gave birth to her first two children at her childhood home in Husborne Crawley.

If William, son of William of Cheddington and Rebecca King, was born in 1611, he was much too young to enter Cambridge in 1620, and thus cannot be the same Rev. William that was the Vicar of Olney. If Rev. William of Salisbury was not the son of William of Cheddington, then he was also not the brother of Edward, son of William of Cheddington. Similarly, Edward Wooster of Connecticut who was born about 1622 is also not the same person as Edward, son of William of Cheddington. These facts do not disprove that Rev. William of Salisbury was the brother of Edward Wooster of Connecticut, but they do show that the Cheddington branch of the family reveals no close family connection between them[3]. See also the will of Thomas, ironmonger of London, who was William's brother.

 Wylliam Worcester of Willisden.  Sarah Alice Worcester listed Wylliam Worcester of Willisden as a possibility for actually being Rev. William. In her genealogy, she mentions that she received a report from a relative that was prepared by a genealogist by the name of Gustave Anjou. The report suggests that a William Worcester of Willisden had children whose first names are coincident with Rev. William’s children before he sailed to America. If the report was accurate, the coincidence of the names cannot be overlooked. Sarah Alice indicated, however, that she did not pursue the lead as the report failed to indicate “any suggestion of clerical experience or prospect in these papers.” This report, prepared for a Edwin D. Worcester, Jr. of N.Y City, is available through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ web site, History of the Worcester Family from Robert de Worsted of England in 1345 to the Rev. William Worcester of Salisbury, Mass. (LDS Film 908504, Item 8.) As the title implies, Mr. Anjou claimed to be able to trace Rev. William’s family history all the way back to Robert de Worsted in 1345. It should be noted, however, that many prominent genealogists have seriously questioned Mr. Anjou’s reputation as a genealogist. A quick Internet search for his name will reveal numerous web sites that document his fraudulent work in tracing many American families. Nevertheless, one has to assume that not all of his investigations were fraudulent or his evidence mere fantasy to “fill in the gaps.” Thus, his findings deserve to be mentioned here.

The most intriguing entry is that a “William Worcester married Febr. 11th 1628 Sarah, daughter of Samuel Brown and Susannah, daughter of Nathaniel Bates of Willisden.” The entry continues with the following:

                                    Samuel, born Nov. 20th 1629
                                    Susannah, born Jan. 2, 1631
                                    William, born Mar. 6, 1632
                                    Sarah, born Sep. 17th 1636

Anjou gives as a reference, the following: "Brown Coll., iii.78, in Willisden Hist. Coll. MS. C.3h.”  If this entry were accurate, then the records for Rev. William’s marriage could be declared to have been found. The coincidence of a certain William marrying a Sarah with four children with the same names and birth dates that perfectly coincide with Rev. William’s children would be too great to able to refute. The problem, however, is that no one can find the records Mr. Anjou cites, nor can anyone explain his reference! Until these records are found, one can only assume that it is just another example of Mr. Anjou’s genealogical work that has caused his reputation to be what it is.  

  St Peter & St Paul Church  in Watford, Northamptonshire

Rev. William Worcester, the Vicar of Watford. The case for William Worcester, the Vicar of Watford, being our progenitor’s father is fairly strong. If family tradition is to be given weight, the fact that the Vicar of Watford was a member of the clergy cannot be ignored. The tradition of having sons follow in their father’s footsteps is uncontrovertibly. A brief review of our family history reveals an inordinate number of Worcesters that chose the clerical profession. Indeed, there are three lines of Worcesters, each having four ministers in direct succession who followed in Rev. William Worcester’s footsteps. Also weighing into the mix is the fact that at least the compilers of the Alumni Cantabrigienses were persuaded enough with the theory that they added to their alumni register the possibility that Rev. William was the son of the Vicar of Watford.

A critical piece of evidence that lends support to the theory are the following entries for a William Worceter, the vicar of St Peter & St Paul Church at Watford, Northamptonshire, (LDS IGI Batch #8623732) wherein is listed in the church register the following entries:

                  a.  Richardus Worcetr filius Willm Worceter baptizatus erat VII die mensis Decembr
                   1580. (Richard Worcester son of William Worcester baptized on December 7, 1580).
                  b.  Timotheus, bapt. August 3, 1582.
                  c.  Susanna, bapt. September 11, 1584.
                  d.  Katherina, bapt. December 9, 1586.
                  e.  Petrus, bapt. January 8, 1589.
                  f.  Alicia, bapt. ____ 20, 1591.
                  g.  Maria, bapt. March 30, 1593.
                  h.  William, bapt. Oct. 5, 1595.

The last son, William, it has been suggested, matriculated at Cambridge University, later became the Vicar of Olney and eventually emigrated to New England to establish the Worcester family in America. The problem with this theory is that having been born in 1595 means that he would have been 25 years old when he entered Cambridge in 1620. This is highly unlikely as less than one in a hundred students were that old when they started their studies at Cambridge.

Joseph Worcester of Rugby. David Worcester has suggested that Rev. William of Salisbury is the son of Joseph Worcester of Rugby, the youngest brother of William, the Vicar of Watford. His evidence appears to be unassailable and until further evidence comes forward to refute this possibility, this writer is persuaded that he is correct. David was able to make the family connections from Rev. William to his ancestors through some brilliant research, logical deductive reasoning, and shear persistence in reviewing dozens of fifteenth and sixteenth century parish church registers, records of legal proceedings, and wills. It might be helpful to the reader to refer to the family tree to understand the relationships established by the new documentation[4].


St. Andrew's Parish Church in Rugby

Rev. William's will contains an interesting and, until now, perplexing reference to an Edward French. The relevant portion of the will reads as follows: "I doe appoint my loueing freinds Capt Robert Pike my brother Edward ffrench : Richard wells & mr Tho : Bradbury to bee overseers of this my will & testamt."  The reference to Mr. French being his brother has caused many to speculate about their relationship. Could it mean that he considered him a "church brother" or a brother-in-law? There are examples of the use of the term in wills of this time period with both meanings. Some members of the Franch Family Association have concluded that the term was simply a term of religious brotherhood and did not refer to an actual family relationship. In their family history they report that the progenitor of their family branch in America, Edward French, married a woman with a first name of Ann, but are uncertain of her last name. Edward French was born in England about 1590, and died in Salisbury, Mass., on December 28, 1674. He is believed to have emigrated to New England from Halstead, Essex, in 1635 with his wife Ann and three children, arriving first in Ipswich, Mass. and after two years removing to Salisbury. He is known to be, along with Rev. William, one of the first settlers of Salisbury. The Genealogical Dictionary of New England, by James Savage, Boston, 1860-2, reports that Edward French was living in Ipswich, Mass. as early as 1636. He was a tailor by trade, helped establish the first church in Salisbury, was a selectman between 1646-48, and a sheriff. He was an extensive landowner having purchased land in 1642 and was reported to be the third wealthiest man in Salisbury. Edward and Ann had four children: Joseph, born in England about 1631, died in Salisbury, June 6, 1710, married Susanah Stacy; John, born about 1632, died in Salisbury, May 4, 1706, married Mary Noyes; Samuel born about 1633, died in Salisbury, July 26, 1692, married first Abigail Brown, and second Esther (Jackman) Muzzey; and, Hannah, who married first John White and second, Thomas Philbrick. If Rev. William intended to refer to Edward French as a "church brother," one has to wonder why he did not similarly refer to Robert Pike as "brother." Robert Pike was also a prominent member of the Salisbury community and parish. If Edward French was, in fact, Rev. William's brother-in-law, it opens up the possibility that Ann was Rev. William's sister. And, that Ann French arrived in America before Rev. William!

Two documents contain almost irrefutable evidence that Ann was, in fact, Rev. William's sister. The first is the will of Joseph Worcester the elder of Rugby, dated 1644, identified by Sarah Alice in her 1914 edition of the family history. It contains bequeaths to his sons William and Joseph, and to his daughters Anne French and Susanah Mason. What are the odds that more than one William Worcester would have a sister named Ann French in 1644? This seems to be pretty good evidence that Rev. William had a sister named Ann. The parish register of the Church of St. Andrew in Rugby contains the following entry: "3 November 1626 Marryed Edward French and Anne Worcester."

Parish register of St. Andrew, Rugby: "3 November 1626 Marryed Edward French and Anne Worcester"

This is a critical piece of evidence as it conclusively shows that Edward French married Ann Worcester in 1626. Perhaps more importantly, however, the discovery also provides the link to prove that Joseph Worcester, the elder of Rugby, was Rev. William's father.

Another set of documents have added considerable knowledge about Rev. William's ancestry in England. Richard (No. 20 below) is named a defendant in certain proceedings in the Court of Exchequer relating to lands allegedly owned by the Hospital of the Savoy in London. The proceedings that apparently were begun in 1605-06 relate to claimed profits from certain lands the hospital owned in West Haddon, Northamptonshire, and the confusion caused by the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII. Savoy Hospital v Richard Worster: Lands of defendant in West Haddon. 4 James 1 1605-06 (Public Records Office E134/4Jas1/East25, 1605.) Testimony elicited as part of those proceedings establishes the familial relationships between William and his son Richard. The case seems to come to an end or temporary stalemate in 1609, as the documents from the case seem to end at that time. The case is resumed about 1633 when a younger William is named as a party to defend lands “of his ancestors.”

West Haddon Parish Church

The testimony elicited from defendants and witnesses called to give depositions as part of these proceedings provides an extremely important historical record of four generations of Worcesters who were either named as party defendants, called to testify, or mentioned in the witness' testimony. This rare opportunity allows us to connect family members from different generations. Armed with this information, wills probated at the time can be linked across generations and serve as important primary sources of information to confirm familial ties. Based upon the information gleaned from the proceedings and various wills referenced below, we can now state with certainty that Rev. William's father was Joseph, the elder of Rugby, who was descended from a family of Worcesters residing in, and around, West Haddon in the northwestern area of Northampton County, England. 

No. 1
      Robert Worcester. Robert of West Haddon, married Alicia ___ with whom he had at least two children.

 Children of Robert Worcester



******* ******* ****** Second Generation ******* ******* ******

No. 2
        Peter Worcester
(Robert1), Prob. born in West Haddon, Northamptonshire. His will, dated 1523 indicates that he had a brother, Henry (No. 2).



 Children of Peter Worcester

5  William.


No. 3
        Henry Worcester
(Robert1), Prob. born in West Haddon, Northamptonshire. His will, dated 1544 indicates that he had two children.

 Children of Henry Worcester

7  Stephen.


******* ******* ****** Third Generation ******* ******* ******

No. 4

            Henry Worcester
. (Peter2, Robert1) His will dated 1559 indicates that he lived in West Haddon, Northamptonshire where he married Agnes ____. His will indicates that he had seven children.

 Children of Henry Worcester

10  Robert.
11  Elizabeth.
12  Isabell.
13  John.
14  Thomas.


No. 5
            William Worcester
. (Peter2, Robert1)William's great-grandson, Richard (No. 20 below) is the first defendant named in the Savoy Hospital v Worster case. William prepared a will dated 1551 in which he names a brother Henry of West Haddon and a wife Elizabeth dau of  John Mutton of East Haddon. Elizabeth also prepared a will dated 1567. Both the court proceedings and the two wills help establish that William and Elizabeth had a son named Richard and a daughter Ursula. William’s will also makes reference to a William and a Peter without any identification, but must have referred to his first two grandchildren by his son Richard. William probably died in 1551, the same year as his will, and certainly before 1567 since Elizabeth is a widow when she prepares her will in that year.


 Children of William Worcester

15  Richard.

16  Ursula; m Thomas Warren. Ursula gave a deposition in 1605 as Ursula Warren in which she indicates that she was born about 1545 as she was "three score years, or thereabouts."


******* ******* ****** Fourth Generation ******* ******* ******


No. 15
            Richard Worcester
, (William3, Peter2, Robert1). According to depositions given in the above referenced proceedings, and his father’s will, Richard married Isabel Mutton.  Richard owned six housing units and lands in West Haddon. Richard died about 1602.



  Children of Richard Worcester

16  William.
17  Peter, b before 1551.
18  Thomas, b 1552 or after.
19  Joseph.


******* ******* ****** Fifth Generation ******* ******* ******


No. 16
            William Worcester
, (Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), b 1548. It is believed that this William became the Vicar of Watford in 1574. The Northamptonshire and Rutland Clergy, a six volume set completed in 1972 contains the following entry:


 WORCESTER (WORCETER), William, Clerk, Oxford B.A. 12 April 1570, Vicar of West Haddon, Northants 1571-4. Inst 2 December 1571 as W.W. of West Haddon. Vicar of Watford, Northamptonshire 1574-97. Aged 28 in 1576. Probably died 1597.


Foster’s Alumni Oxoniensis (1591), a biographical list of known graduates from Oxford University, indicates that a William Worcester took his B.A. on April 12, 1570, but does not indicate which College he attended. He went on to become a Church of England clergyman; he was vicar of Watford in Northamptonshire in 1574.

 The entries of the Watford parish register, listed above, provide the names of William’s children.

 Children of William Worcester

20  Richard.
21  Timothy.
22  Susanna, bap. Sept. 11, 1584.
23  Katherine, bap. Dec. 9, 1586; m ___ Watson.
24  Peter.
25  Alicia, bap. 1591.
26  Maria, bap. Mar. 30, 1593.
27  William


Joseph Worcester's signature on parish register at Church of St. Andrew, Rugby - churchwarden in 1624

 No. 19

           Joseph Worcester, (Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1).  Joseph gives two deposititons in 1606 in the Court of Exchequer proceedings and deposes that his father Richard (No. 15) is the grandfather of the defendant Richard (No. 20).   He testifies in 1606 as being “age 40 years or thereabouts” and indicates that he is from West Haddon and also “of Rugby.” The will of Joseph Worcester the elder of Rugby is dated Feb. 10, 1644/45. In his will, Joseph names his wife Alice, eldest son William, another son Joseph, and daughters Anne French, Alice Cave, and Susanna Mason. The Parish Register of the Church of St. Andrew, Rugby, indicates that Joseph was the churchwarden there. His signature appears on the register for 1624 and 1634. His unusual script for the letter “W” probably caused the error in the Lists of Rugby Church-wardens 1623-1949 compiled by Edward R. Reid-Smith, 1950, wherein is listed a Joseph Borcester.

 Children of Joseph Worcester

28  William.
29  Joseph.

30  Anne, b abt. 1590; m Edward French, b England, died in Salisbury, Mass., on December 28, 1674. Four children listed above.

31  Alice, m ___ Cave.

32  Susanna, m ___ Mason.


 ******* ******* ****** Sixth Generation ******* ******* ******

No. 20
            Richard Worcester
, (William5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), bap. Watford, Dec. 1580. Named as the original defendant in the above referenced proceedings. William, his father, probably died about 1600 so cannot be named in the case as a defendant. Richard's son, William, is named as a defendant in 1633.

 Children of Richard Worcester

34  William.


 No. 21
            Timothy Worcester
, (William5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), bap. Watford, Aug. 3, 1582. Timothy prepared a will in 1613 in which he indicates that he is “sicke in body but wholl in mynde.” That will bequeaths to “Elizabeth Bride my dearly beloved ffrende (whom I purpose to make my wif if God shall prolonge my dayes and make me fitt thereunto).” He also makes bequests to his brothers Peter and William, and to his three sisters, Katheryn Watson, Alyce Worcester, and to Mary Worcester. He also makes reference to his aunt, Alyce Rose (possibly Joseph's (No. 19) wife?) 


 No. 24
            Peter Worcester
, (William5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), bap. Watford, Jan. 8, 1589; m St. Dunstan in East London, Apr. 22, 1617, Dorathy Phips. Merchant Taylor of London. A letter among the Winthrop Papers mentions a Peter Wouster of London who pays the voyage of a Nathaniel Merriman to New England in 1634 indicating that he was investing early in the settlements of New England. Inhabitants of London, 1638, Society of Genealogists, based upon the Lambeth manuscript, lists a Peter Woster as living on Birchin Lane in the Parish of St. Edmund’s and a William Worster as living at St. Martin’s Lane in St. Martin Orgar Parish. Peter’s will wherein he identifies himself as Merchant Taylor is dated Aug. 12, 1656 and is probated on Aug. 28, 1656. He mentions his son John (who must have been born 1623-25 in St. Edmund’s Parish where the early registers are lost, daughter Elizabeth and wife Dorothy. Dorothy’s will is dated Sept. 26, 1659 and is probated on April 20, 1660. It mentions her son John and also her daughter Elizabeth. The will also references her daughter's husband Sgt. Major Robert Cobbetts and their children Rebecca and Sarah. The will also mentions “Sibill Worcester widow late wife of my late husbands brother.” (William, No. 27) It is this Peter Worcester who was Rev. William's surety upon becoming the vicar of Olney. The parish register at St. Nicholas Acons record the baptisms of their children.


 Children of Peter Worcester

35  Male infant, b St. Nicholas Acon, July 1618, prob. died young.
36  Timothy, bap. St. Nicholas Acon, Aug. 29, 1619, d young.
37  Elizabeth, bap. St. Nicholas Acon,  Jan. 11, 1621; m ___ Cobbett.
38  Samuel, bap.  St. Nicholas Acon, Oct. 4, 1622.
39  John, b St. Edmund’s Parish, abt. 1623-25.


 No. 27
            William Worcester
, (William5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), bap. Watford, Oct. 5, 1595. In the Parish register of St. Dionis Backchurch, London, (just east of St. Edmund’s) is entered the marriage of William Worsesster and Sybilla Bayfield, 2 Feb 1618. This evidence, together with Dorothy’s will referenced above for Peter (No. 24), establishes that this William and his brother Peter were living in London. Accordingly, this William could not have been the Vicar of Olney or the first minister of Salisbury in 1639.


 No. 28
            William Worcester
, (Joseph5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1). Rev. William Worcester of Salisbury. See William1 Worcester.


 No. 29
            Joseph Worcester
, (Joseph5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1). From the Brownsover Church registers it is learned that he married June 10, 1632, Jane dau of Robart Wilford at Brownsover, bap. Brownsover, Feb. 6, 1608. Joseph's children are listed in the Rugby parish church register with their baptism dates.

 Children of Joseph Worcester

40  Joseph, bap. 1633.
41  Mary, bap. 1636.
42  Robert, bap. 1640.


******* ******* ****** Seventh Generation ******* ******* ******

 No. 34
            William Worcester
, (Richard6, William5, Richard4, William3, Peter2, Robert1), b abt. 1610 just before his father's death. The court proceedings may have started again in 1633 when William became of age and could be named as a defendant in the action. His will dated 1669 makes reference to his wife, Mary and seven children. The will also provides the names of two of his grandchildren.

 Children of William Worcester

43  Henry.
44  William.
45  Richard.
46  Mary.
47  Lettice, m Geroge Fesher. They had two children, William and Richard.
48  Alice.
49  Emme.

 From this documentation, it is quite evident that Rev. William, the first minister of the church at Salisbury, and the progenitor of the Worcester family in America, was the William Worcester referenced above as Number 28, the son of Joseph Worcester (No. 19), the elder of Rugby whose family came from West Haddon. The family tradition of three brothers (William, Edward and Thomas) living in New England at about the same time is not satisfied with the above findings. These findings do not, however, preclude the possibility that Rev. William was related to Edward Wooster of Connecticut or a Thomas Worcester who helped him in his ministry in Salisbury. More research is needed to make the connection, as there surely is a connection between Rev. William and Edward Wooster of Connecticut. Consider, for example, the following: The will of a John Worster, Shepard of Rugby, dated May, 1656, and proved at London November 20, 1656 “authorized by oath of Edward Worster, the natural and lawful brother” who is named as executor of the will. The will is actually a “Memorandum” in that it was dictated in the presence of Luke Barrow and Elizabeth Barrow, his wife. The will names brothers Thomas and Edward, also Edward’s daughter Elizabeth, and sisters Jane and Elizabeth. The oldest daughter of Edward Wooster of Connecticut was named Elizabeth! The will places this Edward in London in November 1656, but there is nothing in the historical records that places Edward Wooster in Connecticut at this time and return trips to England were not uncommon, particularly after the end of the civil war. The Rugby parish records contain entries for the christening of a John Worster’s daughters, but no reference to an Edward who, it has been determined, was probably born in 1622.

Additional wills and information of Worcesters that were contemporaries of Rev. William's family who might be related in some fashion is presented in the Appendix to assist with further research into the Worcester family in England. While I feel confident that the compilation of Worcesters in England is accurate, I welcome other thoughts, suggestions, and comments.



No. I-1

WILLIAM WORCESTER - Rev. William Worcester came from England and was settled pastor of the church first gathered in Salisbury, Mass., sometime between the years 1638 and 1639. Although not conclusive, good and persuasive evidence exists to strongly suggest that he was the son of Joseph Worcester of Rugby, Warwickshire, England, and was born abt. 1602, probably at Rugby, Warwickshire or West Haddon, Northamptonshire. (See Introduction) He matriculated at St. John's College (Cambridge University) in 1620. He was ordained deacon at Peterborough Cathedral on Dec. 21, 1622. He was made Vicar of Olney July 26, 1624 - which office he retained till 1636, when on account of refusing to comply with the command of his superiors to read to his congregation from the King's book those portions which allowed sports and recreations after service on the Lord's day, he was suspended from his office of Vicar. He came to America a year or two later. He and others petitioned the General Court of Massachusetts to establish a new settlement. The settlement was called Colchester and later renamed Salisbury. Here he continued in the ministry till his decease, Oct. 28, 1662. His grave in the old cemetery in Salisbury, is covered by a flat stone upon which a bronze tablet was placed June 21st, 1913, with the following inscription, -

Here lies buried the body of Rev. William Worcester, the first minister of Salisbury, who came from England about 1639 and died 1662. This stone was laid on his grave to prevent disinterment by wolves. This tablet is affixed by his descendants, 1913. 

No production of his pen has been transmitted to posterity to indicate his intellectual character or attainments. Cotton Mather, in the Magnalia, enrolls his name in the list of the "reverend, learned and holy divines, arriving such from Europe to America, by whose evangelical ministry the churches in America have been illuminated." Johnson, in his "Wonder Working Providence," mistaking the name, speaks of the first minister of Salisbury, as, the "reverend and graciously godly M. Thomas Woster." And the General Court says in an Order in reference to the payment of his support, that "they of New Town (now Amesbury) should forebear to content themselves with private help, whilst the Lord pleases to continue so bright a star in their candlestick."

We may easily believe him to have been a man of exalted piety, of strong intellectual fibre, of staunch devotion to the dictates of conscience, of loyalty to his friends, and interested in the affairs of state as well as of the church.

These traits are not lacking in his descendants. It is worthy of note that as the generations of the family succeed each other, the clerical mantle of their worthy progenitor seems to descend as a direct heritage.

William Worcester
Vicar of Olney - 1637/38

He married 1st, Sarah _____, b in England, d in Salisbury, Apr. 23, 1650; m 2d July 23, 1650, Mrs Rebecca Hall, d in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 21, 1695, ag. 78. (Rebecca had been twice married before she became the consort of Wm. Worcester: 1st to Henry Bylie; 2d, Apr. 3, 1641, to John Hall. She married for a fourth husband, Samuel Symonds, Deputy Governor of the Colony.)

A copy of Rev. William Worcester's Will can be found in the Appendix.

Children of William Worcester

II-1 Mary, b in England, bur. abt. 1630, Olney.
II-2 Patience, b in England, bur. Nov. 19, 1630.
II-3 Samuel.

II-4 Susannah;  bap. Olney, England, May 5, 1634; m Oct. 4, 1653 Thomas Stacy, b 1620-22, England, d July 23, 1690, Ipswich, Mass..

Children of Susannah Stacy

(a) Thomas Jr., b July 6, 1654, m June 20, 1683, Hannah dau Zechariah and Elizabeth (Sill) Hicks, Cambridge, Mass., b May 4, 1666. Residence Cambridge.


Children of Thomas Stacy, Jr.

(1) Rev. Joseph, b 1694, d Apr. 25,1741, m Apr. 11, 1721, Patience Warren, b Jan. 13, 1697 (or 1698), d Jan. 31, 1729 (or 1730). She was dau of Capt. James and Sarah (Doten) Warren of Plymouth, and was great-grand-daughter of two Mayflower passengers, Richard Warren and Edward Doten. Residence Kingston, Mass.


Children of Rev. Joseph Stacy

a - Hannah, b Jan. 21, 1722 (or 1723), d Sept. 22, 1788, m Sept. 24, 1744, James Reed, b Jan. 1723, d July 31, 1770. He was son of James and Mary (Oldham) Read of Cambridge. Residence Cambridge, Mass.


Children of Hannah (Stacy) Reed

1 - Joseph Stacy, b Oct. 3, 1754, d Oct. 1836, m Sept. 25, 1783, Esther Goodwin, bap Apr. 28, 1765, d Sept. 1843. She was dau of John and Esther (Bradish) Goodwin of Cambridge, Mass.


Children of Joseph Stacy Reed

a.  Esther, b Oct. 17, 1785, d Dec. 29, 1863, m Mar. 27, 1814, Col. Asa Wyman, b Aug. 1 1788, d Jan 28, 1875, son of Nathaniel and Sarah (Wood) Wyman of Bedford. Residence Boston, Mass.


Children of Esther Wyman.

i.   Asa Wyman, b Dec. 25, 1822, d Sept. 24, 1886, m Aug. 2, 1847, Louise Adelaide Ryerson, b June 16, 1829, d Nov. 15, 1893, dau Ebenezer and Mary (Barrows) Ryerson of Boston, Mass. Louisa Adelaide Ryerson was descended from Miles Standish, John Alden, Wm. Mullins, George Soule, and in two lines from Richard Warren - all passengers on the Mayflower; also from Roger Conant and Gov. Thomas Mayhew. Residence Boston, Mass.


Children of Asa Wyman.

A. Frederick Austin Wyman, b Jan. 24, 1851, m May 3, 1874, Abigail Frances Bennett, a descendant of George Soule and Francis Eaton of the Mayflower; b Apr. 28, 1856, dau of Freedom Ramsdell and Sarah Goodrich (Lane) Bennett of Lunenburg, Mass. Residence Shirley, Mass.


Children of Frederick Austin Wyman.

I.   Wesley, b Boston, Mass., July 6, 1877, fitted for Harvard at Roxbury Latin School, Harvard, AB, 1899. For three years a member of the Faculty of the Institute of Musical Art, New York City, 1905-8. Since that time has lived abroad, making concert tours in the large European cities. He spends his summers in Shirley Mass., where he conducts classes of pianists. He is interested in the great reforms of the day. He spells his name Weyman. Pianist by profession.

(b) William.
(c) Rebecca.
(d) Elizabeth.
(e) Joseph.
(f) Mary.

II-5 John, bap Olney, March 26, 1636, bur. Olney, March 26, 1637

II-7 Sarah, b England, d Salisbury, Mass., Apr. 1, 1641.
II-8 Sarah, b Salisbury, Apr. 4, 1641.
II-9  Timothy.
II-10  Moses.
II-11 Sarah, b Salisbury, Apr. 22, 1646, d Jan. 9, 1649/50.
II-12 Elizabeth, b Salisbury, Apr. 9, 1648, d 1649.
II-13 Elizabeth, b Salisbury, Nov. 9, 1649; d prob before 1662.


Salisbury Rec. Essex Probate. Ipswich, Salem, and Norfolk Rec. Suffolk Prob. Boston, Rowley and Kittery Rec. York Co. Prob. and Deeds. "Life and Labors of Rev. Samuel Worcester, DD."

Old Norfolk County Records:
- Mr William Worcester and his wife Rebecka of Salisbury, for 30 pds, conveyed to Mr. Henry Sewall Nuberie 20 acres of meadows and marsh in Salisbury - May 1, 1662.

- For 50 pds. conveyed to Edward Gow of Salisbury 120 acres of upland in Salisbury. May 5, 1662.

- Ms Rebecka Worcester of Salisbury, widow, for 12 pds conveyed to Capt. Robert Pike of Salisbury, planter, 3 acres of fresh marsh, being part of a 6 acre lot given to my former husband Mr. Henry Bylie by Salisbury.

second.gif (12348 bytes)



No. II-3

    SAMUEL WORCESTER (William1), b England, , d 1681, Lynn, Mass., m Nov. 29, 1659, Elizabeth dau Francis Parrott, Rowley, b May 1, 1640. He came from England with his father to Salisbury, Mass. As early as 1658 he was engaged in business in Salisbury as "partner in a saw mill." In May, 1662, he bought of Samuel Sewall of Newbury ... for three score and ten pounds ... 300 acres of upland, ... 4 acres of meadow," etc, "being within the bounds and precincts of Rowley ... 200 acres of said upland bordering on Merrimac river," - in other words, a tract of land in that part of Rowley which in 1675, was incorporated under the name of Bradford, and in 1850 was separated from Bradford and incorporated under the name of Groveland. On this purchase he must have settled in the course of a few months, as the Rowley records make mention of the birth of one of his sons in March, 1663.

At the first recorded meeting of the "Merrimac people," Feb. 20, 1668-69, he was chosen an overseer. He became a freeman Oct. 11, 1670. He was the first Representative from Bradford to the General Court, and took his seat as a member of that body Jan., 1679-80. He left home for Boston on foot to attend an adjourned meeting of the Court to be held on Feb. 22, and on the evening of Feb. 20, reached that part of Lynn which is now called Saugus. Failing to obtain accommodations at the inn, he started for the house of a friend, and in the morning was found dead in the middle of the road in the attitude of kneeling. He was a man of distinguished piety, and shared largely in every effort to advance the interests of his adopted town. The gift of "one acre of meadow land, to be improved in general for the use of the ministry, or bestowed upon some able, faithful, minister for his encouragement to settle amongst them," is one of several recorded instances of his liberality.


Children of Samuel Worcester

III-1 William.
III-2 Samuel, b Mar. 31, 1663, d July 5, 1686.
III-3 Francis.
III-4 Joseph.
III-5 Timothy.
III-6 Moses, b Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Jan 15, 1669/70, d Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Dec. 18, 1689.
III-7 Elizabeth, b Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Feb. 16, 1672.

III-8 Dorothy, b Jan. 21, 1673/74; Joseph Dakin, b Concord, Mass., 1669, d Mar. 13, 1744 (buried in Main St. Burying Ground, Concord, Mass.) Residence Flints Pond, Concord, Mass. (See, Descendants of Thomas Dakin of Concord, Mass., Albert H. Dakin, Tuttle Publishing Comp.)


Children of Dorothy Dakin

(a) Mary, b June 1, 1697.
(b) Dorothy, b Aug. 5, 1698.
(c) Samuel, b Sept. 23, 1700.
(d) Sarah, b July 4, 1702, d young.
(e) Hannah, b Oct. 23, 1704.
(f) Rebecca, b Mar. 8, 1707, d Dec. 24, 1717.
(g) Dinah, b Apr. 25, 1709; m Samuel Mead.
(h) Beaulah, b Mar. 26, 1712.
(i) Henry, b Mar. 8, 1715.


III-9 John, b Aug. 31, 1677, d 1701.
III-10 Ebenezer.
III-11 Susannah, b Feb. 11, 1680.
III-12  Joseph.


The commissioners' division of the Estate of "Samuel Worster, late of Bradford, and his wife Elizabeth, also deceased," gives, "in value" as follows: - to "William, eldest son, Ō91, 18s., 8d.; to Susannah, 10p, 8s., 5d.; to Timothy, Ebenezer, Dorothy, John and Joseph, each 20p, 16s., 10d.; to Elizabeth, 10p, 5s., 5d.; to Francis, 70p, 16s., 10d. Total, 287p, 11s., 6d. The homestead farm was in 1856 owned by Mr. Wm. Balch.

Bishop's Transcripts of the Parish Registers for Olney - Buckinghamshire Record Office, Aylesbury

Norfolk Rec. Essex Reg. Probate and Deeds. Salisbury, Rowley and Bradford Rec. "Life and Labors of Rev. Sam'l Worcester, D.D."


No. II-6
(William1), b Olney, England, bap. Olney, Jan. 15, 1638, d Boston, 1683, m Constant.  It has not been ascertained if any of his children left any descendants. Residence Salisbury and Rowley until about 1688; Boston from that date until his decease. Cordwainer.


Children of William Worcester

III-13 Joseph, b Rowley, Mass., d young.

III-14 Constance, b Boston, Mass., Mar. 10, 1668/69; m1st July 15, 1692, Abraham Tuckerman; m2d John Noiles,   Jr. of Newfoundland.

III-15 William, b Boston, Mass., May 7, 1672.
III-16 Timothy, b Boston, Mass., June 2, 1674.
III-17 Samuel, b Boston, Mass., Dec. 23, 1679.
III-18 Joseph, b Boston, Mass., June 22, 1681.


Bishop's Transcripts of the Parish Registers for Olney - Buckinghamshire Record Office, Aylesbury

Old Norfolk County Records: William Worcester of Boston for 5 pds. Conveyed to Henry Brown of Salisbury a salt marsh in Salisbury granted to my father by Salisbury and devised to me in his will May 28, 1668 acknowledged same date.

Salem Quarterly Court Records and Files: William Worcester testified in Oct. 31, 1644, in a case involving the killing of his neighbor’s mare.


No. II-9
(William1), b Salisbury, Mass., May 14, 1642, d 1672, m Susannah . His widow married Oct. 24, 1672, Henry Ambrose, a weaver. Timothy was known to be a mariner or seaman. In March 12, 1666-7, he and his brother Moses split house and land given to them by their father through will.


Children of Timothy Worcester

III-19 Sarah, b Aug. 15, 1667, d Jan. 29, 1720; m c1690, Benjamin Sanborn of Hampton, NH.

III-20 Susannah, b Dec. 29 1672, m Moses Pike, b Salisbury, Mass., 1658. They had seven children. Their seventh child was: (a) Joseph, (this name was given in the town records, Solomon, in the church record of baptism), b Sept. 1, 1707, m at Newbury, Mass., Dec. 8, 1731, Sarah Thompson, b 1711, d 1761.


Children of Susannah Pike

(a) Moses, b Salisbury, Mass., Aug. 16, 1688, d Dec. 8, 1716; m June 5, 1711, Mary Pike.


Children of Moses and Mary Pike

(1) Benjamin.


(b) Elias, b Salisbury, Mass., b July 10, 1692, d bef. 1778; m Joanna Allen, b Jan. 19, 1715.
(c) Sarah, b Salisbury, Mass., b Nov. 5, 1699, d Oct. 30, 1701.
(d) Mary, b Apr. 27, 1695; m Thomas Atkinson, b Aug. 25, 1719.
(e) Timothy, b July 13, 1701, d Feb. 4, 1767; m Hopestill Hoyte.
(f) John, b Salisbury, Mass., Oct. 20, 1704; m Oct. 31, 1728, Mary Hooke.

(g) Joseph, Salisbury, Mass., Sept. 1, 1707, d Kensington, NH, Jan. 22, 1764; Newbury Port, Mass., Dec. 8, 1731, Sarah Thompson.


Children of Joseph Pike

(1) Joseph.
(2) Moses.
(3) Sarah.
(4) Susanna.
(5) Judith.
(6) Lois.
(7) Eunice.
(8) Hope.
(9) Keturah.

(10) Robert, b Feb. 1, 1740, d Mar. 30, 1818, m Jan. 18,1765, Sarah Quimby, b Apr. 30, 1743, d June 13, 1806.

Children of Robert Pike

(i) Robert, b July 18, 1773, d Brookfield, NH, Feb. 4, 1855, m May 6, 1806, Rossana Hanson, b 1785, d Jan. 31, 1872.


Children of Robert Pike

a - Susan Hanson, Brookfield, NH, May 6, 1814, d Bangor, Me., Feb. 11, 1895, Brookfield, Nov. 16, 1837, Charles Haven Sawyer, b Wakefield, NH, July 16, 1814, d Wakefield, Oct. 8, 1850.


Children of Susan Hanson Sawyer

(I) Robert William, b Wakefield, NH, Jan. 18, 1850, m Wakefield, Nov. 12, 1878, Martha Copp Paul. Harvard 1874. Residence Bangor, Me.


Children of Robert W. Sawyer

a- Robert William, Jr., b May 12, 1880, Harvard AB, 1902, LB 1905.

b- Eugene Mitchell, b Jan. 9, 1882, Harvard AB, 1904; SB, 1906; ME 1908.

c- Pauline, b Apr. 16, 1887, AB, Radcliffe, 1910.

(2) Joseph.
(3) Moses.
(4) Sarah.
(5) Susanna Fitts.
(6) Judith.
(7) Lois.
(8) Eunice.
(9) Ketura.


Inventory: 180p, 17s, attested to by Susannah in Hampton Court on Aug. 8, 1672.


No. II-6
(William1), b Salisbury, Mass., Nov. 10, 1643, m 1st before July 4, 1676, Elizabeth Start of Wells, b 1674, d before Apr., 1695, dau of Edward and Wilmot (Lamsytt) Start, m 2d Apr. 4, 1695, Mrs. Sarah (Remick) Soper, living 1714. He removed to Kittery, Me. before 1675, where he was living in 1731 at the advanced age of 88 yrs. He was "a famous hunter of Indians," and was familiarly known by the appellation of "Old Contrary." He owned extensive tracts of land in that part of Kittery, now incorporated as Berwick. He united with the church in Kittery in 1716, about two years after its formation.


Children of Moses Worcester by first marriage

III-21 Thomas.
III-22 William.
III-23 Elizabeth.


Salisbury Rec. Essex Probate. Ipswich, Salem and Norfolk Rec. Suffolk Probate. Boston, Rowley and Kittery Rec. York Co. Probate and Deeds. Life and Labors of Rev. Samuel Worcester, D.D.

In March 10, 1675, Moses Worcester of Kitterie, planter, conveyed for 25 pds. to John Allen his property in Salisbury, remainder to Rishard Hubbard – May 21, 1675.


third.gif (12488 bytes)


No. III-1

    WILLIAM WORCESTER (Samuel2, William1) b Salisbury, Mass., July 21, 1661, d Bradford, Mass., Apr. 23, 1706, m Jan. 29, 1690-91, Martha dau Peter Cheney, Newbury, Mass. She m 2d Jan. 18, 1710, John Pemberton, d May 4, 1729. Residence Rowley, 1662, afterward Bradford. Yeoman.

Children of William Worcester

IV-1 Moses.
IV-2 William, b Oct. 3, 1693, d Oct. 18, 1693.
IV-3 Benjamin, b June 8, 1695, d young.
IV-4 Sarah, b Feb. 11, 1698, m Jan. 25, 1720, Samuel Tenney.
IV-5 Nathaniel, b Oct. 31, 1700.
IV-6 Mehitable, b Jan. 16, 1703.
IV-7 Abigail, b May 8, 1705.


Inventory, 177 pds., 15s., 6d.
Salisbury, Rowley and Bradford Rec. Essex Reg. Prob. and Deeds.


No. III-3
(Samuel2, William1) b Rowley, Mass., , d Dec., 17, 1717, m Bradfoed, Mass., Jan. 29, 1690-91, Mary dau Peter Cheney, Newbury, Mass, b Sept. 2, 1671. She m 2d Dec. 8, 1726, Joseph Eaton, Salisbury. She died at the age of 88, "the mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of 134 children." He was an innkeeper and yeoman in Bradford, and represented by his son Francis, as a man of ardent piety. His burial stone at the Bradford burial ground reads: "Here lyes Buried the body of Mr. Francis Woster who died December 17, 1717 & in the 53 year of his age."


Children of Francis Woster

IV-8 Hannah, b Feb. 8, 1692, m Mar. 3, 1714, Jacob Hardy.
IV-9 Timothy.

IV-10 Jemima, b Jan. 19, 1696, m Nov. 27, 1717, John Boynton, Newbury, July 15, 1683. In 1743 he sold his farm                                         in Newbury to Nathaniel Plummer.


Children of Jemima Boynton

(a) Francis, b Dec. 26, 1718, d Dec. 26, 1735.
(b) Sarah, b July 7, 1720, d Dec. 20, 1735
(c) Hannah, b July 17, 1722.
(d) Jemima, b Feb. 15, 1724, d Feb.11, 1736
(e) William, b Apr. 25, 1726, d Dec. 21, 1735.
(f) John, b July 30, 1729, d Dec. 21, 1735.
(g) Mary, bapt. Dec. 6, 1730, d Dec. 20, 1735.
(h) Samuel, d Jan. 4, 1736.
(I) David, babt. June 8, 1735, d Dec. 26, 1735.
* Buried in same grave. The Boynton’s lost 8 children to throat distemper.

IV-11 Francis.
IV-12 John.
IV-13 Daniel.
IV-14 William.
IV-15 Benjamin.
IV-16 James

IV-17 Mary, b Dec. 22, 1714, m Dec. 22, 1736, Josiah French, Salisbury, Mass., who d Apr. 9, 1789. His will is on record in Essex Probate Office. Mary, wife, executrix.


Children of Mary French

(a) Francis,b Aug. 21, 1737.
(b) Timothy, b Apr. 23, 1739.
(c) Nicholas, b Nov. 4, 1740.
(d) John, b Aug. 9, 1742.
(e) Infant, b Aug. 31, 1743.
(f) Ruth, b Aug. 12, 1744.
(g) Infant, b 1745.
(h) Mary.
(i) Joshua, b Oct. 26, 1748.
(j) Josiah, b July 22, 1752.
(k) Jemima, b Nov. 27, 1753.
(l) Hannah, b June 6, 1755.


Bradford T. Rec. Rev. Francis Worcester. Falmouth T. Rec.


No. III-4
(Samuel2, William1) b Rowley, Mass., d Bradford, June 16, 1748, m 1st May 17, 1699, Sarah Ross, d Bradford, July 27, 1728; m 2d, Bradford, Mass., Apr. 29, 1730, Martha Downer Palmer. He was a member of the church in 1727. Residence Rowley.


Children of Joseph Worster

IV-18 Jane, b May 21, 1703, d May 17, 1739; m Jacob Marble.
IV-19 Elizabeth, b July 1, 1705, d .


His will names "beloved wife, Martha," grand-daughters Sarah and Hannah Inventory, 182 p, 4s. 1d.
Bradford Rec. Essex Prob.


No. III-5
(Samuel2, William1) b Rowley, Mass., June 4, 1669, d Bradford, Mass., Aug. 13, 1706, m Jan. 29, 1690-91, Huldah dau Peter Cheney, Newbury, Mass. Huldah m 2d 1718, Simon Daykin, Concord, Mass. (It is worthy to note that the three brothers, William, Francis and Timothy married three sisters on the same day, and that each of these sisters outlived her husband and was married a second time. Residence, Bradford, Salem and Newbury.


Children of Timothy Worster

IV-20 Samuel.
IV-21 Lydia, b Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., May 21, 1706, d Dec. 18, 1706.


Bradford T. Rec. Newbury T. Rec. Essex Reg. Deeds.


No. III-10
(Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Apr. 29, 1679, d Harvard, Worcester Co. Mass., Feb. 5, 1764, m 1st Hannah ____, d 1705; m 2d, Littleton, Mass., Nov. 19, 1706, Deliverance dau Jonathan Looke, Rowley, d Jan. 23, 1768, aged 88. Mr. Worster removed from Bradford to Littleton in 1723, thence to Harvard in 1733, where he resided until his decease. He was living in Hartford on Apr. 15, 1736. He was one of the members of the First Church of Harvard at the time of its institution in the early part of 1733. Yeoman. (Hannah's surname may be Ross. Ebenezar and Hannah may have been married Sept. 10, 1704 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Mass.)


Children of Ebenezer Worster by first marriage

IV-22 Joseph.


Children of Ebenezer Worster by second marriage

IV-23 Jonathan.
IV-24 Mary
, b Apr. 26, 1711, m Nathaniel Bailey in Newbury, July 25, 1726. They had seven children.


Children of Mary Bailey

(a) Huldah, b May 13, 1728.
(b) Timothy, b Mar. 19, 1729-30.
(c) Sarah, b Apr. 9, 1732.
(d) Eliphalet, b May 5, 1734.


IV-25 Susannah, b Feb. 1712/13.
IV-26 Hannah, b Dec. 13, 1717.

IV-27 Elizabeth, bap. Jan. 8, 1720/21; m Jonathan Crouch, Jr. on same day her brother Ebenezer married Mary Crouch, Dec. 29, 1742.


Children of Elizabeth Crouch

(a) Jonathan, b Feb. 4, 1745.
(b) Timothy, b July 27, 1750.
(c) Lois, b Nov. 30, 1754.
(d) Eunice, b July 8, 1757.
(e) Betty, b Jan. 9, 1763.


IV-28 Ebenezer.


Bradford Rec. Middlesex Reg. Deeds. Harvard T. and Ch. Rec.


No. III-21
(Moses2, William1) b Salisbury, Mass. or Kittery, Me., c1677, d Berwick, Me., Oct. 13, 1719, m 1st Sarah Ham, m 2nd Apr. 4, 1695, Sarah Soper. He received a grant of land in Kittery 1699, lived in that part of Kittery now known as Berwick.


Children of Thomas Worcester

IV-29 John.
IV-30 Samuel.
IV-31 Thomas.


Kittery T. and Ch. Rec. York Co. Prob.


No. III-22
(Moses2, William1) b Salisbury, Mass. or Kittery, Me.; m Mary Stephenson, Portsmouth, Me.. He received a grant of land in Kittery, 1703, was admitted to the church 1729. Residence Kittery.


Children of William Worster

IV-32 Elizabeth, b Dec. 6, 1714, d .

IV-33 Mary, bap June 10, 1722, d Friendship, Me., Apr. 17, 1807; m Joseph Sparling, b Falmputh, Me., c1720, d Bristol, Me., c1779.


Children of Mary and Joseph Sparling

(a) Noah, b Aug. 28, 1747.
(b) Moses, b Sept. 30, 1748, d Nov. 3, 1805; m Dec. 30, 1771, Mary Holden.
(c) Miriam, b Jan. 18, 1750, d Sept. 4, 1751.
(d) Abigail, b Nov. 13, 1752, d Jan. 16, 1832; m Jan. 20, 1774; m Joseph Bradford.
(e) Elizabeth, b Sept. 1, 1755; m Jan. 1, 1773, Ebenezer Davis.
(f) Mary, b New Marblehead, Me., Jan. 22, 1758.
(g) Jemia, b Windham, Me., Oct. 4, 1759; m Harold Trefethen, b Aug. 6, 1806.
(h) Josiah, b Windham, Me., Jan. 29, 1762; m Mary Trefethen.
(i) Dorrity, b PAr. 29, 1874, d Feb. 2, 1829; m Feb. 18, 1789, Enoch Craig.
(j) Mary, b Aug. 11, 1866; m 1790, Jesse Gould.
(k) Hannah, b Feb. 3, 1769; m Joseph Robbins.
(l) Joseph, b June 16, 1769.
(m) Miriam, b Mar. 19, 1771.


IV-34 William.
IV-35 Joanna
, b Sept. 9, 1723.
IV-36 Abigail, b Jan. 15, 1731, d .
IV-37 Sarrah, b Aug. 22, 1731, d .
IV-38 Simeon.


Kittery T. and Ch. Rec. York Co. Prob.

fourth.gif (12311 bytes)


No. IV-1

   MOSES WORSTER, (William3, Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 13, 1691; m an. 26, 1718, Mercie Tenney. He was one of the original members of the church organized in the East Precinct of Bradford in June, 1727. He lived in Bradford until 1748, in which year he removed to Tewksbury and settled upon a farm which he purchased of Samuel Hunt.


Children of Moses Worster

V-1 Moses.
Sarah, b Feb. 15, 1727.
V-3 William.
V-4 Eldad.
Mercie, b July 11, 1734; m Oliver Whiting, b 1736.


Bradford and Tewksbury Rec. Essex and Middlesex Reg. Deeds. Henry E. Worcester.


No. IV-9

    TIMOTHY WORSTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 06, 1693, d Falmouth, Me., 1751, m Mary Lakin. Residence Bradford and Newbury until 1728, afterward Falmouth, Me.


Children of Timothy Worster

V-6 Dorothy, b Newbury, Mass., Oct. 10, 1719.
V-7 Josiah, b Jan. 3, 1721, d 1749, m Dec. 13, 1748, Mirriam Carr. Residence Newbury.
V-8 Rebecca, b Newbury, Oct. 8, 1722.

V-9 Hannah, b Newbury, June 11, 1724; m Falmouth, Mass., June 13, 1741, John Farrow, b Hingham, Mass., Sept. 28, 1719.


Children of Hannah and John Farrow

(a) Joseph, b July 30, 1792.


V-10 Timothy, b Newbury, Oct. 26, 1725.
V-11 Beaulah, bpt. 1732 in First Church of Falmouth.
V-12 Mary, bpt. June 10, 1733, Forst Church of Falmouth, Me.; m Spet. 13, 1757, Clement Reserve.
V-13 Jemima, bpt. 1737, First Churh of Falmouth, Me.


Bradford and Newbury Rec. Falmouth, Me., Rec. York Co. Prob. Joshua Coffin, Esq.


No. IV-11

    FRANCIS WORCESTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., June 7, 1698, d Hollis, NH, Oct. 14, 1783; m 1st Bradford, Essex Co., Mass., Apr. 18, 1720, Abigail, dau of Joseph Carleton, b Andover, Essex Co., Mass., May 23, 1696, d July 25, 1774, age 78; m 2d Mrs. Martin. He lived in Bradford until 1722, in Concord and Littleton some years, in both of which places he worked as a blacksmith; then in Bradford, where in 1728, he was one of the selectmen; then in Boxford, where he was licensed to preach; thence he removed to Sandwich, where he was ordained June 18, 1735, over a Congregationalist Church that separated from Mr. Fessendon's, and continued ten years before and one year subsequent to his dismission. From Sandwich he removed to Exeter, N.H., thence to Plaistown, N.H., and thence to Hollis, N.H., in 1750 or 1743, where he founded the Worcester homestead. This had been in the Worcester family for five generations. It was owned by Lucy E. and Sarah Alice Worcester in 1914, who caused an inscription placed over the main entrance in 1911, stating who founded the homestead and the date of the inscription.

Hollis-hs.jpg (1308329 bytes)

Worcester Place, Hollis, New Hampshire


From 1750 until his death he was employed the greater part of the time in preaching as an evangelist in the destitute parts of New Hampshire and other sections of New England. "When confined in weakness, and in his 60th year of his age," he wrote a series of "meditations all in verse," which were published in Boston in 1760. In one of these "The author speaks of his honored great-grandfather, his grandfather, and of his father, godly men he trusts." In another, "The author speaks something modestly of himself." While as poems they possess little merit, and betray a deficiency in early education, they nevertheless show the author to have been a faithful student of the Bible and a remarkable exemplification of its happy influences. Mr. Worcester "left in numerous places a strong impression of his character. He had great success in arresting the attention of the young. They were very naturally attracted and affected by his personal appearance. In height and breadth of frame he presented proportions of a commanding and majestic figure, which, with the intellectual and benignant cast of his eye and countenance, added much to his power of address." He was buried at Hollis, N.H., where there is a tombstone to his memory with the following inscription:

In memory of the
Revd. Francis Worcester
Who departed this life
Octr. Ye 14th A.D. 1783
In Ye 86th year of his age.
He was formerly Pastor of the Second
Ch---h in Sandwich thirteen years
Since that time a Labourer in the
Gospel wherever he thought
Himself called in providence
The memory of Ye Just is Blessed.


Children of Rev. Francis Worcester by 1st m

V-14 Francis.
V-15 Jesse.
Hannah, b Bradford, Oct. 7, 1724, d Mar. 2, 1808, m ____ Churchill.
V-17 Samuel, b Boxford, May 7, 1731, drowned in Squam Harbor,  1750.
V-18 Noah.


Bradford, Boxford and Hollis, N.H. Rec. Essex and Middlesex Reg. Deeds. "Life and Labors of Rev. S. Worcester, D.D."


No. IV-12

    JOHN WORSTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 5, 1700, d Grafton, Mass., c 1777; m June 5, 1727, Mary Carlton of Newbury, Mass. He lived in Bradford until 1729, then removed to Boxford, where in 1737 he was elected a deacon of the church; thence he removed to Leicester in 1747, "and built a house, since owned by James Livermore and Benjamin Drury, Esq., and on the same site of Amos Brown." March 6, 1753, he was chosen one of a committee to prefer a petition to the General Court, asking to be incorporated into a town. The petition was granted and that part of Leicester in which he resided received the name of Spencer. He was a selectman and assessor for several years. He removed from Spencer, probably about 1772, and left the farm to his eldest son.


Children of John Worster

V-19 Phoebe, b Feb. 16, 1729, m 1st Aug. 9, 1750, Samuel Garfield; m 2d Jan. 19, 1768, William Watson.
V-20 Mary, b May 16, 1732; m Dec. 20, 1750, Abel Woodward.
V-21 John.
Sarah, b Aug. 11, 1738.
V-23 Joseph, b Sept. 9, 1740.


Inventory, 341 Pds, 0s. 6d.
Bradford, Boxford and Newbury Rec. Essex Reg. Deeds. Worcester Prob. Rev. Levi Packard. Draper's Spenser.


No. IV-13

    DANIEL WOOSTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 05, 1700 19, 1703, m Aug. 29, 1727, Joanna Pettingall, Salisbury, Mass. Residence Bradford, Newbury and Falmouth, Me. Yeoman.


Children of Daniel Wooster

V-24 David, d Bradford, Feb. 23, 1730.
V-25 Oliver.
Judith, b Jan. 1, 1734.


Bradford and Newbury Rec. Haverhill Ch. Rec.


No. IV-14

    WILLIAM WORCESTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Nov. 13, 1706, d Falmouth, Me., 1788; m Jan. 9, 1733, Mary Hovey of Boxford. Residence Bradford, Newbury and Falmouth, Me.


Children of William Worcester

V-27 Luke Hovey.
Susannah, m ____ Hardy.
V-29 Molly, m ____ Bailey.
V-30 Abigail.

Newbury and Falmouth. Me. Rec.




No. IV-15

    BENJAMIN WOOSTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Aug. 25, 1709, d 1780, m Dec. 13, 1732, Hannah Simmons, Haverhill, Mass.; removed from Bradford to Haverhill about 1732, thence to Methuen, thence to Nottingham West, thence about 1670 to Groton, where he resided until his decease. Yeoman.


Children of Benjamin Wooster

V-31 Jonathan.
Samuel, b Mar. 20, 1735, d May 31, 1735.
V-33 Sarah, b Mar. 20, 1736; m John H. Cummins.
V-34 Asa.
V-35 Samuel.
V-36 Benjamin.
Hannah, b July 15, 1744; m Reed, Fletcher and  Farwell, d Hollis, NH.
V-38 Mary , d Dunstable, 1811.
V-39 Francis.


Bradford, Haverhill and Groton Rec. Middlesex Prob. Middlesex and Essex R. Deed.


No. IV-16

(Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Sept. 15, 1712, m Feb. 26, 1740, Patience Mills, Falmouth, Me. James died in Pearson Town (now Standish, Me.). He was shot and killed by John Clark while assisting Deputy Sheriff Alexander Gray in search of Clark for allegedly stolen goods. Residence Falmouth, Me.


Children of James Wooster

V-40 Mary.
V-41 James,
b 1741,
V-42 Hannah, b Falmouth, Mass., 1751.


No. IV-20

    SAMUEL WORSTER, (Frances3Samuel2, William1) b Newbury, Oct. 23, 1691; m 1st 1714 Joanna Petingall, m 2d Hannah ____. Residence Newbury.


Children of Samuel Worster

V-43 Timothy, b Nov. 12, 1715, m Nov. 1, 1743;  Elizabeth Clark, Newbury.
V-44 Jemima, b Dec. 1722.
V-45 Richard, b Oct. 11, 1727.


Newbury and Bradford Rec. Essex Prob.


No. IV-22

    JOSEPH WORSTER, (Ebenezer3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, July 31, 1705; m Ann Chase, Littleton. Residence after 1723 Littleton, Mass. Yeoman.


Children of Joseph Worster

V-46 Hannah, b Mar. 7, 1731.
V-47 Mary, b June 9, 1733, d Nov. 22, 1736.
V-48 Ann, b Aug. 16, 1736; m 1760 Cornelius Thayer.
V-49 Joseph.
V-50 Benjamin.
Abigail, b Mar. 8, 1743.
V-52 Jane, b Mar. 19, 1745.
V-53 Sarah, b Feb. 21, 1747.


Bradford and Littleton Rec. Middlesex Reg. Deeds.


No. IV-23

    JONATHAN WORSTER, (Ebenezer3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Dec. 17, 1707, d Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Apr. 12, 1754, m Rebecca , d Jan. 20, 1772. He was one of the original members of the church organized at Harvard in1733. Residence Littleton 1723-33, afterward Harvard until his decease. Yeoman.


Children of Jonathan Worster

V-54 Rebecca, b Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Feb. 4, 1732/33.
V-55 Mary, b June 8, 1735, d Harvard, young.
V-56 Jonathan, b Harvard, Worcester Co., Mass., Mar. 24, 1736/37, d young.
V-57 Moses.
John, b Mar. 8, 1741, d Oct. 26, 1746.
V-59 Jonathan, b Dec. 9, 1742, d Oct. 10, 1746.
V-60 Rebecca, b July 16, 1744.
V-61 Lois, b Dec. 12, 1747.
V-62 Ebenezer.
John, b Aug. 19, 1751, d Oct. 6, 1756.
V-64 Lemuel, b June 25, 1753, d Apr. 19, 1773.


Inventory, 394 Pds. 8s. 0d.
Bradford and Harvard Rec. Worcester Prob.


No. IV-28

    EBENEZER WORSTER, (Ebenezer3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, 1722, d Harvard, May 20, 1754, m Dec. 29, 1742, Mary Crouch, Harvard, d May 1, 1790. On the muster roll of a scouting party sent from Harvard by Col. Samuel Willard in July, 1748. Residence Littleton 1723-1733, afterward Harvard, Mass.


Children of Ebenezer Worster

V-65 Samuel.

V-66 Abijah, b July 2, 1745, d Jan. 10, 1841, age 96; m Deliverance ____, d Jan. 23, 1767, age 88. Garrisoned at Crown Pt. in 1762 under Capt’ Thomas Farrington of Groton. Capt. Jonathan Davies’ muster roll at the alarm of minute men on Apr. 19, 1775 from Harvard to Cambridge. He was present at Quebec and the battle of Bunker Hill. Fifer Abijah Worster deserted Aug. 25, 1775, while serving with Capt. Jonathan Davies’ company in Col. Asa Whitcomb’s regiment. He was a member of the Shaker Community, at Harvard, Mass. He was scourged by a mob in 1782 in front of the house of Capt. Thaddeus Pollard. "Stripped and whipped for the crime of ‘going about and breaking up churches and families’."

V-67 Molly, b Apr. 12, 1747, d May 5, 1835. She was a member of the Shaker Community at Shirley.

V-68 Susannah, b Oct. 12, 1750, d Feb. 11, 1815; m Daby. She was a member of the Shaker Community at Harvard.

V-69 Gilead, b Apr. 8, 1753, d 1756.


Inventory, 150 Pds. 8s. 11d.
Bradford and Harvard Rec. Grove B. Blanchard, Harvard, Mass. Worcester Prob.



No. IV-29

    JOHN WORSTER, (Thomas3Samuel2, William1) bpt. Kittery, Me., Nov. 2, 1718; m July 15, 1731, Lydia Remick dau Joshua & Ann (Lancaster) Remick, bpt. Aug. 28, 1720, d Berwick, Me., aft. 1790. Residence Berwick and Lebanon, Me.


Children of John Worster

V-70 John.

V-71 Lydia, b Oct. 14, 1738, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42, d Durham, NH, Mar., 1820; m Durham, NH, Jan. 23, 1795, Gen. John Sullivan of Durham, N.H., b Berwick, Feb. 17, 1740, son of John & Margery (Brown) Sullivan and brother to Daniel Sullivan for whom the town of Sullivan is named.

V-72 Ichabod, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42.
V-73 Thomas, bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42.
V-74 George.
V-75 Lemuel.
Mary, bpt. Sept. 30, 1750.
V-77 Mark, bpt. Feb. 14, 1753.


No. IV-30

    SAMUEL WORSTER, (Thomas3Samuel2, William1) b Kittery, Me., Nov. 02, 1718, d 1787; m Judith Hall. Residence Kittery and Berwick.


Children of Samuel Worster

V-78 Betsey, bpt. Aug. 7, 2737; m George Stanton.
V-79 Judith, bpt. Berwick, Me., May 8, 1740; m Noah Wentworth, b Berwick, Me., c1740.


Children of Judith and Noah Wentworth

(a) Mercy, m Lebanon, Me., Apr. 22, 1790, Capt. Moses Pierce.
(b) Betsey, m May 21, 1789, John Goodrich.
(c) Sarah, m Oct. 19, 1792, Jeremiah Goodrich.
(d) Noah, m July 17, 1803, Lydia Williey.
(e) Ichabod, b Mar. 1774, d Apr. 3, 1855, m Rhoda Berry, b c1779.


V-80 Samuel.
Margaret, bpt. Feb. 13, 1749-50; m Dec. 8, 1785, Zachariah Knox, b Newfield, NH.
V-82 Philip.
Mary, m Apr. 27, 1779, Daniel Smith, Jr.
V-84 Eunice.
V-85 Sarah, m Jan. 8, 1792, Dea. Nathaniel Willey.
V-86 Ichabod, bpt. Nov. 1, 1761.


No. IV-31

    THOMAS WORSTER, (Thomas3Samuel2, William1) b Berwick, Jan. 26, 1716/17, bpt. Nov. 2, 1718; m ca. 1738, Ann dau of John & Patience (Shepard) Spinney, b Kittery, Me., Apr. 12, 1719. Residence Goldsboro, Me.


Children of Thomas Worster

V-87 Richard, bpt. July 8, 1741.
V-88 Moses.


No. IV-34

    WILLIAM WORSTER, (William3Samuel2, William1) b Kittery, Me., June 10, 1722, m 1740, Elizabeth Hammett. Residence Kittery Point. Shipwright.

Children of William Worster

V-89 Sarah, bpt. Aug., 1746.
V-90 Elizabeth, bpt. 1749.


Kittery Rec.


No. IV-38

    SIMEON WORSTER, (William3Samuel2, William1) b Kittery Point; m Elizabeth Mars, who died Oct. 29, 1790.


Children of Simeon Worster

V-91 William.
V-92 Thomas.
V-93 Margery.

V-94 Jane, b 1752, d 1830; m Berwick, Me., Aug. 7, 1770, James Gray. Residence Harrington, Me.


Children of Jane and James Gray

(a) William, b Feb. 28, 1774.


V-95 Betsey. Residence Kittery, Me.



fifth.gif (12403 bytes)

[Dividing Line Image]


No. V-1
(Moses4, William3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Aug. 19, 1720, d 1807; m1st Mar. 25, 1743, Mary Stickney, Bradford, d May 20, 1778; m2d Sarah ___. Residence 1744-1807 Tewksbury. Yeoman.


Children of Moses Worcester by first marriage

VI-1 Molly, b Oct. 18, 1744; m Nov. 19, 1766, John Flint.
VI-2 Moses, b June 23, 1747, d Oct. 22, 1749.
VI-3 Nathaniel, b Apr. 27, 1749, d June 27, 1760.
VI-4 Moses.

VI-5 Sarah, b Apr. 8, 1754, d Tewksbury Mar. 28, 1811; m May 6, 1776, Nathaniel Hardy. He was in Battle of Lexington, Apr. 19, 1775.

Children of Sarah Hardy

(a) Samuel ,b June 15, 1781, Tewsbury, Mass., d Apr. 25, 1852; m Nov., 1801, Mary Hardy, b Jan. 19, 1783, d Hudson, N. H., Mar. 19, 1859.


Children of Samuel Hardy

(i)  Walter Hardy, b Tewsbury, Mass., Mar. 4, 1815; m Hopkinton, N.H., Mar. 3, 1844, Ruth Merrill Clark, b Salem, N.H., Sept. 6, 1823, d N.Y. City, Jan. 13, 1902.


Children of Walter Hardy

a-  Emma Maleen, b Lowell, Mass. Jan. 11, 1847; m New York, Feb. 22, 1871, William Gerry Slade, b Boston, Mass., July 31, 1834, d New York, Jan. 10, 1913. Mrs. Slade was an active member of many patriotic philanthropic, genealogical, social and political organizations in New York and Massachusetts - having distinguished herself as founder and for several years presiding officer of several of these societies. Mrs. Slade was a member of the S. R. and Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry. Residence N. Y. City.

Children of Emma Maleen Slade

1- Harriet; m William Murray, son of William A. and Elizabeth (Murray) Crombie of Nashua, N.H.

VI-6 William.
Dolly, b Mar. 4, 1761; m June 19, 1781, Timothy Hunt, b Tewksbury, Mass., Mar. 6, 1756, d Aug 22, 1838.


Children of Dolly Hunt

(a) Timothy, b Feb. 20, 1784, d Stoddard, N.H., Aug. 10, 1860, m Feb. 18, 1808, Mary Kendrick, b Sept. 1, 1787, Hollis, N.H., d Jan. 6, 1831, Stoddard, N.H.


Children of Timothy Hunt

(i) Timothy, b Feb. 2, 1817. d Stoddard, N.H., Apr. 20, 1869; m Mar., 1839, Tryphenia Fisher, b Stoddard N.H., June 24, 1818, d Stoddard, Feb. 6, 1880.

Children of Timothy Hunt

a- Geo. Washington, b Stoddard, N.H., Feb. 6, 1858; m Antrim, N.H., Dec. 5, 1864, Cora Frances Baker, b Lemster, N.H., Mar. 20, 1864. Residence Antrim, N.H.. Plumbing and heating.


Children of George Washington Hunt

1- Edith Belle, b Antrim, N.H., June 1, 1888, B. S., Simmons College, 1911. Teacher of Domestic Science. Residence Antrim, N.H.


No. V-3
(Moses4, William3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Feb. 4,1729; m May 15, 1759, Dorcas Whiting. Himself and wife were admitted to the church in Tewksbury, Aug., 1760. He practiced medicine in Tewksbury, Shirley and other places.


Children of William Worcester, Md.

VI-9 Dorcas, b Mar. 27, 1760, d abt 1810; m Ebenezer Blake, b July 30, 1760, d Solon, N.Y., Aug. 16, 1843. He was a farmer. He served as Post Seargent under Col. Wm. Shepard during American Revolution. Served March 1777 - June 1783.

Children of Dorcas and Ebenezer Blake.

(a)   Sylvia.
(b)   Jason.
(c)   Ebenezer.
(d)   Dorcas, b Stoddard, NH.
(e)   Eliza.


VI-10 Sarah, b Sept. 24, 1761.
VI-11 Mary, b Aug. 27, 1763.
VI-12 William, b Sept. 25,1765, d young.
VI-13 Mary, b June 17, 1767.

VI-14 Dolly, b May 28, 1769, d Greenfield, N.H., Apr. 10, 1852; m Jan. 4, 1791, James Bailey, Tewksbury, Mass., b Nov. 5, 1766, d Greenfield, N.H., Aug. 15, 1839. Farmer.


Children of Dolly Bailey

(a) Leonard, b Greenfield, June 20, 1800, d Greenfield, July 7, 1885, m Betsey Hardy.


Children of Leonard Bailey

(i) Benjamin F., b Nov. 13, 1829, d Feb. 4, 1904, Northampton, Mass.; m Lowell, Mass., Nov. 10, 1850, Sarah Carle, b So. Waterboro, Me., Dec. 19, 1829, d Northampton, Dec. 18, 1889. Contractor.

Children of Benj. F. Bailey

a- Frank Everett, b Greenfield, N.H., Aug. 18, 1852; m Dec. 18, 1883, Jessie E. Piper. Residence Lowell, Mass. Swift & Bailey, wholesale beef and provisions.


(b) Florence Abbott, b Lowell, Dec. 16, 1854; m Apr. 18, 1872, Edwin Carleton Swift, b Sandwich, Mass., Mar. 18, 1849, d Apr. 5, 1906. Residence Swiftmoor, Prides Crossing, Mass. Chairman of the Board of Swift & Co.

Children Of Florence Abbott Swift

(i) Mabelle Florence, b Lancaster, Mass., Mar. 28, 1878; m June 20, 1900, Prides Crossing, Mass., Clarence Moore, Wash., D.C. Lost on the "Titanic" Apr. 15, 1912.


Children Of Mabelle Florence Moore

a- Edwin Swift, b Nov. 25, 1901, d Jan. 11, 1906.
b- Jasper, b Nov. 20, 1905.


(c) Fred Leonard, b Greenfield, Dec. 27, 1868; m Aug. 22, 1893, Evelyn Lenore Taylor, b Jan. 27, 1876. Residence W. Acton, Mass. Farmer.


VI-15 Sampson.
VI-16 Benjamin Whiting.
VI-17 Anna Whiting,
b July 6, 1777.
VI-18 Mehitable, b Mar. 4, 1780.
VI-19 Leonard.


No. V-4
(Moses4, William3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., 1732, d Tewksbury, Mass., Feb. 1, 1779; m Feb. 26, 1761, Rebecca Osgood. He and his wife were admitted to the church Nov. 8, 1761; he was subsequently chosen deacon. About 1747 he removed to Tewksbury with his father, whom he succeeded in the possession of the homestead.


Children of Eldad Worcester

VI-20 Eldad.
Rebecca, b Mar. 28, 1764, d Jan. 23, 1773.
VI-22 Rhoda, b Mar. 19, 1766; m Josiah Rogers.
VI-23 Lydia, b Feb. 19, 1768; m Joseph Bradley.
VI-24 Samuel, b Feb. 10, 1770, d at sea.
VI-25 Osgood.
VI-26 John
, b Apr. 5, 1774; m Albany, N.Y., Residence N.Y.
VI-27 Rebecca, b Mar. 12, 1776, d Apr. 8, 1790, Tyngsborough, Mass.
VI-28 Philip, b June 27, 1778, d at sea.


No. V-14
(Francis4, Francis3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Mar. 30, 1721, d Plymouth, NH, Oct. 23, 1741; m Oct. 28, 1741, Hannah Boynton, Newbury, d Apr. 28, 1771. He accompanied his father in his several removes until he settled in Hollis, N.H., about 1744. He was an officer of the church at Hollis and Plymouth, N.H., a Representative and Senator in the General Court of New Hampshire. Residence Hollis until 1768, afterward Plymouth, N.H. Yeoman.

Children of Francis Worcester

VI-29 Abigail, b Nov. 5, 1742, d Feb. 11, 1770.
VI-30 Francis, b June 15, 1744, d Jan. 5, 1749.
VI-31 Jemima, b Jan. 22, 1746, d July 30, 1816; m Chiliab Brainard of Plymouth, had two sons and five daughters.
VI-32 Hannah, b Jan. 3, 1748, d Dec. 9, 1749.
VI-33 Sarah, b June 18, 1749, d July 21, 1749.
VI-34 Beulah, b Oct. 29, 1750, d Nov. 3, 1752.
VI-35 Mary, b Dec. 13, 1751, d Dec. 6, 1752.
VI-36 Lydia, b Apr. 26, 1753, d Jan. 21, 1776.
VI-37 John, b Dec. 31, 1755, d Oct. 10, 1769.
VI-38 Hannah, b Jan. 3, 1757; m Samuel Marsh, Plymouth. Had three sons and one daughter.
VI-39 Francis.
VI-40 Bathsheba
, b Apr. 21, 1763, d 1849; m Timothy Ingalls, Danville, Vt., had two sons and two daughters.


No. V-15
(Francis4, Francis3Samuel2, William1) b Bradford, Mass., Sept. 05, 1722, d 1757 while a prisoner in Montreal; m Patience ____. He served in the Colonial War at the siege of Oswego. Residence Hollis and Newbury.


Children of Jesse Worcester

VI-41 Mary; m Nov. 14, 1771, Edw. Taylor, Hollis.
VI-42 Hannah; m May 18, 1775, David Hardy, Wilmington, Mass.
VI-43 Samuel.
Abigail; m Dec. 19, 1771, Jesse Churchill, Plymouth, N.H.


PICS-80.JPG (49888 bytes)

Noah Worcester's home in Brighton, Mass.

No. V-18
(Francis4, Francis3Samuel2, William1) b Sandwich, Mass., Oct. 4, 1735, d Brighton, Mass., Aug. 13, 1817; m1st Feb. 22, 1757, Lydia dau Abraham Taylor, Hollis, NH, b Oct. 11, 1733, d July 6, 1772; m2d Sept. 29, 1772, Hepzibah Sherwin, b Boxford, Mass., Apr. 30, 1746, d July 2, 1831. He removed to Hollis with his father in 1750, succeeded him in possession of the homestead and lived upon it until his decease. In the winter of 1775-76 he marched at the head of a company to reinforce Washington at Cambridge. He was Justice of the Peace for forty years, and a member of the Convention which framed the Constitution of New Hampshire. His strong mind, sound judgment and strict integrity gave value to his counsels, which was proverbial among his fellow citizens. He was an active member of the church for sixty years.


Children of Noah Worcester by first marriage

VI-45 Noah.
VI-46 Jesse.
Lydia, b Hollis, NH, Nov. 8, 1762, d Jan. 16, 1789 (Church Yard Cemetery, Hollis, NH).

VI-48 Sarah, b Hollis, Mar. 24, 1765, d Sept. 23, 1849; m May 27, 1782, John Fox of Dracut, Mass., Hollis, N.H., and Hardwick, Vt., b 1755, d Mar. 29, 1841. Enlisted in the War of the Revolution from Dracut, 1775, discharged at West Point 1780, was pensioned 1818.


Children of Sarah Fox

(a) Infant, b Aug. 21, 1786.

(b) Sally, b Centre Harbor, N.H., Aug. 27, 1788, d Johnstown, Oh., 1866 (or 1867); m 1808 (or 1809) Joel Philbrick, b Dracut, Mass., 1781, d Johnstown, Oh., 1846. They emigrated to Licking Co., Oh., 1817, taking with them five children. Five more were born in Ohio. All lived to maturity, but six of them died without issue.

Children of Sally Philbrick

(i)    Tryphena.
(ii)   Alfred.
(iii)  Joel.

(iv)  Sarah, b Gratton, N.H., 1815, d Granville, Oh., 1873; m 1848, Geo. Gillison Strother, b Farquar, Va., 1806, d Granville, Oh., 1884.


Children of Sarah Strother

a- Emma Eliza, b Alexandria, Oh., June 13, 1849, d Dec. 5, 1913, Granville, Oh.; m July 16, 1876, Frank Kimball Horton, b Granville, Oh., 1847. Rural mail carrier.


Children of Emma Eliza Horton

1- Bertha Florence, b Granville, Oh., 1877; m 1910, William Church, b , Zanesville, Oh., 1890.

2- Blanche Frances, b Granville, Oh., 1879.
3- Bessie Fern, b 1881; m 1900, Henry C. Gilter (?), b Zanesville, Oh., 1871.
4- Harry Trask, b Mar. 1, 1884; m Sept. 24, 1908, Ellen Cummings.
5- Arthur J. Strother, b Dec. 2, 1909.
6- Joel Philbrick, b June 16, 1890, d Jan. 25, 1910.

(v)   Worcester.
(vi)  Eliza.
(vii) Emeline, b Johnstown, O., May 29, 1817, d Jan. 16, 1882; m 1848, Albert Moulton.


Children of Emeline Moulton

a- Lydia, b Beresa Co., Ill., Jan. 15, 1849; m Alexandria, Oh., Feb., 1868, Charles Sherman Hagaman, b Nov. 16, 1844, Rochester, N.Y. Residence Chilicothe, Mo.


Children of Lydia Hagaman

1- Clara Eliza, b Jan. 14, 1869, d Mar. 29, 1904, St. Joseph, Mo.; m Jan. 14, 1892, Joe Postlewart.

2- Lydia Emeline, b Oct. 17, 1870; m Jan. 10, 1898, R.D. Ward.

3- Wallace Joel, b May 28, 1872; m Aug., 1901, Rose McCully.

4- Charles Albert, b Nov. 28, 1874; m Dec. 18, 1892, Gertrude Onslow.

5- Nettie Jane, b Mar. 31, 1877; m Feb. 5, 1899. Farmer.


(viii) Cyrene, b Johnstown, Oh., Sept. 5, 1824, d Huntington, Ind., Dec. 15, 1898; m May 29, 1856, William Goldsberry Cox, b Cumberland, Oh., Apr. 14, 1818, d Apr. 1, 1889, Rose Lawn, Ind., Minister in Rose Lawn. Mrs. Cox grad. Granville Seminary, Oh. Teacher.


Children of Cyrene Cox

a- Mary Belle, b. Fairview, Ill., Jan. 19, 1859. M.A., Mich. Univ. Teacher of History, Huntington H.S.

b- Emma C., b Fairview, Ill., May 7, 1861; m July 8, 1890, Rev. Joseph B. Sites, Co. Supt. Gove Co., Kansas.


Children of Emma C. Sites

1- Mary Edith, b Feb. 7, 1892. Teacher.
2- Paul, b May 7, 1898.
3- Pauline, b May 7, 1898. (Twins)


c- Josephine M., b Fairview, Ill., May 4, 1864. M.A., State Univ., Ind. History  teacher at Indianapolis H.S. Residence Huntington, Ind.


(c) Infant, b Mar. 11, 1789.
(d) Abel L., b July 18, 1793, d Hebron, between 1840-45.
(e) Thomas W., b Mar. 13, 1795, d 1815.

(f) John Jr., b Groton, N.H., May 23, 1797, d Jan. 18, 1873; m 1st Nellie Shaw, m 2d Elinor Brewer, d Oct., 1848. He removed to Hebron, Stafford (?) and Hardwick, Vt., then to Laconia, N.H., was a soldier in the war of 1812, enlisted as a fifer, was granted a pension in 1871. From Laconia he removed to his daughter's home in Oakland, Calif. where he died.


Children of John J. Fox by first marriage

(i) Mary Drusilla, b Laconia, N.H., May 29, 1821, d Apr. 8, 1887; m Apr. 4, 1849, Asa Whitman, Stafford, Vt., b Jan. 24, 1819, d Laconia, Feb. 7, 1899, served as a private during the Civil War. He was one of 14 children, seven of whom served during the Civil War. Their gd. father served in the Revolutionary War and their father in the War of 1812. He was an earnest Christian and a preacher in the Freewill Baptist Church.


Children of Mary Drusilla Whitman

a- Sarah Emma, b Oct. 27, 1851; m Thomas Frank Ford.


Children of Sarah Emma Ford

1- Myra E., b Aug. 29, 1869; m George N. Piper, Laconia, N.H.


Children of Myra E. Piper

a. Lena L., b May 29, 1887.
b. Ethel M., d in infancy.
c. Laura Ann, b June 23, 1855; m1st Frank Piper, m2d Frank Gusha.


(ii) John Worcester, removed to Charlestown, Mass., d there. Unmarried.


Children of John J. Fox by second marriage

(iii) Daniel, d an infant.

(iv) Sarah Worcester, b Hardwick, Vt., Nov. 17, 1832; m1st May 15, 1855, John Andres Alfred Wilson of St. John, N.B., d Mar. 13, 1865, Oakland, Calif.; m2d John Degolia Deming, Oct., 1868. He d Jan. 9, 1882, in Oakland.


Children of Sarah W. Deming

a- Inez Florence, b Oakland, June 22, 1869.
b- Sarah Worcester, b Nov. 22, 1873; m 1889, George Richard Haynes.


Children of Sarah W. Haynes

1- Florence Worcester, b June 17, 1890.
2- Dorothy Fox, b July 15, 1891.


(v)    Isadore, b Jan. 2, 1835, d Jan., 1890; m Ellen Hamilton.
(vi)   Louisa, d in infancy.
(vii)  Almira, d in infancy.

(viii) Orvin L., b Hardwick, Vt., Jan. 16, 1844; m Ansella Fauncee, b Boston, Mass., Jan. 29, 1847. Residence Chicago. Editor "The Indicator."


Children of Orvin L. Fox

a- Herbert Orvin, b Chicago, Aug. 29, 1871.
b- Jesse Eugene, b Chicago, Dec. 10, 1876.
c- Ralph Edgar, b Chicago, July 4, 1878.


(ix) Ida., b Hardwick, Vt., 1846, d Chicago, 1870.


(g) Rosella, b Aug. 6, 1799, d Johnstown, Oh., June 15, 1872; m Jonathan Brown, removed to Licking Co., Oh., in 1835.

Children of Rosella Fox

(i) Julia, b 1828; m 1850, Wm. K. Morgan.
(ii) Amanda; m ____ Irish.
(iii) James.

Children of James Brown

a- Lily, b 1852; m Sheddie Rose.
b- Maud, b 1853; m Milton Sharp.
c- Mary, b 1856; m 1887, Norton Crawford. Residence Johnstown, Oh.


Children of Mary Brown

1- Arthur Norton, b May 6, 1895, d Aug. 11, 1896.


(h) Leonard, b Mar. 5, 1801, d Nov. 27, 1872; m 1st Lucy Merrill of Plymouth, N.H., d Jan. 30, 1826, m 2d Centre Harbor, N.H., June 12, 1828, Clarissa Chase, b New Hampton, N.H., Feb. 27, 1807, d Genesco, Ill., Dec. 31, 1893.



Children of Leonard Fox

(i) Laura Ann, b Centre Harbor, N.H., 1821, d Lakeport, N.H., July 2, 1896; m Nathaniel Clark, b 1817, d Mar. 26, 1889.

Children of Laura Ann Clark

a- Sarah, d in infancy.

b- Horace Webber, d Aug. 19, 1900; m Irene Perry, b 1850, d May 21, 1883. He served through the Civil War.


Children of Horace Webber Clark

1- Jennie Abba, m Stephen Murray, Portland, Me.
2- Leonard; m1st Bernice Kirby; m2d ___ .


c- George Worcester; m Georgiana Runlett.


Children of George Worcester Clark

1- Addie Lillian; m1st Levi Smith, who d 1895; m2d Elmer Ellsworth Davis.
2- Adelbert.


d- Frank Delano, b 1848, d May 11, 1905; m Sophronia Brown.


Children of Fran Delano Clark

1- Elmer N., d Oct. 19, 1901; m Genevra Barber.
2- Nellie L.; m Horrace Fogg.


e- Charle Eugene, b 1850, d May 14, 1905, m Nettie Piskerin (?).


Children of Charles Eugene Clark

1- Annie.
2- Ella.
3- Minnie.
4- Martha.
5- Lottie.
6- Ada.
7- Lizzie.
8- Edwin.
9- Willie.
10- George.


(ii)  Leonard Worcester, b Centre Harbor, N.H., June, 1825, d Montana, June, 1904.

(iii) John Putnam, b Oct. 5, 1829, Centre Harbor, N.H.; m Hannah Odivine Thomas, b July 5, 1830. Residence Genesco, Ill.


Children of John Putnam Fox

(a) George Bradbury, b Munson, Henry Co., Ill., Oct. 17, 1865; m Emma Davis, Coralville, Ia., b Oct. 11, 1868. Residence Cedar Rapids, Ia.


Children of George Bradbury Fox

1- Edna Leora, b Iowa City, Apr. 27, 1889.
2- Harry Worcester, b Iowa City, Oct. 12, 1890.
3- Claud Melnotte, b Iowa City, Dec. 5, 1893.
4- George Truman, b Earlham, Ia., June 5, 1896.
5- Herbert Dion, b El Reno, Ok., Apr. 17, 1909, d Apr. 19, 1909.


(i) Lydia Zervia, b Sept. 1, 1804, d about 1854; m John Davis, farmer. Removed to Chelsea, Vt.

(j) Jonathan, b Hebron, N.H., July 9, 1806, d Oct. 16, 1853; m 1829, Lydia Crawford, b Nottingham, Mar. 22, 1808.


Children of Jonathan Fox

(i) Sarah Drusilla, b Centre Harbor, Apr. 2, 1831; m Oct. 11, 1857, Henry Cummings of Boone, Ia.


Children of Sarah Drusilla Fox

a- Infant, d 1859.
b- William H., b Feb. 14, 1862, d Ames, Ia., Apr. 6, 1894.
c- Nellie, b July 28, 1865; m Apr. 5, 1885, Frank Graham who d Mar. 10, 1906.


Children of Nellie Fox

1- Harold Melvin, b 1886.
2- William Lewis, b 1888.
3- Inez Maria, b 1892.
4- Sarah Olive, b 1897.
5- Ellen, b 1899.


(ii) Lydia Zervia, d young.

(iii) George Henry, b 1841, d Aug. 1863, killed at Little Red River, Ark. Enlisted in the Civil War, Boone, Ia., Aug., 1862, Co. D, 32d Iowa.


VI-49 Leonard.

VI-50 Thomas, b Hollis, Nov. 22, 1768, d Salisbury, NH, Dec. 24, 1831; m Mar. 11, 1792, Deborah Lee, Manchester, Mass., b July 1, 1772. She m 2nd Dea. Petingall of Salisbury, N.H. Rev. Thomas Worcester studied theology with Rev. Daniel Emerson, Hollis, N.H., received honorary degree A.M., Dartmouth, 1806. He printed several sermons and essays. His tombstone in Salisbury, N.H., bears the following inscription:

"Sacred to the memory of Rev. Thomas Worcester, Who devoted himself to the service of Christ in early life; was ordained over the Congregational Church in this town Nov. 9, 1791, and dismissed by a Mutual Council, Apr. 24, 1823, after having been pastor of the church, with which he died in fellowship, more than 31 years. The instructions of his ministry, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, were instrumental in the conversion and salvation of many souls. He departed this life Dec. 24, 1831, aged 63. Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints."

VI-51 Samuel.


Children of Noah Worcester by second marriage

VI-52 Hepzibah, b June 12, 1773, Hollis, N.H., d Meredith, N.H., Jan. 14, 1827; m Hollis, Jan. 1, 1795, Rev. David Smith, who d Meredith, Aug. 18, 1824.


Children of Hepzidah Smith

(a) Rev. David Page, b Hollis, Sept. 20, 1795, d Greenfield, N.H., Oct. 1, 1850; m1st Mary Philbrick, Andover, N.H., d at birth of twins, who were buried with her; m2d Mary Jane Downs, Grad. Dartmouth, 1823, preached Sandwich, N.H., Parsonsfield and Newfield, Me., settled finally in Greenfield, N.H.

(b) Noah, b Sept. 7, 1798, d West Boylston, Mass., Nov. 22, 1837; m Mary Perry of Temple, Me., settled there on the farm of his father.

Children of Noah Smith

1) Infant.
2) Samuel Worcester.
3) Noah David.
4) Mary Hepzibah.
5) Infant.
6) Hannah Perry.
7) Moses Perry.
8) Augustus Eli.
9) Vesta Hackett.


(c) Hepzibah Rolinda, b Sept. 27, 1801, d Temple, Me., June 6, 1833; m Dea John Scales.


Children of Hepzibah Rolinda Smith

(i) Mary Hepzibah, d Temple, Me. aged 18.


(d) Emmons, b Dec. 2 (or 7), 1802, d Boston, Mass., Apr. 16, 1826.
(e) Martha, b July 14, 1804, d 1808.
(f) Mary, b Sept. 19, 1805, d Newport, Vt., Mar. 10, 1877; m Nath. Rogers of Moultonboro, N.H., Dec. 20, 1830.

Children of Mary Smith

(i)    Harriet Newhall, b Oct. 5, 1831, d Newport Centre, Vt., Sept. 25, 1895; m Newport Centre, May 23, 1856, Chauncy Sias.

(ii)   Martha Dodge, b Feb. 2, 1834, d Newport Centre, Vt., Feb. 24, 1849.

(iii)  John, b Jan. 16, 1836, d W. Dudley, Vt., Jan. 5, 1911; m1st Dec. 15, 1858, Jerusha P. Huse; m2d Mrs. Lydia Lamb Kilby.


Children of John Rogers

(a) David.
(b) Ida.
(c) Genie.
(d) Nancy.
(e) William.
(f) Simeon.
(g) Hattie.
(h) Harry (triplets).

Children of David Rogers

(iv) David Worcester, b Jan. 22, 1838, d Sept. 3, 1895; m1st W. Derby, Vt., Mrs. Lavonia Blake Drew; m2d Mrs. Hannah Blake Field.


Children of David Worcester Rogers

(a) Ellsworth.
(b) Israel.
(c) Herbert.
(d) Lucinda.
(e) May.
(f) Ernest.


(v) Nath. Sewell, b June 7, 1840; m Sept. 25, 1866, Mary E. Whipple, b Nov. 17, 1841, d Aug. 26, 1907, was a soldier in the Civil War.

(vi) Mary Helen, b Oct. 23, 1842, d Newport, Vt., Jan. 2, 1906; m Newport Centre, Vt., June 18, 1873, Tarrant Stockwell Cummings.


Children of Mary Helen Cummings

a- Mattie Ella, b Newport, Vt., May 1, 1874, d Sept. 21, 1875.
b- Myra Idyll Susan, b Newport, Vt., July 25, 1877.
c- Loretta Eunice, b Newport, Vt., Nov. 9, 1878 (twin).

d- Lorenzo George, b Newport, Vt., Nov. 9, 1878 (twin), m Sept. 1904, Nina Ethel Achilles, b Georgeville, Quebec, May 14, 1884.


(vii) George Washington, b Newport Centre, Vt., May 2, 1846; m1st May 16, 1872, Ruth Ella Wilcox, b Jay, Vt., May 19, 1849, d Sept. 25, 1907; m2d Nov. 18, 1911, Jennie Miles Abbey, b E. Charlestown, Vt., Oct. 3, 1868, d Newport Centre, Sept. 25, 1907.

(g) Hannah, b Sept. 20, 1806, d Meredith, N.H., Mar. 2, 1878; m 1828, John Fernald of Meredith, b Moultonboro, Aug. 11, 1805, d Feb. 9, 1886.


Children of Hannah Fernald

(i) Mary Worcester, b Meredith, Feb. 28, 1829, d Mar. 23, 1893; m July 20, 1854, Jazell Robinson.


(h) Lydia, b Aug. 1, 1808, d Hollis, Aug. 15, 1808.

(i) Sewall, b Temple, Me., May 5, 1811, d Lawrence, Mass., Dec. 25, 1847; m July 2, 1832, Mary Goss, New Hampton, b Aug. 5, 1809, d May 9, 1875.


Children of Sewall Smith

(i) Ruth Favor, b Wentworth, N.H., Nov. 5, 1833, d Ashland, N.H., May 2, 1903; m Aug. 1, 1852, Ebenezer K. Pray, b Nov. 19, 1829, d Bristol, N.H., Feb. 16, 1902.

(ii) Martha Scribner, b May 5, 1838, d Meredith, May 2, 1857.

(iii) Mary Sewall, b Meredith, Nov. 18, 1844; m Ashland, 1864, James Ford Huckins, b Aug. 13, 1840. Residence Ashland, N.H.


(j) Martha, b Dec. 26, 1813, d 1814.

(k) Eunice Woodbury, b Dec. 2, 1816, d Mar. 5, 1914; m Temple, Me., Mar. 1, 1841, Summer True, who d Temple, Me., 1862.


VI-53 William, b Dec. 11, 1774, d Jan. 10, 1775.
VI-54 William, b Nov. 29, 1775, d Jan. 13, 1776.
VI-55 Abigail, b June 29, 1777, d Nov. 30, 1778.
VI-56 David, b Apr. 30, 1779, d Mar. 22, 1782.
VI-57 Ebenezer.

VI-58 Hannah, b Mar. 17, 1783,  m1st Jan. 19, 1826, Deacon Stephen Thurston, Bedford, N.H.; m2d Feb. 5, 1834, Jonathan Ireland, Dunbarton, N.H.


Children of Hannah Thurston

(a) Mary Delia, b Feb. 28, 1827


VI-59 David, b Mar. 25, 1785, d Mar. 13, 1808.
VI-60 James.

No. V-21
, (John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Boxford, Mass., Aug. 11, 1734, d 1813; m1st Nov. 20, 1760, Mary Mizzy; m2d Rebecca White, Apr. 28, 1763. In the War of the Revolution he was present at the battles of Lexington and Bunker Hill. He was a selectman and an assessor. Residence Leicester then Spencer, 1747-1813. Yeoman and innholder.

Children of John Worster by first marriage

VI-61 John.

VI-62 Rebecca, b Jan. 22, 1764, d Fort Miller, N.Y., Feb. 11, 1828; m Paxton, Mass., July 26, 1787, Josiah Livermore, b Leicester, May 12, 1761, d Northumberland, N.Y., Jan. 29, 1840. He enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at Spencer, Mass., went to Fort William Henry.


Children of Rebecca Livermore

(a) Rebecca, b Jan. 23, 1789, Fort Miller, N.Y.
(b) Lydia, b Nov. 11, 1790, Fort Miller, N.Y.
(c) Abigail, b Oct. 26, 1792, Fort Miller, N.Y., d Jan. 19, 1889.
(d) Elizabeth, b May 19, 1795, Fort Miller, N.Y.
(e) John Worcester, b Nov., 1796, Fort Miller, N.Y.; m Elizabeth Raymond.

Children of John Worcester Livermore

(i) Raymond Bellinger, m Ella W. Losey, b Dover, N.J., Dec. 15, 1841.


Children of Raymond B. Livermore

a- Edith, b N.Y. City, Mar. 3, 1872, m Nov. 26, 1895, New York, Andreas August Sasse, b Hille, Germany, Oct. 11, 1861. He was educated in Germany and at the Boston Institute of Technology. Mrs. Sasse was educated in Normal College, N.Y. City.


Children of Edith Sasse

1- Andreas Raymond, b N.Y. City, July 31, 1896.
2- Edith, b Richmond Hill, L.I., Dec. 14, 1899.
3- Helmar Livermore, b Richmond Hill, L.I., Apr. 14, 1905.


VI-63 Molly, b Oct. 3, 1765.
VI-64 Sarah, b Sept. 20, 1767.
VI-65 Asa.
Abigail, b 1774.
VI-67 Eli.
VI-68 Alpheus.


No. V-25
(Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Newbury, Sept. 7, 1731, d Dec. 3, 1799; m Dec. 6, 1756, Abigail Clark, Newbury; d Nov. 3, 1739. Residence Kennebec Co., Me., 1763-1765; afterward until his decease Hancock, Me. He was a private during the French and Indian War under the command of Col. Jonathan Bagley at Crown Point from Feb. 18 to Dec. 17, 1756. Stationed at Fort William Henry on Lake George. Yeoman.


Children of Oliver Wooster

VI-69 William.
VI-70 Emma
, b Feb. 28, 1761.
VI-71 Joanna, b Oct. 26, 1763.
VI-72 David.
VI-73 Oliver.
VI-74 Daniel
, b Dec. 27, 1771, d 1789.
VI-75 Abigail, b Dec. 10, 1773.
VI-76 Summers.
VI-77 Elizabeth
, b Jan. 14, 1778.


No. V-27
(William4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Falmouth, Me., Nov. 15, 1740, d Oct. 12, 1833, age 93; m1st Sarah Noyes; m2d Gorham, Me., Mary Maxwell. He was deacon of the church in Falmouth. Residence, Minot, Me. 1810-1833. Yeoman.


Children of Luke Worcester by first marriage

VI-78 Mary, b Feb., 1764, d Sept. 26, 1806.
VI-79 Sarah, d young.
VI-80 Martha, d young.
VI-81 Sarah, d young.
VI-82 William.


Children of Luke Worcester by second marriage

VI-83 Abigail.
VI-84 Luke, b July 4, 1779, d 1804.
VI-85 Rebecca, d young.
VI-86 James.
Azabel, d young.
VI-88 Josiah, b 1786, d 1837, unmarried.
VI-89 Apphia, d young.
VI-90 Hovey, d young.
VI-91 Susan, d young.


No. V-31
(Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Haverhill, Sept. 23, 1733, d Groton, Mass., Nov., 1812; m1st Lucy Green; m2d Eunice Nutting. Residence Haverhill, Methuen, Nottingham West and Groton, until about 1797; Tyngsboro until 1811, Groton 1811-12. Listed (along with his brother Asa) on the muster roll of Cap't. John Hazzen of Haverhill for the reduction of Ft. Ticonderoga and Crown Point. Yeoman.


Children of Jonathan Worcester

VI-92 Mahala, b , d July 30, 1790; m Rowland Lawrence, Groton.
VI-93 Lucy, b Sept. 9, 1793; m William Mention, Pepperell.
VI-94 Eunice, b July 29, 1795, d Mar. 17, 1817.
VI-95 Jonathan, b Feb. 9, 1797, d Apr., 1814, unmarried.
VI-96 Luceba, b Dec. 29, 1798; m James Willis, Boston.
VI-97 Jesse.
Sybil, b Jan. 9, 1803, m Jas. Kendall.
VI-99 Joel, b Oct. 5, 1804, d Dunstable, Dec. 21, 1828, unmarried.
VI-100 Jonas, b May 29, 1807. Residence Hollis, N.H. Unmarried.
VI-101 John, b Mar. 28, 1809, d 1842, unmarried.


No. V-34
(Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Haverhill, Mass., Jan. 27, 1738, d Windsor, Vt., 1817 or 1818; m Dec. 15, 1763, Anna, dau Benjamin Parker, Groton, Mass., July 12, 1748. He enlisted as a soldier in the French and Indian War at the age of 16 and served in the War of the Revolution. Is listed (along with his brother, Jonathan) on the muster roll of Cap't. John Hazzen's of Haverhill for the reduction of Ticonderoga and Crown Point. He served as a scout with the rank of sergeant. Residence Haverhill, Methuen, Nottingham West and Groton until 1775, afterwards, Windsor, Vt. until his death. Yeoman.


Children of Asa Worcester

VI-102 Anna, b Dec. 10, 1765, d Windsor, Vt.; m Lazarus Bannister.
VI-103 Mary, b Mar. 20, 1767; m Caleb Williston. Residence N.Y. State.
VI-104 Abigail, b Feb. 26, 1769; m Daniel Burt. Residence N.Y. State.
VI-105 Asa.
VI-106 Elijah.
VI-107 Prudence
, b 1775, d Plymouth, Vt.; m Reuben Burt.
VI-108 Sarah, b 1777, d Windsor, Vt.
VI-109 Elisha, b 1780, d Windsor, Vt.
VI-110 Parker.


No. V-35
(Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Haverhill, Mass, Feb. 26, 1740, d Dunstable; m Isabel Coburn. Residence Haverhill, Methuen, Nottingham West, Groton and Westford, until 1794, afterward Tyngsboro and Dunstable.


Children of Samuel Worcester

VI-111 Samuel, b Apr., 1771, d Tyngsboro, Mass., Dec. 22, 1843, of dropsy.
VI-112 Oliver.
Sybil, b Mar. 2, 1774, d 1792.
VI-114 Jonathan.
Mary, b 1778, d 1796.
VI-116 William, b Nov. 8, 1780; m Sept. 30, 1804, Jemima Spaulding, Boston.
VI-117 Joseph, b 1782, d 1786.
VI-118 Mahala, b Jan. 17, 1785; m Tyngsborough, Mass., Jan. 10, 1811,Cyprian Bannister.


No. V-36
(Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Haverhill, Aug. 8, 1742, d Weathersfield, Feb. 7, 1821; m c1773, Molly Wood, about 1773, b about 1750, d Oct. 20, 1823, Weatherfield. Served as a private in the Revolutionary War. Residence Haverhill, Metheun, Nottingham West, Groton and Weathersfield, Vt. Yeoman.


Children of Benjamin Worcester

VI-119 Phila, b Mar. 24, 1775; m Talls. Residence Weathersfield, Vt.
VI-120 Polly, b Feb. 4, 1777, d Oct. 18, 1825; m Daniel Weatherbee.
VI-121 Hannah, b Feb. 14, 1779; m . Residence New York.
VI-122 Sarah, b Mar. 3, 1781, d Nov. 29, 1816; m Wyman.
VI-123 Benjamin.
VI-124 Samuel Parker.
VI-125 Plina
, b Apr. 12, 1787, d Feb. 9, 1808.
VI-126 Elizabeth, b Mar. 26, 1790; m Warner.
VI-127 Ceba, b Jan. 21, 1792, d Apr. 25, 1794.
VI-128 Eusebius.


No. V-39
(Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b , d Groton, Nov. 5, 1836; m Apr. 11, 1775, Mary Simmons, Haverhill, Mass., d 1839, age 80 yrs.. Residence Groton, Mass.

Children of Francis Worcester

VI-129 Hannah; m John Hazen. Residence Groton.
VI-130 Benjamin.
Anna. Residence Groton.
VI-132 Lucy. Residence Groton.
VI-133 Mary; m1st Abel Holden; m2d John Brown. Residence Groton.


Children of Mary Abel

(a) Emma.
(b) Abel.
(c) William.
(d) Mary.
(e) Hannah.


VI-134 Francis, d Dunstable.
VI-135 Job.
VI-136 Asa.
James. Residence Groton.


No. V-49
(Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1). b Littleton, Mass, Feb. 19, 1739, d Ashby, Mass., Mar. 30, 1809; m Mar. 19, 1760, Sarah Adams, Harvard, Mass. Residence Littleton 1739-1781 afterward Ashby. Yeoman.


Children of Joseph Worster

VI-138 Levi, b Dec. 26, 1760, d young.
VI-139 Levi.
Sarah, b Mar. 22, 1765, d Feb. 27, 1799.
VI-141 Joseph.
Mary, b June 25, 1770, d May 12, 1842; m1st Oliver Lawrence; m2d James Thraser.
VI-143 Elizabeth, b Sept. 5, 1772, d Mar. 18, 1798.
VI-144 Dorothy, b June 22, 1774.
VI-145 Rebecca, b June 9, 1777, d Dec. 24, 1801.
VI-146 Anna, b May 24, 1781.


No. V-50
(Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass, Apr. 20, 1741, d Nov. 29, 1836; m Sarah Bridges, who was b Apr. 12, 1744, d Feb. 15, 1829. Residence Littleton. Yeoman.

Children of Benjamin Worster

VI-147 Betty, b Apr. 25, 1768, d Aug. 17, 1768.
VI-148 Betty, b May 30, 1769, d Oct. 16, 1769.
VI-149 Bridges, b Aug. 24, 1770, d 1770.
VI-150 Rhoda, b May 26, 1771; m Apr. 10, 1803, Isaac Wright.


Children of Rhoda Wright

(a) Ithamar, b Feb. 1804.


VI-151 Bridges.
Sarah, b Mar. 17, 1777, d Apr. 21, 1777 (twin).
VI-153 Lucy Ann, b Mar. 17, 1777, d July 5, 1846.
VI-154 Ephraim, b Nov. 13, 1779, d July 10, 1844.
VI-155 Benjamin, b Apr. 23, 1788; m Dec. 19, 1811, Lydia Tuttle, Littleton, b Mar. 19, 1791. Residence Littleton.


No. V-57
(Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Harvard, Mass., Jan. 10, 1739; m 1768, Sarah Wilt.

Children of Moses Worcester

VI-156 Jonathan.


No. V-62
(Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Harvard, Mass., July 05, 1749; m Elizabeth . Residence Harvard, Mass.


Children of Ebenezer Worster

VI-157 Rebecca, b Harvard, Mass., Dec. 30, 1772.
VI-158 Betty, b Harvard, Mass., Sept. 12, 1774.
VI-159 Bezalmel, b Bolton, Mass., Feb. 15, 1777.
VI-160 Ebenezer.
VI-161 Molley, b Bolton, Mass., May 6, 1781.


No. V-65
(Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Harvard, Mass., Oct. 19, 1743, d Lancaster, Mass., Apr. 17, 1812; m1st July 26, 1770, Nancy Wissel; m2d Dec. 25, 1790, Relief Johnson, b Lancaster, Mass., Aug., 1757. Served for two years during the French and Indian War mostly on garrison duty in Quebec 1761-2. Listed as having enlisted in the regular American Army after the Harvard militia responded to the alarm on Apr. 19, 1775. Was present at the Battle of Bunker Hill. Served in the Fifteenth Regiment under Col. Timothy Bigelow in Cap't Joshua Brown's Company, May 1, 1777 to Mar. 11, 1779. Took part in the battles that resulted in the surrender of Burgoyne and for the rest of his term of enlistment, was generally stationed along the Hudson. He was mustered out in 1782, after having served for seven years in the Revolutionary Wars.


Children of Samuel Worcester by first marriage

VI-162 Infant, b and d Sept. 5, 1771.
VI-163 Samuel.


No. V-70
(John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) bpt. Jan. 13, 1741/42, d Lebanon, Me., Nov. 12, 1809; m1st Sarah ___ who d Lebanon, Me., Mar. 1801; m2d Lebanon, May 3, 1803, Dolly Door. Removed from Berwick to Lebanon before 1773. Mrs. Worster requested prayers for her husband "gone to the Army," Aug. 31 and Sept. 21, 1777. Private in Capt. Samuel Derby's Co. Col. John Bailey's Regiment from July 1, 1777 to Dec. 31, 1779.


Children of John Worster by first marriage

VI-164 Dorcas, b Berwick, Me., June 25, 1777, d Jan. 31, 1831; m Berwick, Me., May 21, 1798, Phillip Yeaton.
VI-165 Ichabod, b c1764, d Oct. 29, 1788.
VI-166 Anna, b Mar. 14, 1764, d Dec. 14, 1784.
IV-167 Samuel, b Dec. 31, 1765.
IV-168 Lydia, b May 14, 1767.
IV-169  Sarah, b Nov. 5, 1770.
IV-170 Moses Remick.
John, b Middletown, NH, Feb. 27, 1776; m Soept. 15, 1803, Eunice Tibbetts.
IV-172 Sarah, b Nov. 5, 1778.


No. V-74
(John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) bpt Berwick, Me., Sept. 9, 1744; m Margaret Clements, bpt. Jan. 24, 1753, First Church of Berwick, Me. Residence Berwick, Me., and Somersworth, N.H. Yeoman.

Children of George Worster

VI-173 Betsey, bpt. July 2, 1782, d young.
VI-174 Ezekiel.
VI-175 Mark.
VI-176 Thomas.
Lemuel, b July 2, 1782, d at sea.
VI-178 Alexander.
Joshua, b Berwick, July 2, 1782, d Berwick, Me.
VI-180 George, b July 5, 1786, d Thomaston, Me.,; m Olive Greenleaf, Nov. 23, 1808. Residence Thomaston, Me.
VI-181 John.


No. V-75
(John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Sept. 25, 1747, d Milton, NH, c 1821; m1st Berwick, Dec. 12, 1769, Mary Woodsum; m2d July 4, 1805, Lydia Gowell. Yeoman.

Children of Lemuel Worster

VI-182 Isaac.
VI-184 Dorcas, b June 25, 1777; m Philip Yeaton, Belgrade, Me.
VI-185 George.
Polly, m John Scates, Milton, N.H.

Children of Polly Scates

(a) Zimri.
(b) Alvah.
(c) Maria.
(d) Lydia.
(e) Hannah.
(f) Jay.
(g) Zimri.


VI-187 Sally, b c Aug. 1793, d Jan. 12, 1863; m1st Samuel E. Wallingford, Milton, N.H.; m2d Levi James, Milton, N.H.

Children of Sally Wallingford

(a) Zimri.
(b) David.
(c) Mary.
(d) Ira.
(e) James.


VI-188 Betsy, b Berwick, Me., May 10, 1785, d Nov. 12, 1839; m Isaac Scates, Milton, N.H.


Children of Betsy Scates

(a) Isaac.
(b) Clarissa.
(c) George W.


VI-189 John.
Lydia, b c1795, d Milton, Me., June 6, 1863.


No. V-80
(John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1). b Berwick, Me., July, 1746, d 1812; m Sept. 22, 1747, Sally Jones. Residence Berwick.


Children of Samuel Worster

VI-191 Hannah, b Dec. 27, 1772, d June 27, 1874. Residence Berwick, Me.
VI-192 Sally, b May 19, 1777; m Enoch Varnum.
VI-193 Samuel, b July 28, 1780, d at sea Sept. 20, 1805; m Patty Brown.
VI-194 John, b Sept. 14, 1784, d Dec. 18, 1841.
VI-195 Martha, b Sept. 20, 1788, d Nov. 13, 1880.
VI-196 Elizabeth, b Jan. 11, 1793, d May 15, 1850; m May 6, 1812, Daniel Keay, b June 26, 1798, d Oct. 3, 1827.


No. V-82
(Samuel4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1). bpt Berwick, Me., May 23, 1754, d Acton, Me., Nov. 25, 1817; m Berwick, Dec. 24, 1778, Ann Ringe, b Apr. 8, 1762, d Sept. 27, 1824, at Acton, Me. Resided Berwick, Me., Portsmouth, NH, and Acton, Me. Fifer in Capt. Ebenezer Sullivan's Company, Col. James Scammon's Regt. In service at Cambridge, Mass., May to August, 1775.


Children of Philip Worcester

VI-197 Philip.
VI-198 Ichabod.
VI-199 Thomas. Born before 1790 according to census, d without issue.

VI-200 Margaret, b Oct. 30, 1799, d Feb. 17, 1862; m Shapleigh, Apr. 8, 1805, Samuel Stevens, d Acton, Apr. 14, 1837.

VI-201 Betsey, b June 2, 1785, d Acton, Mar. 2, 1865; m Sept. 1, 1805, Ezekiel Prescott, son of Sally (Brown) and Jonathan Prescott, b Epping, N.H., Aug. 27, 1783, d May 27, 1835, in Acton, Me. Residence Acton.


Children of Betsey Prescott

(a) Helen Rogers, b Nov. 17, 1806, d Dec. 12, 1846; m Aug. 6, 1826, Moses Stacey.

(b) Jonathan, b Aug. 1, 1808, d July 14, 1887; m1st Sarah Prescott, m2d Ellen Jewett Thompson, d July 14, 1887.

(c) Mary Elizabeth, b Oct. 31, 1810, d Apr. 12, 1885; m William Leigh Emery of Sanford, Me., Mar. 10, 1834, son of Thomas S. and Betsy Emery, b Aug. 22, 1808, d Oct. 2, 1876.


Children of Mary E. Emery

(i)     Betsey, b Mar. 26, 1835, d May 25, 1846.
(ii)    Edwin, b Sept. 4, 1836, d Sept. 28, 1895; m Louisa Farnham Wing.
(iii)   Elmira, b Nov. 22, 1837, d Oct. 23, 1912; m John Colbath.
(iv)   Frances A., b Apr. 15, 1839, d Jan. 29, 1862.
(v)   George P., b Dec. 21, 1840, d Dec. 25, 1840.
(vi)  George Albert, b Dec. 21, 1841, d Nov. 21, 1890; m Susan Ellen Leavitt.
(vii) Ellen Maria, b July 24, 1843.

(viii) Prescott, Feb. 24, 1845, d Nov. 14, 1898; m1st Alma Olivia Cleaves; m2d Harriet L. Clayton.

(ix)  Infant, b Apr. 1, 1847, d Apr. 2, 1847.

(x)   Willis Tappan, b Sept. 14, 1848; m Mary Elizabeth Nute.


(d) George Washington, b Shapleigh, Me., Nov. 4, 1813, d Oct. 6, 1886; m Eliza Brackett, b Mar. 13, 1817.

(e) Rosetta Presscott, b Aug. 19, 1816, d June 3, 1845; m John Jones.

(f) Martha Ann, b Oct. 26, 1818, d June 3, 1849; m Richard T. Jones.
(g) Maria, b May 12, 1821, d Mar. 1, 1905; m John James.

(h) Sarah Worcester, b Apr. 16, 1823, d Oct. 28, 1902; m George Newman Noyes.

(i) Stephen Brown, b Mar. 22, 1826, d Sept. 19, 1852.

(j) Elmira Reading, b Sept.29, 1829, d Jan. 9, 1884; m Stephen F. Ricker, b Sept.

(k) Ezekiel Ancill, b Dec. 5, 1831, d Oct. 5, 1910; m Abby Hilton.


No. V-88
(Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b c1739, bpt. Sept. 9, 1744, d Columbia, Me., 1810+; m1st prob. c1764, ____; m2d Mar. 30, 1805, Mrs. Susannah (Nash) Chandler Knowles, b North Yarmouth, Mar. 17, 1753, d 1836. Moved to Pleasant River, Me., some time after May 2, 1763, as on this date he witnessed a deed from Gowen Wilson to Joseph Wilson at Falmouth or vicinity. He was living in Pleasant River on May 2, 1769 when he served as one of the appraisers of personal estate of Gowen Wilson. He is credited with several periods of service during the Revolutionary War. He enlisted Sept. 9, 1775, in Capt. Francis Shaw’s Co. and served 4 mos., 1 day, Company stationed at Gouldsborough, No. 4 Narraguagus (Cherryfield, Me.) and Pleasant River for the defense of the sea coast. He also enlisted Aug. 9, 1777, in Capt. Reuben Dyer’s Comp. Raised for the expedition against St. Johns, N.S., continued in service at Machias for its defense, and dismissed on Dec. 6, 1777. He also entered into service again on Oct. 27, 1780 in Capt. Sullivan’s Company, ordered out by Col. John Allen to protect the inhabitants of Frenchmans Bay. Discharged on Nov. 14, 1780. On Apr. 27, 1778, he is listed among the 213 inhabitants (as a family of 8) of #6 West of Machias, Me. Susannah was living as late as 1836 when she signed a deed releasing her dower rights.


Children of Moses Worster

VI-202 Moses.

VI-203 Mary, b Feb. 28, 1767, d Oct. 8, 1844; m c1790, Isaac Leighton, son of Samuel, b Feb. 25, 1763, d Jan. 20, 1836.

Children of Mary and Isaac Leighton

(a) Moses, b Oct. 19, 1790, d Columbia, Me., Jan. 17, 1875; m May 8, 1813, Prudence Allen (Gideon), b Columbia, Me., 1794, d Columbia Falls, Me., May 15, 1871.


Children of Moses Leighton and Prudence Leighton

(i)       Lovicia S., b Columbia, Me., Apr. 6, 1816, 1854; m 1835 her cousin, Daniel A. Sinclair.
(ii)      Levi L., b Columbia, Me., Sept. 18, 1818, d 1912.
(iii)     Jackson Clapp, b Columbia, Me., May 14, 1820, d 1881.
(iv)     Warren, b c1822, d in infancy.
(v)      Asa Green, b Columbia, Me., Apr. 6, 1825, d 1872.

(vi)     Otid McKezie, b Columbia, Me., July 7, 1827, d Columbia, Me., Feb. 21, 1881; m1st Columbia, Me., Dec. 25, 1857, Elizabeth M. Tabbutt, b So. Addison, Me., Jan. 20, 1826, d Columbia, Me., Mar. 5, 1866; m2d Columbia, Me., Mar 2, 1872, Salome W. Cummings, dau of Ichabod Willey and Catherine W. Skinner Cummings, b Jonesport, Me., Feb. 1838.

(vii)   Cyrene Bancroft, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 30, 1898; m 1852, William Hezekiah Ingersoll.
(viii)  Sophia A., b Columbia, Me., July 8, 1831; m her cousin, Obadiah W. Allen.
(ix)    Prudence C. "Dencie", b May 8, 1833, d 1916; m David Freeman Wass.
(x)     Mary A.D., b Columbia, Me., Mar. 9, 1937, d 1906; m 1859, Enoch Auburn Low.
(xi)    Susanna T., b Columbia, Me., 1842, d 1876; m 1859, Zenus Wilder Tabbutt.


(b) Samuel, b Sept. 22, 1792, d Columbia, Me., Aug. 8, 1876; m1st Jonesport, Me., Oct. 29, 1814, Mary Ann Ward, b Columbia, Me., 1793, d Columbia, Me., Nov. 26, 1838; m2d Nov. 26, 1842, Mrs. Elizabeth (Ward) Hamlin (They were sisters), Cherryfield, Me., Oct. 26, 1805,  Elizabeth was the widow of A.G. Hamlin and dau of John and Rebecca (Lovett) Ward.)


Children of Samuel and Mary Ann Ward

(i)     Daughter, b 1810s', d 1830+.
(ii)   Catherine B., b Columbia, Me., c1820, d in Minn., c 1891; m 1850+.
(iii)  Vienna, b Columbia, Me., c1823, d 1870+. Lived in Milbridge. Unmarried.

(iv)   Benjamin Campbell Coffin, b Columbia, Me., June 29, 1825, d Cape Town, S. Africa, 1850+; m Louisa C. Dorman, dau of Israel and Joanna (Kingsley) Dorman, b Beddington, Me., Mar. 15, 1827, d Nov. 1852. Two children: Harriet E. and Alvah Malcolm.

(v)    Alpheus Billings,b Columbia, Me., Dec. 15, 1826, d Fair Haven, Minn., 1897; Irene l. Gould, b Fair Haven, Minn., May 22, 1826. Five children: Melbourne, Henry, Alva, Andrew H., Jennie E., and Abby A.

(vi)   Nathaniel Green, b 1828, d Unionville, Me., Dec. 10, 1896;1st Beddington, Me., Sept. 12, 1852, Mary Emeline Dorman, b Beddington, Me., Aug. 9, 1829, d 1873+, dau of Israel and Joanna (Kingsley) Dorman; at least two children: George and Jennie; m2d 1870s, Aubine (Libby) Johnson, b Machiasport, Me., c 1865, d 1880+, dau of John F. and Mary E. (Cole) Libby; total of 11(?) children. Nathaniel was a Civil War veteran, lumberman at Columbia, Me.

(vii)  Ambrose, b 1832, d 1850+; unmarried.

(viii) Lucretia, b 1835, d Minn., 1850+; m Maine, 1850+, Lewis Hillman Dorman, b 1834, d 1850+, son of Israel and Joanna (Kingsley) Dorman. Moved to Minn.


Children of Samuel and Elizabeth Hamlin

(ix)    Hannibal Hamlin, b 1844, d in Civil War at Fredricksburg, Va., May 13, 1863.

(x)     Mary Ann, b 1845, d 1920+; m 1866, Robert William Bucknam as his second wife.

(xi)  Charles P., b Apr. 1847, d Haverhill, Mass., 1900-1910; lived at Haverhill, Mass.; m1st ___; m2d Ellen J. ___, b NH, May, 1847.

(xii)  Frederick S., b cAug. 1849, d June 29, 1863.


(c) Levi W., b Columbia, Me., Feb. 11, 1795, d Columbia, Me., Aug. 11, 1874; m1st Steuben, Me., Mar. 2, 1822, Leoniece Coffin, b Columbia, Me., Nov. 24, 180-1, d Columbia, Me., Jan. 15, 1830; m2nd Columbia, Me., Jan. 31, 1832,  Mary L. Whitten, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 11, 1835; m3rd Cherryfield, Me., June 26, 1835, Elizabeth "Betsey" Small, CHerryfield, Me., Sept. 18, 1813, d Addison, Me., May 27, 1894. Stone mason in Columbia, Me.

Children of Levi W. and Leonice Coffin

(i)     Albion Keith Parris, b Apr. 6, 1823, d Bangor, Me., Apr. 7, 1892; m Columbia, Me., Aug. 16, 1849, Mary C. Robinson, b Cherryfield, Me., 1822, d Bangor, Me., Sept. 10, 1906, dau of Rev. Nathaniel S. and Mary (Ward) Robinson of Dover. No children. Civil War veteran, school teacher at Columbia and shoestore operator at Bangor.

(ii)    Gilbert Lafayette, b July 28, 1825, d Bangor, Me., May 16, 1894. Farmer at Columbia, later operated shoestore with his brother in Bangor, Me.

(iii)   Ruth Ann, b Oct. 29, 1827, d Dec. 29, 1881; m Jason A. Crowell, b c1825, d 1880+.

(iv)   John Wilson, b June 6, 1829, d 1911.


Children of Levi W. and Mary L. Whitten

(v)    Leonice A., b Columbia, Me., June 6, 1833, d Columbia, Me., Jan. 20, 1894; m Harrington, Me, Apr. 5, 1873, Horatio Nelson Bridgham, d 1873. Lived at Columbia, Me.

(vi)  George Nelson, b Columbia, Me., Mar. 1835, d in Civil War at Yorktown, Va., May 8, 1862; unmarried.

Children of Levi W. and Elizabeth Small

(vii)  Francis G., b Columbia, Me., Mar. 27, 1836, d Columbia, Me., Aug. 10, 1873; Civil War veteran; m Harrington, Me., July 4, 1866, Sarah A. Allen, b Centerville, Me., OCt. 15, 1839, d Columbia Falls, Me., MAr. 28, 1930. Lived at E. Boston, Mass., and Columbia, Me.

(viii) Clarissa Maden "Clara", b Columbia, Me., MAr. 7, 1839, d Columbia, Me., Sept. 7, 1861; unmarried.

(ix)   Margaret S. "Maggie", b Columbia, Me., Mar. 11, 1841, d June 7, 1871.
(x)    Stephen Silsby, b Columbia, Me., June 29, d 1906.
(xi)   James Henry, b Columbia, Me., June 12, 1847, d 1905.


(d) Lovicy, b May 29, 1797, d July 25, 1872; m1st Stephen Osgood; m2d Samuel Silsby.

(e) Daniel, b Columbia, Me., Aug. 18, 1799, d Addison, Me., Dec. 16, 1871; m1st Columbia, Me., May 10, 1823, Abigail Wass Ingersoll, b Columbia, Me., d Columbia, Me., May 15, 1842; m2d Harriet Ann McAllister, b Oak Bay, Neb., Feb. 14, 1813, d Columbia, Me., June 27, 1857; m3d Columbia, Me., Mrs Hannah (Worcester) Look (his cousin), b Columbai, Me., June 24, 1802, d Columbia, Me., June 13, 1880, no children. Farmer at Columbia, Me., Retired to Addison, Me., 1870.


Children of Daniel and Abigail Wass Ingersoll

(i)      William Hillman, b Columbia, Me., Dec. 13, 1823, d 1871.
(ii)     Isaac L., b Columbia, Me., Jan. 11, 1826, d 1903.
(iii)    Eli Ingersoll, b Columbia, Me., Feb. 15, 1828, d of poisoning, May 13, 1832.
(iv)    Melissa Ann Nash, b Columbia, Me., Apr. 1830, d 1970; m 1850, Joseph Worcester, Jr.
(v)     Mary Celestia, b Columbia, Me., Aug. 29, 1832, d Nov. 25, 1834.
(vi)    Fonze Green Hill, b Columbia, Me., Sept. 18, 1834, d 1899.

(vii)   Augusta Ann, b Columbia, Me., cOct. 13, 1836, d 1867; m 1860, H. Sidney Austin as his first of four wives.

(viii) Warren Gilbert, b Columbia, Me., Oct. 30, 1839, d in Civil War at Baton Rouge, La., Jan. 23, 1863.

(ix)   Wentworth Alfonzo, b Columbia, Me., Aug. 8, 1841, d in Civil War at BAton Rouge, La., Dec. 27, 1862.



Children of Daniel and Harriet Ann McAllister

(x)   Alfred Eli, b Columbia, Me., b 1844, d May 1868 by drowning during a log drive. Musician in Co D, 22nd Maine Infantry (oct. 10, 1862 - Aug. 14, 1863) during the Civil War. unmarried.

(xi)   Mary Abigail, b Columbia, Me., Jan. 28, 1847, d Oak Bay, Neb., Nov. 17, 1880; m St. Stephen, Neb., Oct. 17, 1867, Stephen Hill Young (her cousin), b St. David's, Neb., Mar. 30, 1843, d St. David's, Neb., Apr. 16, 1901. He was the son of William and Mary (McAllister) Young. He m2d Ada Blanche Hazen. Farmer at Oak Bay, Neb.


(f) Harrison Thatcher, b Columbia, Me., Nov. 21, 1801, d Columbia, Me., Aug. 30, 1900; m Columbia, Me., Dec. 29, 1825, Olive D. Conley, b Nebraska, Dec. 29, 1804, d Columbia, Me., May 22, 1891. Farmer at Columbia.


Children of Harrison Thatcher and Olive D. Conley

(i)     Philander W., b Jan. 2, 1827, d 1880+. Went to California as cook in mining camp, lived in Seattle, Wash. in 1880.

(ii)    John Calvin, b Apr. 13, 1829, d 1911.
(iii)   Elizabeth Christine, b Feb. 18, 1831, d 1896; m 1849, Jonathan Pineo.
(iv)   Nathaniel Green, b c1835, d 1900+.
(v)    Harrison Burbank, b Aug. 19, 1835, d 1900+.
(vi)   Cyrena, b c1838, d young.
(vii)  Jotham Sewall, b Feb. 10, 1841, d 1893.
(viii) Direxa Jane, b Dec. 25, 1843, d 1875; m 1867, Luther Augustus Dyer.


(g) Aaron, b Jan. 14, 1804, d Bangor, Me., Nov. 11, 1884; m Addison, Me., Jan. 3, 1830, his cousin, Eliza Worster dau of John, b Addison, Me., Oct. 27, 1808, d Columbia, Me., Nov. 19, 1879.


Children of Aaron Leighton

(i)    Mary Emily, b Columbia, Me., Nov. 18, 1830, d Jan. 16, 1841.

(ii)   Wealthy A., b Columbia, Me., Aug. 11, 1832, d Columbia, Me., Feb. 4, 1907. Lived at Columbia, Me.

(iii)  James L., b Columbia, Me., Jan. 3, 1835, 1900+; m1st Mary E. Basely, d 1873+, no children; m2d Lowell, Mass., Jan. 3, 1875, Charlotte Ellen Folsom, b Gilmanton, NH, June 1, 1846, d 1900+, dau of Samuel Dudley and Eunice (Foster) Folsom of Laconia, NH. Three daughters: Martha A., Carrie B., and Florence N. (twins.) James was a carpenter at Belmont, NH.

(iv)  Samantha, b Columbia, Me., Feb. 28, 1838, d 1900+; m Columbia, Me., Dec. 20, 1865, John Stewart, b Steuben, Me., May 18, 1838, d 1900+, son of John H. and Lydia (Leighton) Stewart. He was pvt. in Co G, 6th Me. Inf. (Apr. 29, 1861 - Aug. 15, 1864) (shot in right arm in Civil War. Farmer at Columbia, Me.

(v)   Hollis, b Columbia, Me., July 20, 1847, d 1923; m1st ____ Longfellow of Deblois; m2d Betsey Merrit; m3d, Sarah ____.

(vi)  Seldon B., b Columbia, Me., Oct. 20, 1849, d 1900+.


(h) Sarah P., b Apr. 28, 1806, d Jan. 22, 1883; m June 2, 1827, Justice Smith Tucker.


Children of Sarah P. Leighton and Justice Smith Tucker

(i) Justus Smith, b 1824, d Sept. 14, 1869.
(ii) Eliza Ann, b Oct. 25, 1828, d 1906.
(iii) Francis Marion, b Aug. 27, 1838, d May 3, 1871.


(i) Mary Ann, b Oct. 13, 1812, d May 11, 1896; m1st Justus Ramsdell; m2d Francis Allen son of Robert.


VI-204  Annie, d before 1767; m Phineas Leighton. They removed to Perry or Pembroke, Me. He married 2d Apr. 5, 1813, Anna Babcock, b Nov. 13, d Oct. 6, 1856.


Children of Annie Phineas

(a) Dorcas, b Sept. 14, 1791; m ___ Swain.
(b) Otis, b July 27, 1793.
(c) Lydia, b Nov. 30, 1795.
(d) Holland, b Apr. 2, 1798.
(e) Willis (twin).
(f) Walter (twin).
(g) Damayette; m ___ Woodworth.
(h) Sabrina, b Mar. 1804; m Oct. 6, 1825, James Bliss, b Feb. 17, 1801, d Feb. 8, 1888.
(i) Josiah, b June 24, 1812, d Sept. 1832.


VI-205 John.

VI-206 Martha (Patty), d before 1850; m Levi Parritt, int. Oct. 16, 1796. He was born about 1772 and was living in 1850 at Steuben with his son Curtis.


Children of Martha Paritt

(a) Cynthia, b Nov. 1, 1797, d Sept. 10, 1874.
(b) Lydia, b Mar. 2, 1800.
(c) Curtis, b 1813. Was residing in Steuben with his father in 1850.


VI-207 Priscilla, b Columbia, Me., abt 1789, d Cherryfield, Me., Dec. 2, 1846 (Old Cemetery, Maine St., Cherryfield); m Cherryfield, Me., Jul. 20 1808, James Archibald Small, son of Jonathan and Jane Trudy, b 1784, d aft 1850, Cherryfield, Me.

Children of Priscilla Small

(a)    Isaac, b Feb. 23, 1809; m Margaret Spaulding.

(b)    Elizabeth "Betsy", b Cherryfield, Me., Sept. 18, 1813, d Addison, Me., May 27, 1894,; m June 26, 1835, Levi W. Leighton.

(c)    Martha P., b Cherryfield, Me., 1816, d Fair Haven, Mn., Apr. 23 1893; m Cherryfield, Me., Dec. 1837, John Kelly Noyes.

(d)    Mary Jane, b Cherryfield, Me., July 13, 1820, d Addison, Me., Feb. 1, 1909; m Dec. 25, 1838, Moses Carlton Austin.

(e)    Simon, b 1822; m Sarah Austin.

(f)    Aaron Tucker, b Cherryfield, Me., May 9, 1825, d 1890; m Dec. 26 ___, Addison, Me., Miriam Perkins Plummer.

(g)    Amaziah, b 1829, m Leighton.
(h)    James A, b 1832; m Fanny Wallace.
(i)    Stimson; m Pamelia Burnham.
(j)    Clarissa; m Stephen O. Madden.


VI-208 Joseph.
VI-209 Lucia
, b 1785; m 1800, Josiah Tucker at Trescott, Me., b Boston, 1769, d Sept. 1850.


Children of Lucia Tucker

(a) Ambrose, b 1801; m 1822, Elizabeth Small.
(b) Stillman, b 1803; m 1825, Mary Lynch.
(c) Sarah, 1897; m 1826, William Seavey.
(d) Isaac, b 1809; m 1834, Olive Tripp.
(e) Jane, b 1811; m 1830, Joseph Tripp.
(f) Phebe, b Mar. 12, 1816; m 1840, Machias, Me., Horation G. Allen.
(g) Eunice, b Dec. 10, 1820; m 1844, James Chaney.
(h) Ira, b Sept. 15, 1825; m 1844, Dormida Wilcox.


VI-210 Eunice, d c1780, d Trescott, Me., c1820; m Theodore Tucker, b 1772. He m2d c1827, Ann ___; lived at Lubec and Trescott, Me.


Children of Eunice Tucker

(a) Moses, b Cherryfield, Me., Mar. 7, 1801, d 1854; m Sarah Swaine.
(b) Aaron, b Cherryfield, Me., Oct. 18, 1802, d 1821.
(c) Sukey, b Cherryfield, Me., Mar. 25, 1806.
(d) Patty, b Cherryfield, Me., May 14, 1807.
(e) Morey, b Cherryfield, Me., Nov. 18, 1809; m Sarah Patterson.
(f) Prudence, b Lubec, Me., May 20, 1813.
(g) Joel, b Lubec, Me., Apr. 1812, d Trescott, Me, Aug. 15, 1835; m Sarah Huddleston in 1835.


Children of Joel Tucker and Sarah Huddleston

(i)     Emeline.
(ii)    Mary.
(iii)   Joel.
(iv)   Flora, b Sept. 15, 1838, d 1902.
(v)    Sarah Eliza, b Nov. 5, 1842.
(vi)   Juliett, b May 15, 1845, d Dec. 12, 1919.
(vii)  Andrew, b Feb. 12, 1854, d 1882.
(viii) Lewis D., b Apr. 10, 1856, d 1894.
(ix)   Charles A., b 1858, d Aug. 8, 1876.
(x)    Freddie, b 1868, d Aug. 22, 1876.


(h) Mary, b Lubec, Me., Mar. 23, 1815.
(i) Hiram, b Lubec, Me., June, 1816; m Jan. 4, 1816, Frances Rowell.
(j) Sarah, b Cherryfield, Me., Mar. 25, 1805; m James Fenwick.
(k) Martha, b Cherryfoeld, Me., May 14, 1807; m Moses Clark.
(l) Elizabeth, b June 24, 1817; Clement Dinsmore.


VI-211 Isaac.

VI-212 Miriam, b 1771, d Indian River, Me., c 1793; m Thomas Parritt, son of Samuel and Dorcas (Bunker) Leighton, b Narrangausus, Me, c1766, d at se Feb. 13, 1853.


Children of Mariam Leighton

(a) Enoch, b 1794, d 1853; m Susan, dau Eusibius and Margaret (Lennon) Emerson.

(b) Eli Forbes, b May 24, 1796, d June 7, 1862; m1st Jan. 6, 1821, Sarah McKensie, b June 9, 1802, d 1857; m2d July 3, 1859, Dorcas Mallet.

(c) Robert Barton, b May 28, 1796, d June 7, 1862; m1st Dec. 1820, Peggy Barfield; m2nd Aug., 1828, Elizabeth Dyer, b 1805, d 1845; m3d Addison, Me., Aug. 9, 1846, Olivette Drisko.

(d) Lucy, b 1801, d 1880; m1st John Drisko; m2nd 1839, John Burns. He went to Palestine in 1866, She settled in Mich after his death.

(e) Nahum Hill, b 1803, d Mar. 3, 1867; m1st Phoebe Drisko, b 1807, d Nov. 3, 1849, m2nd Addison, Me., Apr. 9, 1860, Abigail dau of Mathew and Jane (Wass) Coffin.

(f) John Coffin, b Crowley's Island, Me., Jan. 27, 1805,d Feb. 20, 1873; m Jan. 10, 1829, Unice Wright.

(g) Curtis M., b Crowley's Island, Me., 1807, d 1864; m Aug. 2, 1830, Philena Emerson.

(h) Daniel McKenzie, b Crowley's Island, Me., 1810, d Boston, Mass., Feb. 5, 1889; m May 5, 1866, Margaret Lynch, b 1835, d 1866.

(i) Barnabas Beal, b Crowley's Island, Me., 1814, 2 Apr. 2, 1892. Assigned to Co D, 22nd Maine Inf. Regt. between 1862-63; m May 2, 1889, Mary Jane Sylvia.


No. V-91
(Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1). b Kittery, Me., Jan. 28, 1754, d Aug. 7, 1842; m1st July 15, 1789, Susannah Dickson, b Jan. 23, 1770, d Apr. 26, 1802; m2d Eleanor Hurd, b June, 1752, d Dec. 1, 1852, aged 100 years. Residence Kittery and Sanford, Me. Apprenticed to blacksmith, Chadbourne. Enlisted in Revolutionary War c1782 and served for 18 months.

Children of William Worster

VI-213 Mary, b Oct. 17, 1789; m Dec. 14, 1812, Parker Webber.
VI-214 Samuel.
Betsey, b Oct. 8, 1793; m Ebenezer Plummer.
VI-216 Lydia, b Mar. 1, 1796, m Moses Pray.
VI-217 Olive, b Feb. 17, 1798, m Sept. 2, 1828, Josus Ferguson.
VI-218 Martha, b Jan. 10, 1800, m Oliver Webber.


No. V-92
(Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1). b Kittery, Me., 1756, d Sanford, Me., Mar. 18, 1822; m Sept. 30, 1784, Susannah Joy, b Jan. 9, 1760, d Dec. 26, 1845. Residence Kittery and Sanford, Me.

Children of Thomas Worster

VI-219 Margery, b Apr. 13, 1784; m Elliott Frost, Sanford, Me., and had eight children.
VI-220 Sarah, b Sanford, Me., Aug. 21, 1788.
VI-221 John.
VI-222 James.
VI-223 Aaron.
VI-224 Ira.



[Dividing Line Image]


No. VI-4
        MOSES WORCESTER (Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, Aug. 17, 1751, d Oct. 9, 1881; m Oct. 9, 1775, Hepzibah Hardy, Tewksbury, b Jan. 27, 1748, d Jan. 10, 1832. Residence Jaffrey, N.H., 1780-1833. Yeoman.


Children of Moses Worcester

VII-1 Hepzibah, b Mar. 7, 1777, d Mar. 30, 1847; m Mar. 20, 1799, Moses Rider, Natick, Mass. Residence Peru, Mass. They had four daughters and three sons.

VII-2 Molly, b Dec. 31, 1778, d Feb. 23, 1792.
VII-3 Moses.
VII-4 Nathaniel.

VII-5 Abigail, b Mar .2, 1785; m Sept. 10, 1812, Jonas Ross, Jaffrey, N.H. Residence Jaffrey. They had three daughters and three sons.

VII-6 Sarah, b Mar. 12, 1787, d Dec. 18, 1854; m Oct. 6, 1815, Josiah Potter. Residence Essex, Vt. They had four daughters and two sons.

VII-7 John.

II-8 Jesse, b Feb. 12, 1792, d Oct. 29, 1792.

VII-9 Jesse.


No. VI-6
(Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1) b Tewksbury, Mass, Jan. 19, 1756; m June 27, 1782, Hannah, dau Edmund Frost, Tewksbury, Mass., b Oct. 18, 1759. Removed to Jaffrey, N.H., in 1782. Yeoman.


Children of William Worcester

VII-10 William, b May 31, 1783, d Oct. 10, 1835.

VII-11 Hannah, b Aug. 25, 1785, d Sept. 15, 1855; m June 4, 1807, Jonathan Gage, b Jan. 22, 1782, d Nov. 25, 1866.

Children of Hannah Gage

(a) James, b Feb. 19, 1808, d Nov. 25, 1866, m Eliza A Wright.
(b) Jonathan, b Apr. 30, 1809, d June 4, 1813.
(c) William, b Feb. 9, 1811, d Apr. 12, 1842; m Dec. 21, 1837, Abigail Worcester.
(d) Nancy, b Mar. 4, 1814, d June 21, 1901; m Nov. 26, 1835, Ephraim Worcester.
(e) Abner.

Children of Abner Gage

(i) Julia Elizabeth, b Nov. 27, 1846; m Nov. 10, 1870, Calvin Brigham Perry, Fitzwilliam, N.H., b Jan. 27, 1848.


Children of Julia Perry

a - William F., b Fitzwilliam, N.H., Dec. 5, 1872; m Sept. 4, 1899, Mary Etta Platts, b Fitzwilliam, July 21, 1874. Residence Keene, N.H.


Children of William F. Perry

1 - Gladys, b June 28, 1901.
2 - Charles, b Nov. 25, 1909.


b - Hattie G., b Fitzwilliam, June 13, 1874. Residence Keene, N.H.


(f) Joseph, b Feb. 27, 1818, d Apr. 17, 1883; m Nov. 24, 1845, Hannah Worcester.
(g) Mary, b Aug. 26, 1820, d Nov. 27, 1805.

(h) Jonathan Alonzo, b Aug. 22, 1823, d Apr. 10, 1897; m 1st Apr. 26, 1857, Maria Gilmore, m 2nd Oct. 26, 1871, Laurinda Leonard.

(i) Sarah, b Dec. 11, 1827; m Lewis Ballou.
(j) Eliza Hannah, b Dec. 24, 1830; m Feb. 11, 1888, Hobart Cutler.


VII-12 Nancy, b Nov. 16, 1787.
VII-14 Joel.

VII-15 Eldad, b Jaffrey, N.H., Apr. 4, 1795; m Nov. 10, 1836, Rebecca, dau Isaac Stone, Framingham, Mass., b July 27, 1801. He removed to Boston in 1824; where he was engaged in mercantile business in the firm of "Pierce & Worcester" until 1841, then removed to Quincy Point, Mass.


No. VI-7
(Moses5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, Jan. 14, 1759, d Mar. 28, 1840, m June 26, 1783, Hannah dau Amos Foster, Tewksbury, Mass., b Apr. 12, 1761, d Mar. 17, 1835. He was a Justice of the Peace and prominent in the affairs of his native town. Residence Tewksbury, Mass. Yeoman.


Children of Samuel Worcester

VII-16 Hannah, b Apr. 2, 1784; m Crocker.
VII-17 Clarissa, b Jan. 5, 1786; m 1st Dr. William Hardy, m 2nd Eben Hunt.
VII-18 Samuel.
VII-19 Charlotte
, b Nov. 10, 1789; m Jacob Marshall.
VII-20 Polly, b Nov. 22, 1792; m Peter Clark.
VII-21 George.
VII-22 Moses.
VII-23 Harriet,
b Apr. 11, 1799; m J.S. Kittredge.
VII-24 Charles.


No. VI-15
(William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Shirley, Mass., June 11, 1771, d May 5, 1824, m Jan. 2, 1797, Phebe Willard (Wilson?) of Sterling, b Apr. 22, 1775, d Oct. 1, 1837. He removed to Sterling before 1797, to Princeton between 1805 and 1808, to West Boylston, between 1813 and 1818, where he died.


Children of Sampson Worcester

VII-25 William.
VII-26 Willard.
VII-27 Clarissa
, b Jan. 24, 1801; m Feb. 15, 1825, John Smith. Residence Barre, Mass.


Children of Clarissa Smith

(a) Charles W., b Nov. 21, 1826, d 1828.

(b) Charles W., b Nov. 24, 1828, West Boylston, Mass., d Worcester, Mass., Mar. 3, 1883; m Apr. 16, 1856, Canton, Ill., Josephine Caroline, dau of Thomas D. and Caroline Buckeley Lord, b Lyme, Conn., Aug. 31, 1834.

Children of Charles W. Smith

(i)   John Lord, b Barre, Mass., Aug. 1, 1857, d Barre, Aug. 6, 1861.
(ii)  Charles Worcester, b Barre, Mass., Oct. 7, 1860, d Denver, Col., May 9, 1896.
(iii) William Lord, b Worcester, Mass., Feb., 1863.

(iv) Frank Buckeley, b Worcester, Mass., Aug. 25, 1864; m Worcester, June 5, 1890, Nancy Hacker Earle, A.B. Harvard, 1886, A.M., Harvard, 1887. Residence Worcester, Mass. Lawyer.


Children of Frank B. Smith

a - Bulkeley, b Worcester, Mass., July 3, 1891.
b - Willard, b Worcester, Mass., Sept. 25, 1892.
c - Earle, b Worcester, Mass., Feb. 9, 1895.
d - Nancy Earle, b Worcester, Mass., May 27, 1898.
e - Frank Grosvenor, b Worcester, Mass., Jan. 19, 1906.


(v) Henry Witter, b Worcester, Mass., Nov. 5, 1865; m Worcester, Mass., Oct. 18, 1892, Mildred Compton.

Children of Henry Witter Smith

a - Crompton, b Worcester, Mass., Oct. 16, 1893.
b - Isabel, b Worcester, Aug. 31, 1899.


(vi) Caroline Bulkeley, b Worcester, Nov. 20, 1867, d Worcester, May 20, 1874.
(vii) Josephine Lord, b Worcester, Mass., Mar. 9, 1870; m Oct. 1, 1895, Charles Ranlet.


Children of Josephine L. Ranlet

a - Josephine, b Worcester, July 23, 1896.
b - Frances, b Worcester, Dec. 24, 1898.
c - Carolyn, b Worcester, Oct. 9, 1901.


(viii) Chetwood, b Worcester, Mass., June 9, 1873; m Apr. 16, 1895, Mary Chapin.


VII-28 Sampson.
VII-29 Phebe
, b July 31, 1805, Residence West Boylston, Mass.
VII-30 Charles W.
VII-31 Adaline
, b May 12, 1811; m Eli W. Holbrook. Residence West Boylston.


Children of Adaline Holbrook

(a) Susan C., b Dec. 29, 1837.
(b) Emily M., b May 12, 1842.


VII-32 Emily, b Aug. 15,1813, d Jan. 16, 1892; m Sept. 24, 1834, Horatio Nelson Bigelow, b Sept. 13, 1812, d Jan. 2, 1868, Residence Clinton.

Children of Emily Bigelow

(a) Emily Mandane, b Sept. 11, 1837, d July 1, 1838.

(b) Henry Nelson, b Oct. 6, 1839, d Jan. 15, 1907; m 1st Oct. 17, 1865, Clarissa Nichols Forbes, who d Nov. 13, 1876, m 2nd Cornelia Walker, Lothrop, Apr. 2, 2878.


Children of Henry Nelson by first marriage

(i) Henry Forbes, b May 12, 1867; m 1st Worcester, Mass., Oct. 14, 1896, Eliza Frothingham Davis, b Worcester, Jan 17, 1871, d Tours, France, June 20, 1907, m 2nd Lancaster, Mass., June 1, 1912, Susan Thayer, b Oct. 1, 1885.



Children Henry F. Bigelow by first marriage

a - Henry Davis, b Boston, Nov. 4, 1897.
b - Edward Livingston, b Boston, Apr. 19, 1899.
c - Chandler, b Milton, Mass., July 21, 1900.
d - Nelson, b Milton, Mass., July 21, 1900.


Children Henry F. Bigelow second marriage

e - Eugen Thayer, b Boston, Mass., Mar. 19, 1913.


(ii) Franklin Forbes, b Mar. 12, 1869, d June 20, 1870.
(iii) Horatio Nelson, b Apr. 6, 1870.
(iv) Richard Worcester, b Jan. 16, 1872, d Apr. 8, 1875.
(v) Charles Willard, b Feb. 16, 1874.
(vi) Nina, b Feb. 4, 1879; m Longwood, Mass., Henry Cleveland Sargent of Haverhill, Mass.
(vii) Rosamund Lothrop, b Dec. 12, 1891.


(c) Emily, b Aug. 4,1845, d May 22, 1864.
(d) Charles Brigham, b May 5, 1849, d Sept., 1913.


VII-33 Benjamin F., b Jan. 17, 1818, d Mar. 17, 1819.


No. VI-16
(William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, Mar. 11, 1773, d Nov. 9, 1836, m Nov. 25, 1799, Dinah Whitney, Bolton, b Sept. 28, 1777, d Oct. 8, 1852.. Residence Tewksbury. Yeoman.


Children of Benjamin Whiting Worcester

VII-34 Samuel, Oct. 18, 1800. Residence Tewksbury.
VII-35 Alice, b Oct. 3, 1804, d Nov. 7, 1844.
VII-36 Daniel.
VII-37 Arad.
VII-38 Luke.
VII-39 Sally
, b Nov. 9, 1815, d Dec. 9, 1816.
VII-40 Horace, b Jan. 6, 1820, d Sept. 15, 1824.


No. VI-19
(William5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, May 23, 1782, d Mar. 9, 1834, m Dec. 31, 1810, Rebecca, dau Dea. Thomas Clark, Tewksbury. Resided Billerica, Andover, Mass., Greenfield, N.H., and Tewksbury, Mass.


Children of Leonard Worcester

VII-41 Charles P., b May 1, 1813, d May 5, 1827.

VII-42 Martha M., b July 17, 1815, d Oct. 5, 1897; m 1st Feb. 18, 1835, Rev. Daniel E. Jewett, who d May 28, 1845, editor of a newspaper, Laurenburg and Mott Corner, N.Y. Former residence Hollis and Guilford, N.H.; m 2nd Mar. 20, 1849, Rev. Cushing B. Hassell, Williamston, N.C.


Children of Martha M. Jewett

(a) Sophia Neff, b Nov. 17, 1835.
(b) Benjamin E.G., b June 18, 1843.




Children of Martha N. Hassell

(c) Cordelia, b Dec. 23, 1849.
(d) Alonzo H., b Sept. 23, 1851.
(e) Walter, b Oct. 15, 1853.


VII-43 Clark H., b July 16, 1817. Missing since War of the Rebellion. Residence N.Y. City and Rahway, N.Y.
VII-44 William F.
VII-45 Justus.
VII-46 Joseph Wise.
VII-47 Mark True.


No. VI-20
(Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, Jan. 22, 1763, d May 5, 1853; m Feb. 12, 1793, Esther, dau of Timothy Brown, Tewksbury, Mass., b Dec. 23, 1771, d Oct. 10, 1818. He succeeded his father in the possession of the homestead in Tewksbury on which he lived until his death at the age of 90 years. He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, was one of the six months' volunteers raised by the town of Tewksbury, July 4, 1780, to Jan. 8, 1781, was a selectman and assessor for several years.


Children of Eldad Worcester

VII-48 Eldad.
VII-49 Horatio
, b Dec. 8, 1795, d May 3, 1801.
VII-50 Alfred.
VII-51 John.
VII-52 Caroline
, b June 16, 1802, d Aug., 1831; m Charles Worcester of Tewksbury.
VII-53 Horatio.
VII-54 Rebecca
, b Aug. 21, 1806; m Francis Hobbs. Residence Brooklyn, N.Y.


Children of Rebecca Hobbs

(a) Francis B., b Jan. 16, 1828.
(b) Mary Jane, b Dec. 12, 1829, d 1832.
(c) Luke C., b Oct. 15, 1831.
(d) Julia, b Oct. 8, 1833.
(e) Anna, b Oct. 29, 1834.


VII-55 Henry Elwynne.
George R., b Jan. 10, 1811, d Jan. 26, 1894, Deering, Ill. Civil Engineer.

VII-57 Rhoda, b May 19, 1815, d May 10, 1868; m Dec. 22, 1840, Joseph Blanchard, d Jan. 15, 1856. Residence Billerica, Mass.

Children of Rhoda Blanchard

(a) Henry Adolphus, b Aug. 28, 1842, d 1842.

(b) Caroline, b Nov. 10, 1843; m Oct. 13, 1869, Josiah Atherton Jefferds, who was born Middleton, Mass., Sept. 16, 1842, d Charleston, W. Va.,  Jan. 11, 1889.


Children of Caroline Jefferds

(i) Atherton Stearns, b July 14, 1872, d Sept. 22,   1875.
(ii) Mary Blanchard, b Sept. 5, 1874.
(iii) Robert Carruthers, b July 22, 1877.
(iv) Joseph Crosby, b Feb. 19, 1880.


(c) Mary Mansfield, b July 22, 1845, d Mar. 9, 1848.
(d) Mary, b June 29, 1848, d May 11, 1864.

(e) Adolphus J., b July 17, 1850, d June 30, 1912; m 1st June 23, 1875, Louise Bryant Rand, b Nov. 13, 1854, d Dec. 15, 1880; m 2nd Fannie Moorhead, Newton, Mass., about July, 1904. Her residence Newton Center. Adolphus had two children with his second wife.


Children of Adolphus J. Blanchard by his first marriage

(i) Arthur A., b May 4, 1876. Residence Newton Center.


(f) Annie Rebecca, b Mar. 6, 1854; m George Proudfoot, Feb. 7, 1883, b 1855, d Dec. 17, 1911. Residence Newton Center.

Children of Annie Rebecca Proudfoot

(i) John Blanchard, b Mar. 1, 1885.
(ii) Worcester, b Nov. 17, 1886.


No. VI-25
(Eldad5, Moses4, William3, Samuel2, William1). b Tewksbury, Mass, Feb. 16, 1772, d Sept. 2, 1838, m Dec. 27, 1799, Phebe, dau Dea. Benjamin Farnham, Andover, b Feb. 3, 1773, d Mar. 2, 1818. He held the office of Sheriff, constable and collector, and was prominent in town affairs. Residence Tewksbury, Chelmsford, Haverhill and Andover until 1818, afterwards Chelmsford until his death. Yeoman.


Children of Osgood Worcester

VII-58 Samuel, b Jan. 20, 1800. Residence Lavaca, Tex.
VII-59 Benjamin, b Apr. 3, 1801. Residence California.

VII-60 Jacob, b Feb. 1, 1803, d Nov. 3, 1852; m Oct. 3, 1839, Caroline Holt, Lebanon, Conn. Residence Buffalo,            N.Y. Steamboat captain.

VII-61 Philip, b June 5, 1805,d May 1, 1807.
VII-62 George W., b Apr. 15, 1807, d May 1, 1807.
VII-63 George.
VII-64 Charles.
VII-65 John
, b Sept. 22, 1814, drowned in Lake Erie, Jan. 14, 1843. Residence Buffalo, N.Y.
VII-66 Infant, b June 22, 1816, d at birth


No. VI-39
(Francis5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Oct. 27, 1758, Hollis, N.H., d Plymouth, N.H., Nov. 4, 1800; m 1784, Hannah, dau Josiah Parker, Hollis, N.H., b 1765, d Jan. 4, 1815. Removed to Plymouth 1768. Yeoman.


Children of Francis Worcester

VII-67 Francis.
VII-68 Hannah
, b Apr. 17, 1787, d 1840.
VII-69 Sarah, b Sept. 28, 1789; m Rev. Drury Fairbanks of Plymouth and Littleton, N.H.


Children of Sarah Fairbanks

(a) Harriet N., b Sept. 22, 1818, d 1936.


VII-70 Abigail, b Oct., 1791, d Bradford, Vt., 1839; m June 30, 1808, Joseph Draper, Bradford, Vt.


Children of Abigail Draper

(a) Amanda,  b Plymouth, N.H., May 8, 1809, d Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 12, 1893; m Aug. 20, 1834, Daniel Merrill, Bradford, Vt., who was drowned at sea Apr. 14, 1850. Preacher of M. E. Church, Boston, Mass.



Children of Amanda Merrill

(i) Abigail Ann, b Boston, May 12, 1835; m 1st Otis Wilder, m 2nd Oct. 1, 1855, Abijah Lane, b Malden, Mass., July 10, 1829, served in the Civil War 1861-1864 in the 29th and 36th Mass. Vol. Residence North Platte, Neb.


Children of Abigail Ann Lane

a - Horace Adams, b Boston, Aug. 28, 1856. Residence North Platte, Neb.
b - Arthur Franklin, b Boston, Nov. 4, 1866. Residence Arcadia, Neb.
c - Edwin Bond, b Boston, Mar. 6, 1869, d 1911. Residence Kansas City, Mo.
d - Charles Edwin Pancoast, b Boston, Jan. 26, 1872. Residence Arcadia, Neb.


(ii) Susan Amanda, b July 18 (or 16), 1838, So. Boston, d Richmond Hill, L.I., N.Y., July 3, 1913; m Aug. 26, 1854, Edwin Bond, Watertown, Mass., b Boston, Oct. 1, 1831, d Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 1, 1881. Mr. and Mrs. Bond went to Kansas in 1854 as pioneers. They settled in Lawrence, Kansas, and experienced many privations. They were in great danger from the border ruffians when it was a question whether Kansas should be admitted into the Union as a free or slave state. They returned to Boston when the Civil War broke out, and Edwin Bond served in the Navy as engineer on the flagship Malvern. In Philadelphia during the war, they visited the hospitals relieving the sick and wounded. They were both much interested in the cause of   temperance.


Children of Susan A. Bond

a - Edith Anna, b Lawrence, Kansas, Feb. 1, 1856.

b - Katie Amanda, b Lawrence, Kansas, Nov. 5, 1858; m Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 4, 1876, William Robert Uber, b Philadelphia, Oct. 7, 1852. Residence Los Angeles, Cal. Real estate.

Children of Katie Amanda Uber

1 - Susie Rea, b Phila., Aug. 6, 1877, d Oct. 18, 1877.
2 - Katie May, b Sept. 21, 1878, d July 21, 1879.

3 - Edna Radcliffe, b San Diego, Cal., May 2, 1887. A.B., Univ. of Southern Calif.


c - Ella May, b May 12, 1872, Brooklyn, N.Y.; m Jan. 27, 1896, Wm. Jacob Schwartz, n N.Y. City, Jan. 3, 1870. Builder. Residence Richmond Hill, L.I., N.Y.


Children of Ella May Schwartz

1 - Louise Bond, b Mar. 3, 1898.
2 - Edith Mabel, b Aug. 15, 1899.
3 - Eleanor Susan Amanda, b Nov. 7, 1907.


(iii) Harriet Newell, b So. Boston, July 20, 1841; m 1st Apr., 1860, Samuel Ramsdell, Portland, Me., who d Phila., Feb. 22, 1864, m 2nd May 28, 1867, Charles E. Pancoast, Salem, N.J., d Phila. Jan. 3, 1807. Mrs. Pancoast was  head of a department in the N.J. Federation of Women's Clubs.

Children of Harriet N. Pancoast

a - George Ramsdell, b Charlestown, Mass., Mar. 4, 1861. Residence Palmyra, N.J.

b - Samuel Ramsdell, b Phila., Nov. 22, 1862. Residence Point O Woods, L.I. Real Estate.


(iv) Matilda Maria, b E. Boston, 1845; m Wm.  Lund, Bradford, Vt., about 1865.
(v) Francis Westly, b Machias, Me., June, 1848; m  Flora _____, b Cabot, Vt., 1850.




Children of Francis W. Merrill

a - Charles W., b Williamstown, Vt., Oct. 31, 1873; m May 29, 1900, Bertha E. Walbridge.

Children of Charles W. Merrill

1 - Irene F., b Cabot, Vt., Sept. 28, 1902.
2 - Westly N., b Barre, Vt., Aug. 1, 1905.


b - Daughter, b Williamstown, Vt., 1878; m Aug. 20, 1900, W.H. Fifield.


Children of Mrs. Fifield

1 - Eunice G., b Cabot, Jan. 28, 1902.
2 - Eugene F., b Cabot, Oct. 8,1905.
3 - Eula P., b Cabot, Mar. 28, 1910.
4 - Mary A., b E. Fairfield, Vt., July 28, 1911.


(vi) Ella, b May 12, 1850, d May 10, 1894; m Geo.   D. Kemp.


(b) Abigail, d young, buried in Plymouth, N.H.
(c) Joseph, d Bradford, Vt., about40 years old; m 1st ____, m 2nd Rebecca .


Children of Joseph Draper

(i) Mary, m ____ Lund, Bradford, Vt.
(ii) Lucy, m ____ Garland, Bradford, Vt.
(iii) Francis.


(d) Lucella, m John Haslan. A hatter. Residence Boston.
(e) Francis, d Dorset, Vt., about 40 years of age.
(f) Julia Ann, m Stephen Cory, buried in Woburn, Mass.


Children of Julia Ann Cory

(i) Francis.
(ii) Mary.


(g) Maria, buried in Holliston, Mass.

(h) Matilda, b Oct. 2, 1825; m Springfield, Vt., 1849, Nehemiah Doane, who d Portland, Or., May 4, 1905. Dr. Doane was educated at Holliston Sem., Vt., and Boston Theological Sem., then located at Concord, N.H. D.D. Willamette Univ., Or. He was the first  Methodist theological graduate in America to be sent to a foreign mission field. (Oregon Territory at the time was considered by the church as a foreign mission). He is the author of three well known books on church doctrines. Mrs. Doane was  educated at Holliston and Newbury Seminaries, Vt. and after her marriage she and her husband were sent as missionaries to distant Oregon Territory. Dr. Doane was appointed by the Missionary Board to take charge of Oregon Inst. (now Willemette Univ.) at Salem, Ore. After various perils by land and sea, and later in the wilderness, they finally entered upon their work. Mrs. Doane was her husband's first assistant teacher in the Institute as well as "the best assistant" in all the various duties of his fifty years ministry. "Loved and revered by a wide circle of friends, she holds as one of the most precious of her rewards the knowledge that 'her children rise up and call her blessed'."


Children of Maltilda Doane

(i) Osmon Dempster, b Portland, Ore.; m 1877, The Dalles, Ore. Physician.
(ii) Orville Leslie, b Donation Claim, Ore.; m 1878, Tacoma, Wash. Residence Lawtey, Fla.    Fruit grower.




Children of Orville Leslie - Five, One living

(iii) Evelyn Corvallis, b Ore., d in infancy.
(iv) Quinn Thornton, b Ore., m Spokane, Wash., 1893. Residence Pacific Grove, Cal. Artist.
(v) Mary Draper, b Olympia, Wash. Residence Portland, Ore. Journalist.
(vi)  Prince Albert, b Salem, Ore., m Portland, Ore. 1903.


Children of Prince Albert - Three

(i) Arvilla, m L. Hammond, buried in Windsor, Vt.
(j) Lavina, m Dr. A.J. Miklin, buried in Salem, Ore.
(k) Mary, d young in So. Boston, Mass.


VII-71 Lydia, b Apr., 1794, d Sept., 1838; m Jan. 5, 1815, Amos Boardman. Contractor.
VII-72 Mary, b July, 1796, d 1834; m Aug., 1820, W.T. Wright.
VII-73 Susan, b July, 1798, d Feb., 1836.


No. VI-43
(Jesse5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) m Nov. 5, 1778, Lois Boynton, Hollis. Residence Hollis, N.H.


Children of Samuel Worcester

VII-74 Lois, b Dec. 11, 1779, d Mar. 25, 1782.
VII-75 Mary, b Sept. 18, 1781.
VII-76 Samuel, d about 1814.


No. VI-45
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Hollis, N.H., Nov. 25, 1758, d Brighton, Oct. 31, 1837, (Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge); m1st Nov. 25, 1779, Hannah, dau Moses Brown, Newburyport, b May 6, 1760, d Nov. 16, 1797; m2nd May 23, 1798, Hannah, dau Jeremiah Huntington, Norwich, Ct., b Mar. 24, 1764, d Jan. 16, 1832. In 1775, at the age of 16, he enlisted as fifer in the Revolutionary Army and served eleven months, during which time he was present at the battle of Bunker Hill; then, with the exception of two months, during which he was again in the army and present as fife major at the battle of Bennington. He resided for the most part in Plymouth, N.H., until 1782, when he removed to Thornton, N.H. While employed as a shoemaker and a teacher of youth he pursued a course of self-instruction preparatory for the ministry, and was licensed to preach in 1786. He was settled pastor of the Congressional Church in Thornton, Oct. 18, 1787, dismissed in 1809; supplied the pulpit of his brother Thomas in Salisbury until May, 1813, and then removed to Brighton, Mass., to assume the editorship of a new periodical called the "Christian Disciple". He received the honorary degree of A.M. from Dartmouth 1791; and D.D. from Harvard, 1818. His most important publications were: "Thoughts on the Origin of Evil;" "Bible News;" "A Solemn Review of the Custom of War;" "Friend of Peace;" and "Last Thoughts on Important Subjects." Residence Brighton, Mass. His tombstone at Mount Auburn bears the following inscription:

To Noah Worcester, D.D.
Erected by his Friends
In commemoration of his Zeal and Labors
In the cause of Universal Peace
And the consistency of his character
As a Christian Philanthropist and Divine.


Children of Noah Worcester

VII-77 Noah.
Hannah, b Aug. 27, 1782, d Nov. 26, 1783.
VII-79 Hannah, b July 8, 1784, d Jan. 1, 1838; m Oct. 26, 1800, David Perkins, Campton, N.H.


Children of Hannah Perkins

(a) Moses B., b Apr. 14, 1802, d 1841.
(b) Eliza, b Dec. 10, 1803, 1850.
(c) David, b Oct. 27, 1805.
(d) Noah W., b Oct. 3, 1807.
(e) Hannah, b Sept. 18, 1809, d 1817.
(f) Sally, b Aug. 5, 1811.
(g) Mary Ann, b Apr. 8, 1813, d 1820.
(h) Martha F., b Jan. 5, 1816.
(i) Daniel, b Aug. 9, 1818,, d 1851.
(j) Hannah, b July 19, 1820, d 1850.
(k) Mary Ann, b May 28, 1823.
(l) Judith A., b July 26, 1825.
(m) Infant, b July 12, 1827.
(n) Emeline, b June 24, 1829.


VII-80 David.
Lydia, b Sept. 27, 1787; m Dec. 13, 1803, Nehemiah Brown, Thornton, N.H. Lived in Thornton and Campton, N.H., Royalton, N.Y., Avon, Columbus and Sandusky, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Ind.


Children of Lydia Brown

(a) Noah W., b Sept. 6, 1806.
(b) Hannah, b July 3, 1808, d 1808.
(c) Hannah H., b Feb. 22, 1810.
(d) Moses, b Oct. 22, 1811, d 1811.
(e) Emily, b May 14, 1813, d 1813.
(f) Rollin, b July 4, 1815, d 1849.
(g) Jane, b July 7, 1817, d 1819.
(h) James S., b Sept. 10, 1819.


VII-82 Betsey, b Feb. 27, 1789, d May 21, 1837; m Apr., 1821, Rev. Stephen Bliss, Lebanon, N.H. Residence Palmyra, Oh.

Children of Betsy Bliss

(a) Samuel Wood, b Jan. 25, 1822.
(b) Delia, b Aug. 7, 1822.


VII-83 Sarah, b Nov. 30, 1791, d Jan. 1, 1875. Residence Brighton.
VII-84 Samuel.
VII-85 Thomas.
VII-86 Daughter
, b and d Nov. 10, 1797.

No. VI-46
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Hollis, Apr. 30, 1761, d Jan. 20, 1834; m June, 1782, Sarah dau Josiah Parker, b Apr. 24, 1762, d Apr. 1, 1847. In 1776, at the age of 15, he accompanied the expedition to Ticonderoga and was afterwards repeatedly enrolled in the Continental Army. He removed to Bedford, N.H., in 1782, returned to Hollis in 1794, succeeded to the homestead and lived on it until his death. He and his wife united
with the church in Hollis in 1802. On the same day they presented twelve children - six sons and six daughters - for baptism. He was an occasional contributor to the public journals, and the author
of an unpublished work, called the "Chronicles of Nissitissit."


Children of Jesse Worcester

VII-87 Jesse, b Nov. 30, 1782. He had prepared for college and was about to enter as a member of the junior class at Dartmouth when he died, Sept. 25, 1809.

VII-88  Joseph Emerson.

VII-89 Sarah Alice, b Bedford, N.H., Mar 12, 1786, d Oct. 31, 1875; m Daniel French. Residence Hardwick, Vt. No children.

VII-90  Lydia, b Bedford, Feb. 22, 1789, Worcester, Mass., Sept., 1865; m Jan. 18, 1809, Dea Samuel Taylor. Residence Worcester, Mass.

Children of Lydia Taylor

(a) Rev. Samuel Austin, Dec. 17, 1817, d 1847.
(b) Sarah W., b Apr. 14, 1820, d 1849.
(c) Rebecca W., b Feb. 2, 1829, d July 19, 1888; m Charles Whittemore. Residence Worcester, Mass.


VII-91 Abigail, b Bedford, Dec. 15, 1790, d Aug. 23, 1832; m Lemuel Snow. Residence Utica, N.Y.


Children of Abigail Snow

(a) Charles A., b Jan. 14,1817, d 1818.
(b) Francis, b May, 1818, d 1819.
(c) Sarah W., b Aug. 25, 1819, d 1839.
(d) Harriet E., b Dec. 25, 1821, d July, 1838.
(e) Infant, b 1824.


VII-92 Hannah, b Bedford, N.H., June 22, 1792, d June 6, 1853; m Oct. 11, 1825, Francis Fuller. Residence Hardwick, Vt. No children.

VII-93 Leonard.

VII-94 Deborah, b Hollis, N.H., May 22, 1796, d May 8, 1879; m Sept. 6, 1822, Rev. Jacob N. Loomis. Mrs. Loomis was a women of well-balanced mind, clear judgment and great firmness and fortitude, combined with gentleness and true womanly instincts. She had decidedly literary tastes, but read only the best books. She was a great help to her husband in his pastoral work and her religious influence was positive and         healthful even to old age. Residence, Vt. No children.

VII-95 Martha, b Hollis, Oct. 24, 1797,d Sept. 9, 1824; m Feb., 1819, Francis Fuller. Residence Hardwick, Vt.


Children of Martha Fuller

(a) Samuel Worcester, b Apr. 25, 1822, d Chicago, Oct. 23, 1873. He spent the first twenty years of his life on his father's farm. He then studied law, and in 1853 he went to Illinois, locating first at Pekin. In 1857 he removed to Chicago, being recommended by Abraham Lincoln to the firm Scammon and McCagg. Later he became a member of the firm, then called McCagg, Fuller and Culver. Although suffering from a pulmonary infection, he performed a great deal of professional labor, and won an enviable reputation as a member of the Chicago Bar. He died at the age of fifty, honored and mourned by all who knew him. We copy a few lines from the resolutions passed by the members of the bar of Cook Co., Ill.
        "Mr. Fuller was endowed by nature with remarkable powers. He possessed a clear, capacious and investigating intellect, which, by habits of intense application, had become thoroughly stored with the principles of judicial science... united with great talents and great acquirements, he brought to the practice of the law, unsullied purity of life and a high sense of professional honor."
        He married Lavine Culver. She survived him a number of years, dying at Newport, Vt., Sept. 4, 1889. He left no children.
(b) Martha, b Mar. 22, 1824, 1843.


VII-96   Taylor Gilman.
VII-97   John Newton.
VII-98   Henry Aiken.

  Samuel Thomas.
VII-100 Frederick Augustus.
VII-101 David.


No. VI-49
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1). b Hollis, Jan. 1, 1767, d St. Johnsbury, Vt., May 28, 1846; m1st Nov. 1, 1793, Elizabeth dau Samuel Hopkins, D.D., Hadley, Mass., b June 12, 1772, d Sept. 4, 1818; m2nd Jan. 25, 1820, Eunice Woodbury, Salem, Mass., b July 13, 1770, d Aug. 6, 1846. He served an apprenticeship in the printing office of Isaiah Thomas, Esq., Worcester, Mass., after which he was for several years editor, printer and publisher of the "Massachusetts Spy". He was chosen a deacon of the First Church, Worcester, in 1795, licensed to preach Mar. 12, 1799, ordained pastor of the Cong. Church, Peacham, Vt., Oct. 30, 1799, discharged the duties of his office until 1837, when he left Peacham on account of ill health and resided with his sons in Littleton, N.H., and St. Johnsbury, Vt., until his decease at the latter place. His remains were removed to Peacham for interment. Four of his sons entered the ministry, the ordination of each being preached by their father.
    He received the degree A.M. from Middlebury, 1804, and from Dartmouth in 1827. He printed numerous sermons and controversial pamphlets.


Children of Leonard Worcester, Rev.

VII-102 Leonard, b Dec. 30, 1794, d July 1, 1795.
VII-103 Elizabeth H., b June 11, 1796, d Mar. 30, 1817.
VII-104 Samuel Austin.
VII-105 Leonard.
VII-106 Hannah S.
, b Mar. 14, 1801, d May 22, 1838.
VII-107 Jerusha, b Sept. 20, 1802, d Mar. 15, 1803.
VII-108 Jerusha, b Mar. 3, 1804, d Nov. 3, 1829.

VII-109 Evarts, b Peacham, Vt., Mar. 24, 1807, d Littleton, N.H., Oct. 21, 1836; m May, 1836, Ann P., dau of Prof. Roswell Shurtleff, Hanover, N.H. She m 2d, Joseph Emerson, Hanover, N.H. Graduated Dartmouth, 1830; was engaged in teaching in Peacham, Vt., and as tutor, at Dartmouth   College until the autumn of 1833; resided in Hanover, and vicinity, pursuing theological studies for most of the time until March, 1836, when  he was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church in Littleton. He was distinguished scholar, and would unquestionably have attained a  high rank in his profession.

VII-110 Isaac Redington.

VII-111 Lydia, b Oct. 2, 1810, d Aug. 23, 1811.

VII-112 John Hopkins.

VII-113 Ezra Carter, b July 26, 1814, d Aug. 21, 1814.

VII-114 Ezra Carter.

VII-115 Lydia Eliza, b Apr. 28, 1817, d Sept. 6, 1817.

No. VI-51
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, Nov. 01, 1770, d Brainard, Tenn., June 7, 1821, m Oct. 20, 1797, Zervia dau Dr. Jonathan Fox of Dracut, Mass., and Hollis, b Feb. 16, 1779.
    He labored on the farm of his father until 1791, then pursued studies preparatory to college at Ipswich Academy, and with Dr. Wood of Boscawen, N.H., entered Dartmouth College in the summer of 1792, graduated in 1795, studied theology with Dr. Austin of Worcester four months, taught school in Hollis in the winter of 1795-6, in the spring following became preceptor of New Ipswich Academy, and shortly afterwards was licensed to preach. He was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church, Fitchburg, Mass., Sept. 27, 1797, dismissed Sept. 8, 1802, and installed pastor of the Tabernacle Church in Salem, Mass., Apr. 20, 1803. His ministry covered a period of great religious activity, an and out of the church, in which he bore a conspicuous part. The Unitarian controversy which divided many of the principal Congregational churches of Eastern Mass., was at its height. Dr. Worcester was a prominent champion of the orthodox side. He received the honorary degree of D.D. from Princeton College in 1811. At the first meeting of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions he was chosen Corresponding Secretary, and performed the duties of this office in connection with those of the sole pastorship of the Tabernacle until July, 1819, when he was relieved of a portion of his responsibility as pastor by the settlement of Rev. Elias Cornelius as his associate. He continued these relations with the Tabernacle and the American Board until his decease. (The American Board was founded in 1810 to undertake overseas missions in the Far East, but after the War of 1812 many churchgoers wanted to help the Indians to become good Christian citizens and to share the nation's manifest destiny.) Dr. Worcester was deeply involved in the efforts to acculturate, civilize and Christianize many of the Indian tribes of the southeast, particularly the Cherokees. For several years before his death he worked diligently to assist the Cherokees to prevent their forceful removal to the West. It was on one of his many trips among the Cherokee Nation that he died. He was buried at Brainerd, E. Tenn., a mission station in the Cherokee Nation. A monument erected by the Board bears the following tribute from the pen of Jeremiah Evarts, Esq., who succeeded to the Office of Corresponding Secretary:

Secretaries of the American Board of Foreign Missions - Samuel is in center

"As minister of the gospel Dr. Worcester labored for more than twenty years, with zeal, fidelity and success. As a distinguished agent in exciting and directing the missionary enterprise of the American churches he displayed eminent talents and impelled an ardent desire for the salvation of the heathen. To the promotion of this divine work he applied all his faculties, till, exhausted by arduous labors he fell asleep in Jesus, while on a visit of kindness to the Cherokee people."

His remains were removed to Salem, Mass., in the autumn of 1844, and deposited in Harmony Grove Cemetery May 5, 1845.

He received the degree from Princeton College in 1811. Besides numerous occasional discourses he published "Sermons on Universalism," "Two Discourses on the Abrahamis Covenant," three "Letters to Dr. Channing," ten "Reports of the A.B.C.F.M.," "Christian Psalmody" and "Watts Entire and select Hymns."

Children of Samuel Worcester

VII-116 Zervia Fidelia, b Aug., 1798, d Jan. 29, 1804.
VII-117 Lydia Lucretia, b Dec. 5, 1799, d Feb. 3, 1803.
VII-118 Samuel Melancthon.

VII-119 Zervia Fidelia, b Nov. 4, 1804; m Oct. 21, 1823, Samuel H. Archer of Salem, Mass., b 1798, a schoolteacher.

Children of Zervia F. Archer

(a) Fidelia W., b Aug. 27, 1824.
(b) Sarah Elizabeth, b Aug. 30, 1828, d 1829.
(c) Mary Jane, b Nov. 23, 1828, d 1853.


VII-120 Jonathan Fox.
VII-121 Lydia Lucretia
, b Oct. 7, 1808, d July 27, 1810.
VII-122 John Norris, b Dec. 28, 1810, d Aug. 16, 1812.
VII-123 John Norris, b Dec. 27, 1812, d Nov. 4, 1815.

VII-124 Elizabeth Lydia, b Salem, Dec. 19,1814, d Amherst, Mass., Oct. 24, 1889; m Apr. 27, 1841, Rev. Warren Harrison Beaman, Wendall, Mass., b Jan. 7, 1813, d Amherst, Mass., Feb. 26, 1901. Graduated Amherst, 1837.


Children of Elizabeth Lydia Beaman

(a) Mary Elizabeth, b Feb. 19, 1842, No. Hadley, Mass., d Aug. 9, 1871, grad. Mt. Holyoke Sem. 1863; m Jan. 1, 1868, Sylvester Lamson Stockbridge, b Syracuse, N.Y., May 22, 1842, d Baltimore, Md., Feb. 11, 1897. Left College to enter the army. Residence No. Hadley and Amherst after 1872.


Children of Elizabeth Lydia Beaman

(i) Mina Kathleen, b Sept. 28, 1869; m Amherst, Mass., Aug. 15, 1893, Edward Hardenbergh Waldo, grad. Amherst and of the Electrical Engineering Course at Cornell, degrees A.B. and M.E. Asst. Professor, electrical engineering, Univ. of Ill., Urbana, Ill. Mrs. Waldo was educated at Mt. Holyoke and Wellesley.


Children of Mina Kathleen Waldo

a - Edward Stockbridge, b Phila., Nov. 10, 1895, d Jan. 23, 1909.
b - John Hardenbergh, b Phila., Feb. 15, 1898.
c - Cornelius Beaman, b Phila., Aug. 5, 1901, d Sept. 27, 1904.
d - Allen Worcester, b Phila., July 27, 1904.
e - Helen Elizabeth, b Maplewood, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1906.


(b) Emma Worcester, b Oct. 4, 1843, d Apr. 5, 1912. Residence, Amherst, Mass.

(c) John Warren, b Dec. 28, 1845, d Greenboro, N.C., Dec. 13, 1903; m Dec. 22, 1874, Elizabeth Gertrude Dubois. Civil Engineer.

(d) Anna Jane, b Jan. 20, 1848, d July 22, 1849.

(e) Mina Delia, b Mar. 30, 1853; m Jan. 31, 1882, Rev. John Dayton Willard, d Appleton, Wis., July 24, 1885. After 1886 Mrs. Willard resided in Amherst, Mass.


VII-125 Abigail A.C., b Feb. 27, 1817, d Oct. 18, 1854; m Feb. 28, 1842, William S. Merrill, Salem, Mass.

Children of Abigail A.C. Merrill

(a) Amelia Worcester, b July 31, 1843, d 1872; m W. K. Bigelow, Salem, Mass.
(b) William Rollins, b Nov. 24, 1845.

(c) Abbie Carleton, b July 1, 1851; m Salem, Mass., Nov. 4, 1874, Samuel Holman Curwen, b 1849, d Salem, Dec. 31, 1911.

Children of Abbie Rollins Curwen

(i) James Henry, b Oct. 27, 1875; m Dec. 25, 1899, Lilian Churchill, Salem, Mass.


Children of James Henry Curwen

a - Reginald, b Mar. 18, 1901.
b - Bertram, b Feb. 16, 1902.


(ii) Ernest Worcester, b Apr. 23, 1877; m July, 1901, Celia Biron, b Apr. 1, 1881.


Children of Ernest Worcester Curwen

a - Helen, b May 8, 1902, d May 28, 1902.
b - Ernest Charles, b May 23, 1903.
c - Dorothy, Feb. 17, 1891; m June 28, 1913, Effie Carter.


(d) Martha Ann W. Clark, b Sept. 23, 1854. Musician. Residence Somersville, Mass.


VII-126 Mary Haraden, b Dec. 19, 1819; m Feb. 21, 1842, Samuel B. Foster, Salem, Mass.


Children of Mary Haraden Foster

(a) Samuel Worcester, b July 16, 1844, d Peterborough, N.H., Apr., 1889; m Eliza Jane Shute, b Bear River, N.S., Apr. 6, 1845.


Children of Samuel Worcester Foster

(i) Edward Grenby, b and d Boston, Mass.
(ii) Harriet May, b and d Boston, Mass.
(iii) Edwin Worcester, b and d Boston, Mass.

(iv) Frank Brooks, b Boston, Mass., Apr. 24, 1887. Residence Peterborough, N.H.   Physician, Ch.B., Sc.B., M.D.


(b) Mary L., b July 24, 1846, d 1847.
(c) Harriet L., b Dec. 4, 1849.
(d) Anna Jane, b June 24, 1853.


No. VI-57
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, Apr. 30, 1781, d Stoneham, Sept. 16, 1844; m1st Nov. 14, 1804, Mary dau William Punchard, Salem, b Sept. 15, 1786, d Nov. 25, 1825; m2nd Mar. 16, 1826, Mrs. Elizabeth Fabens Gerrish, Salem, Mass., b Jan. 8, 1793, d Watertown, Mass., 1866. Residence, 1802-1838, Salem, Mass., 1838-1844, Stoneham, Mass. Master Carpenter.


Children of Ebenezer Worcester by first m

VII-127 Maria, b Nov. 28, 1805, d Oct. 1, 1821.
VII-128 William.
VII-129 Sarah
, b and d Dec. 20, 1809.
VII-130 David.
VII-131 Leonard.
VII-132 Harriet Newhall
, b Mar. 28, 1816, d July 11, 1820.
VII-133 Benjamin, b Oct. 14, 1818, grad. Dartmouth 1841.
VII-134 Samuel, b Apr. 1, 1821. Residence California.
VII-135 Harriet Maria, b June 4, 1823, d Feb. 14, 1841.


Children of Ebenezer Worcester by second m

VII-136 Francis.
VII-137 Joseph Fabens
(twin of Francis), b Dec. 10, 1826, d May 30, 1853.
VII-138 Noah A., b Jan. 22, 1828, d Aug. 4, 1828.
VII-139 Noah A.
VII-140 Mary,
b New York, June 10, 1831, d Maine, Feb. 20, 1854; m July 1, 1850, Azariah R. Glinds, Stoneham, Mass.

Children of Mary Glinds

(a) Mary Elizabeth, b June 3, 1851; m Haverhill, Mass., Harry G. Pratt.
(b) Josephine Frances, m Chas. Lang.


Children of Josephine Frances Lang

(i) Mabel, (ii) George, (iii) Charles, (iv) Frederick, b 1883, d 1890.


VII-141 Henry, b Feb. 1, 1834, d Dec. 15, 1862.

Children of Henry Worcester

(a) Emma J, d Apr. 16, 1863.


No. VI-60
(Noah5, Francis4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hollis, Feb. 23, 1788, d Hollis, May 3, 1833; m1st Apr. 1, 1813, Mary dau Daniel Lawrence, of Hollis, b June 16, 1791, d Aug. 16, 1823; m2nd Feb. 17, 1825, Prudence, dau Joseph Blood of Harvard, b Mar. 12, 1786. Removed to Tyngsboro, Mass., 1815, Fitchburg, 1817, Damariscotta, Me., 1825, South Boston, 1829, shortly after Charlestown, Mass. A teacher and painter.


Children of James Worcester by first m

VII-142 James Alonzo D.

VII-143 Mary C., b Aug. 20, 1815; m1st Apr. 7, 1837, Benjamin Page, Bedford, Mass.; m2nd June 29, 1851, Abba G. Rice, Brandon, Vt. Residence New York.

Children of Mary C. Page

(a) William, b June 25, 1838, d 1838.
(b) Mary C., b June 15, 1839.
(c) Henry, b Mar. 30, 1841, d 1841.
(d) Eliza J., b Sept. 21, 1842.
(e) Benjamin F., b May 26, 1844, d 1848.


VII-144 Eliza Thomas, b Mar. 21, 1817; m Apr. 2, 1835, David Page, Bedford, Mass.


Children of Eliza Thomas Page

(a) Eliza C., b Aug. 20, 1837.


VII-145 John Fernando Edwards, b Fitchburg, Mass., Aug. 17, 1818; m Apr. 29, 1842, Mrs. M.H. Davis. Lived in Damariscotta, Me., Charlestown, and Boston, Mass., until 1852; afterward in California. Wood engraver.

VII-146 William Sylvester, b Sept. 28, 1819, d Mar. 3, 1836.

VII-147 Caroline Louise, b Jan. 28, 1821, d Trinidad, Colo., Mar. 1, 1904; m1st Dec. 22, 1839, Alanson A. Morse, b abt 1811, Marblehead, Mass., d July 26, 1848, Dalton,  Mass.


Children of Louisa Caroline Morse

(a) Fidelia A., b Jan. 7, 1842, d Aug. 11, 1852, Lowell, Mass.

(b) Gardener E., b Dalton, Mass., May 12, 1843, d San Diego, Cal., Nov. 7, 1907; m1st Oct. 30, 1867, Sarah Gray Hastings, b Marlborough, Mass, May 6, 1846; m2d Oct. 4, 1880, Sedwixk, Ks., Mary Woodard Bispham, b May 29, 1860, Natick, Mass., d May 21, 1935.


Children of Gardener E. Morse by 1st marriage

(i) Caroline A., b 1868, Marlboro, Mass.
(ii) Ralph Alanson, b 1870.



Children of Gardener E. Morse by 2d marriage

(iii) William Gardner, b Wichita, Ks., Dec. 1879, d Witchita, Ks., Aug. 21, 1880.

(iv) Anna "Annie" Louise, b Ks., Dec. 13, 1881, d San Diego, Calif., June 19, 1971; m Charles Frederick Maynard, b San Diego, Calif., Dec. 3, 1966.


Children of Anna Louise Maynard

a- Mary Moore, b Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 13, 1909.
b- Marion, b San Diego, Claif., July 29, 1923.


(v) Mabel Claire, b Wichita, Ks., Jul. 29, 1882, d Richmond, Calif., May 27, 1914 (suicide); m Apr. 23, 1903, John Garner Routh, b Sept. 17, 1883, d Orange County, Calif., June 16, 1952.


Children of Mabel Claire Routh

a- Thelma Hazel, b Colorado Springs, Co., Dec. 4, 1904.


(vi) Olive M. Morse, b Wichita, Ks., June 13, 1888, d Los Angeles, Calif., July 16, 1970; m1st 1923, James H. Elkin; m2d Oct. 30, 1911, James McGlinchy,, d San Diego, Calif., June 15, 1913.

Children of Olive M.  by 1st marriage

a- Melvin B.
b- Corinee O., b May 29, 1923.


(vii) James Woodward, b Ks., Aug. 25, 1885, d Ventura, Calif., June 6, 1971; m1st June 4, 1907, Ethel Mae Bateman; m 2d Mar. 25, Margaret Sedona Fulton.


Children of James Woodward Morse by 1st marriage

a- Ethel Mae, b San Diego, Calif., Mar. 8, 1908.


(viii) Zeke Paul, b Ks., Oct. 25, 1886, d Los Angeles, Calif., Sept. 9, 1963; m Feb. 22, 1911, Florence Nightingale Banta, b Il.


Children of Zeke Paul

a- Florence Banta, b San Diego, Calif., June 22, 1912.


(ix) Laura Elizabeth, b Ks., Mar. 21, 1890, d San Diego, Calif., Nov. 4, 1973; m Feb. 23, 1913, Albert Frederick Schick, b Buena Vista, Calif., May 22, 1891, d Reno, NV, Sept. 16, 1978.


Children of Laura Elizabeth Schick

a- Elmer Leroy, b San Diego, Calif., Sept. 29, 1913.


(x) Daisy Dean, b Ks., 1891, d Wichita, Ks., Apr. 2, 1893.
(xi) Walter Peter, b Ks., 1895, d Las Animas, Co., June 29, 1896.
(xii) Gardner Elisha, b Las Animas, Co., Sept. 2, 1898, d San Diego, Calif., Apr. 11, 1962.


Children of Gardner Elisha Morse II

a- Gardenr Elisha III
b- Ronald.


(c) Alanson W., b July 18, 1845, d Nov. 17, 1905, Prospect Plains, N.J.; m Emma Walker, b Apr. 16, 1845.


Children of Alanson W. Morse

(i) Emma Fidelia, b Hudson, Mass.; m , Haverhill, Mass., Fred G. Sargent.



Children of Emma Fidelia Sargent

a - Stanley, b Haverhill, Mass.


(d) Caroline Christiania., b Dalton, Mass., Feb. 3, 1847, d Feb. 24, 1900, Milford, Mass.; m Joseph W. Pedrick, Sept. 1, 1866, Hollis, N.H., b June 15, 1844, Marblehead, Mass.


Children of Caroline C. Pedrick

(i) William Worcester, b Dec. 9, 1867, Hudson,  Mass.; m Jan. 1, 1902, Evelyn Rosamond  Brigham, b Sept. 3, 1879, Hudson, Mass.


Children of William Worcester Pedrick

a - Laurena Morse, b Feb. 24, 1903, Hudson, Mass.

b - William Brigham, b Dec. 17, 1905, Fitchburg, Mass.


(ii) Carrie Brown, b Oct. 18, 1869, Hudson, Mass.,  d Aug. 9, 1907, Milford, Mass.; m Sept. 1,  1869, Otis W. Krum, Milford, Mass.


Children of Carrie Brown Krum

a - Robert Pedrick, b Aug. 27, 1890, Milford, Mass., Zelma Ellen, b Sept. 12, 1892, Milford, Mass.; m Jan. 12, 1914, David McArthur, New York City.


VII-148 Abigail Fidelia, b June 12, 1822, d Aug., 1831.
VII-149 William Edward Cartwright


No. VI-61
        JOHN WORCESTER (John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Spencer, Mass., Apr. 12, 1762; m and lived in Alstead, N.H.


Children of John Worcester

VII-150 Arad, b Waterbury, Vt.; m Sarah Newell.
VII-151 Ira.
VII-152 Ralph
VII-153 Anne.


No. VI-65
        ASA WORSTER (John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Spencer, Mass, Jan. 23, 1770, d wrecked on Scituate Rocks and drowned Sept. 20, 1802; m Jan. 18, 1801, Elizabeth, dau Peter Hardy, Ward, Mass., b May 18, 1773.. Residence Deer Isle, Me., 1800-1802. Mariner.


Children of Asa Worster

VII-154 Eli, b Nov. 26, 1801, d at sea Sept. 10, 1827.
VII-155 Infant, b and d Nov. 26, 1801.
VII-156 Eliza, b Jan. 11, 1803; m Mar. 18, 1851, J. Jarvis, Deer Isl.
VII-157 Infant, b and d Jan. 11, 1803.
VII-158 Infant, b and d Jan. 11, 1803.


No. VI-67
        ELI WORSTER (John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Spencer, Mass., Dec. 31, 1777, d Mar. 7, 1834; m May 4, 1803, Barbara dau John Bubier, Marblehead, Mass. Residence Boston. Merchant.


Children of Eli Worster

VII-159 Rebecca, b Dec. 3, 1803, d May 9, 1806.
VII-160 John.
VII-161 Barbara
, b May 19, 1807, d June, 1808.
VII-162 Eli, b Oct. 4, 1808, d Sept. 2, 1828.
VII-163 Elbridge Gerry.
VII-164 Asa.
VII-165 James Madison
, b Feb. 15, 1815, d Jan. 1816.


No. VI-68
        ALPHEUS WORCESTER (John5, John4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Spencer, Mass, 1785, d Oct., 1834; m Feb. 12, 1811, Hannah dau John Bubier, Marblehead, Mass., b Sept. 4, 1794. Residence Boston.

Children of Alpheus Worcester

VII-166 Christopher Gore.

VII-167 Abby Sarah, b Mass., June 30, 1813; m Metheun, Mass., May 13,1834, Alfred Currier, Lawrence, Mass., d July 12, 1893, Lakewood, N.J.


Children of Abby Sarah Currier

(a) Henrietta Frances, b Mar. 30, 1836; m June, 1877,  Willis H. Benton.

(b) Abbie Ellen, b May 9, 1846; m Nashua, N.H., Oct. 5,  1864, Mark Dean Knowlton, who d Mar. 2, 1906.


Children of Abbie Ellen Knowlton

(i) Annie Dean, b Nashua, N.H., Mar. 25, 1865.
Grace E., b Dec. 2, 1866.
Hattie G., b Oct. 27, 1868.
Frederick K., b Feb. 23, 1879. Purdue Univ.    1900.
Ola Abby, b July 17, 1888. Electrical    Engineer.


VII-168 John H. B., b Feb. 27, 1815, d Jan. 11, 1825.
VII-169 Alpheus, b Dec. 15, 1817, d Dec. 29, 1817.
VII-170 Alpheus.
VII-171 James Madison.
Isaac W., b Jan. 10, 1824, d July 11, 1840.
VII-173 John H. B., b July 3, 1825, d July 20, 1830.


No. VI-69
        WILLIAM WOOSTER (Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Newbury, Mass, Dec. 29, 1757, d Sullivan, Me., July 24, 1823, m Sullivan, Me., Dec. 30, 1784, Hannah dau of Jeremiah Sr. and Elizabeth (Wilson) Bragdon of Franklin, Me., d Sullivan, Me., Dec. 30, 1784. Private in Capt. Daniel Sullivan’s Comp. In Col. Benjamin Foster’s Regiment in the County of Lincoln and private in Capt. Lezar Crabtree’s Company. Enlisted Aug. 26, 1775, with service to Dec. 31, 1775. His company was stationed at Frenchman’s Bay, Lincoln County, for the defense of the seacoast. Residence Hancock and Franklin, Me.


Children of William Wooster

VII-174 Betsey, b Feb. 23, 1785, d Hancock, Nov. 19, 1822; m Dec. 3, 1804, James Smith, Hancock, Me. He was a Revolutionary War veteran.

Children of Betsey Smith

(a) Isaac, b 1804.
Elmira, b 1809.
Amelia, b 1811.
Oliver, b 1813.
William and Hannah (twins), b 1815.
Betsey, b 1818.


VII-175 Sally/Sarah, b Sept. 22, 1787, d Hancock, Feb. 3, 1818; m 1st Dec. 7, 1805, Martin Berry, b Mar. 20, 1782, d (buried at sea); m 2nd Aug. 11, 1816, Wm. Young, b Hancock, Me., 1790, d Feb. 2, 1862.


Children of Sally Berry Young by first m

(a) Calvin, b July 22, 1807.


Children of Sally Berry Young by second m

(b) Caroline, b Mar. 2, 1817, d 1834.
Sally, b Jan. 20, 1819.


VII-176 William.

VII-177 Hannah, b Sept. 24, 1794, d Bucksport, Me., Apr. 29, 1870 (Simpson Cemetery, East Sullivan, Me.); m Sullivan, Me., Sept. 4, 1809, Nahum son of Thomas and Rebecca (Train) Hill, b Gouldsboro, May 8, 1783, d Sullivan, Me., Nov. 6, 1862.

Children of Hannah Hill

(a) Eunice, b Sept. 3, 1810.
Mary A., b Dec. 11, 1812.
Hannah W., b Apr. 9, 1815.
Nahum T., b Apr. 30, 1817.
John H., b Dec. 30, 1818.
William W., b July 16, 1822.
Thomas B., b Sept. 1, 1824.
Enoch B., b Apr. 13, 1828.
(i) E
liza C., b June 26, 1830.
(j) C
lara L., b July 16, 1832.
Lydia S., b Oct. 15, 1835; m Daniel S. Emery, d Newton, Mass., Jan. 13, 1913. Residence Newton.
Abby A., b Oct. 15, 1835, twin of Lydia S.
Caroline H., b Apr. 22, 1841.


VII-178 John, b Nov. 30, 1795, d 1816, unmarried.
VII-179 Prudence, d 1797, d 1802.
VII-180 Russell.
VII-181 Jeremiah
, d young.
VII-182 Lewis.
VII-183 Abigail
, b Apr. 22, 1805; m Dec. 14, 1822, Samuel Urann, b Sullivan, Me., Dec. 11, 1799.


Children of Abigail Urann

(a) Franklin.
Mary L.


No. VI-72
        DAVID WOOSTER (Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Aug. 30, 1765, d Oct. 8, 1848, m Dec. 18, 1788, Nancy Bragdon, Sullivan, Me., b Nov. 10, 1764, d July 4, 1827. Residence Hancock, Me. Yeoman.


Children of David Wooster

VII-184 Nancy, b Jan. 22, 1790, d Apr. 13, 1790.
VII-185 Daniel, b May 1, 1791, d Mar. 30, 1812.
VII-186 Nancy, b Dec. 29, 1792; m Feb. 18, 1818, Samuel Simpson. Residence Sullivan, Me. Yeoman.
VII-187 Joseph.
VII-188 David
, b Aug. 8, 1797. Residence Washington, D.C.
VII-189 Lovicy, b Sept. 30, 1799; m June 28, 1820, Richard Simpson. Residence Sullivan, Me.


Children of Lovicy Simpson

(a) Albert
David A.
Eliza A.


VII-190 Eliza, b Sept. 3, 1801; m Dec. 10, 1835, Oliver Donnell. Residence Franklin, Me.


Children of Eliza Donnell

(a) Estiza Maria, b Dec. 7, 1836.
Oliver Calvin, b Feb. 3, 1838.
(c) E
mily Francena, b Feb. 13, 1840.
) Eliza Antoinette, b July 11, 1844.


VII-191 Prudence, b Feb. 18, 1804, d Sept. 30, 1830; m Feb. 8, 1829, Melatiah J. Ball. Residence Hancock, Me.


Children of Prudence Ball

(a) Sarah A., b Dec. 15, 1829.


VII-192 John Bragdon.


No. VI-73
        OLIVER WOOSTER (Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., Oct.14, 1768; m June 20, 1798, Sarah P. Newton, Eastport, Me., b Feb. 17, 1779, d Dec. 6, 1843. Residence after 1799, Grand Manan, N.B. Yeoman.


Children of Oliver Wooster

VII-193 Oliver, b Dec. 1, 1799, d Apr. 27, 1830.
VII-194 Mary, b Jan. 13, 1802, d Jan. 14, 1802.
VII-195 Mary, b June 25, 1803; m Jan. 21, 1809, Philip Newton.
VII-196 Barbara, b July 12, 1805; m Sept. 20, 1804, Jonathan ent.
VII-197 Abigail, b June 27, 1807, d Sept. 6, 1824.
VII-198 Warren.
VII-199 Isaac N.,
b June 27, 1811. Residence Grand Manahan, N.B. Mariner.
VII-200 Summers, b Jan. 3,1814, d Aug. 13, 1833.
VII-201 Albert, b Jan.13, 1817, d Dec. 7, 1843.
VII-202 Turner.


No. VI-76
        SUMMERS WOOSTER (Oliver5, Daniel4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Hancock, Me., May 1, 1775; m Dec. 20, 1797, Hannah Bowden, Hancock, Me., b Oct. 19, 1777. Residence Hancock, Me. Yeoman.


Children of Summers Wooster

VII-203 John Felton, b Sept. 17, 1798, d Apr. 1, 1816.
VII-204 Benjamin, b June 26, 1800, d Apr. 1, 1816.
VII-205 William, b May 15, 1802, d June 13, 1802.
VII-206 Sarah, b May 22, 1803; m Melatiah J. Young.


Children of Sarah Young

(a) Oliver W., b July 24, 1827.
Roland M., b Feb. 6, 1832.


VII-207 Isaiah.
VII-208 Oliver
, b Feb. 26, 1808, d Apr. 26, 1827.
VII-209 Emma, b Mar. 18, 1812; m Calvin Berry.


Children of Sarah Young

(a) Caroline Y., b Apr. 27, 1833.
Augusta M., b Jan. 15, 1835.
Sarah A., b May 8, 1837.
Artemus C., b June 27, 1845.


VII-210 Daniel.
VII-211 Leonard.
VII-212 Phebe
, b June 18, 1819, d Oct. 20, 1822.


No. VI-82
        WILLIAM WORCESTER (Luke5, William4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Falmouth, Me., Apr., 1776; m 1808, Hannah, dau Benjamin Plummer, Nobleboro, Me., d Dec. 24, 1830. Residence East Dixfield, Me. For many years a teacher of youth.


Children of William Worcester

VII-213 Galen H.
VII-214 Clarrissa
, b Nov. 9, 1811; m 1st 1828, Furber Thompson, Lowell, Mass., m 2nd 1845, Thompson.


Children of Clarrissa Thompson

(a) Furber.


VII-215 Mary, b Apr. 20,1820; m Pollard, Boston, Mass.


No. VI-86
        JAMES WORCESTER (Luke5, William4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Falmouth, Me., Nov. 30, 1783; m Mar. 9, 1813, Naomi Allen. Removed to Minot, Me., and later to Carmel, Me. Yeoman.

Children of James Worcester

VII-216 Apphia, b Nov. 29, 1813, drowned Minot, Me., Dec. 29, 1829.
VII-217 Luke H., b May 7, 1815, drowned Minot, Me., Dec. 29, 1829.

VII-218 Mary Ann, b May 1, 1817; m Mar. 26, 1838, O.P.H. Stevens. Residence Livermore, Me. Three children, names not known.

VII-219 Isaac Allen.
VII-220 Sarah Jane
, b July 27,1820.
VII-221 John B., b May 31, 1822. Residence Carmel, Me.
VII-222 William M., b Mar. 3, 1824.
VII-223 Pliny F., b Sept. F., b Sept. 1, 1827. Residence Saco, Me.


No. VI-97
        JESSE WORCESTER (Jonathan5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Tyngsboro, Mass., Dec. 8, 1800; m Nov. 24, 1825, Hannah R. Crafts of Groton. Residence Groton.

Children of Jesse Worcester

VII-224 Mary Esther.
VII-225 Sybil.
VII-226 James Kendall.
VII-227 Sarah Longley.
VII-228 John Jewett.


No. VI-105
        ASA WORCESTER (Asa5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass., Apr. 26, 1771, d Windsor, Vt., Apr. 22, 1846, m Feb. 13, 1799, Mary dau Amasa Delano, Windsor, Vt., b July 20, 1773, d July, 1850. Residence 1775-1846, Windsor. Yeoman.

Children of Asa Worcester


VII-229 Orville Hurd.
VII-230 Julia
, b July 18, 1802.

VII-231 Paschall, b Windsor, Vt., June 4, 1804; m 1st, Mrs. Nancy Patterson, dau of ____ Hassel, Peterboro, N.H., m 2d, June 18, 1842, Betsey, dau Jeremiah Merrill, Claremont, N.H., b Mar., 1803. No children. Residence, W. Windsor, Vt.

VII-232 Marshall.
VII-233 John.
VII-234 Chauncy.
VII-235 Mary Maria,
b May 20, 1815.


No. VI-106
        ELIJAH WORCESTER (Asa5, Benjamin4,   Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mar. 27, 1773, d Feb. 25, 1861, m 1st June 12, 1797, Lucy dau Aaron Ely, Windsor, b Sept. 6, 1777, d Oct. 12, 1813, m 2nd July 14, 1814, Anna, dau of Stephen Cady, b Windsor, Vt., Nov. 4, 1783, d Windsor, Vt., May 24, 1833. Residence Windsor, Vt., after 1775. Yeoman and carpenter.


Children of Elijah Worcester by 1st m

VII-236 Amasa P., b Oct. 25, 1798, d Aug. 22, 1800.
VII-237 Lucy, b Sept. 14, 1800; m 1st Cary, m 2nd Clark. Residence Windsor, Vt.
VII-238 Emily, b Dec. 4, 1802, d Nov. 6, 1813.
VII-239 Alfred.
VII-240 Lucius Tullus.
VII-241 Linus Ely.

Children of Elijah Worcester by 2nd m

VII-242 Marcus.


No. VI-110
        PARKER WORCESTER (Asa5, Benjamin4,   Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Windsor, Vt., Apr. 08, 1782; m Jan. 27, 1805, Abigail dau of Aaron Trowbridge, Windsor, b Nov. 10, 1785. Lived in Warren, Vt., Sodus, N.Y., and Walworth, Wisconsin. Farmer.

Children of Parker Worcester

VII-243 Almond.
VII-244 Pamelia,
b July 15, 1807, d Apr. 15, 1845; m Ira Austin.




Children of Pamelia Austin

(a) Abigail, b Sept. 5, 1831; m Janesville, Wis., May 26, 1847, Ezra Philo Doty, b Peru, N.Y., Aug. 27, 1826, d Janesville, Wis, Mar. 7, 1869. Inventor Doty Washing Machine.


Children of Abigail Doty

(i) Henry A., b June 5, 1849, d June, 1849; m 1st Ella Josephine Lappin, d Sept. 27, 1873; m 2nd Oct. 30, 1877, Mary Esther Lappin.


Children of Henry A. Doty

a - Thomas Henry, b Sept. 27, 1873, d 1874.

b - Lawrence Lappin, b Sept. 14, 1884, Janesville, Wis.; m Apr. 15, 1911, Janesville, Wis., Pearl Peters. Residence Chicago, Ill.


Children of Lawrence Lappin

1 - Lawrence Lappin, Jr., b Feb. 12, 1912.


     c - Harriet Mildred, b Mar. 21, 1891; m Aug., 1913, Robert H. Matthews. Residence St.   Louis, Mo.


(ii) Alta Maria, b Janesville, Wis., July 23,  1856; m  July 23, 1873, Charles Atwood. b Mar.  6, 1854. Residence Janesville, Wisc. Ice  business.


Children of Alta Maria Atwood

a - Volney Doty, b May 11, 1875; m June 14, 1902, Stella Last. Residence Sioux City, Ia. Express business.

b - Abigail Ann, b June 25, 1877. Teacher in Janesville.
c -
Mary, b July 22, 1879; m May 6, 1905, Dan C. Holloway. Residence Chicago.


Children of Mary Holloway

1 - Dayton Atwood, b Aug. 28, 1906, d Sept. 19, 1906.
2 -
Catharine Isabelle, b June 4, 1908.
3 -
Charles Leroy, b Sept. 10, 1911.
4 -
Alta Marie, b July 10, 1913.


d - Harry Cummings, b Sept. 19, 1881; m June 15, 1908, Mabel Durkee. Residence Minneapolis. Oil business.

e - Charles Starr, b Sept. 12, 1884, m Cora Soverhill.


Children of Charles Starr

1 - Dorothy Soverhill, b June 15, 1900.
2 -
Sanford Soverhill, b Dec. 3, 1912.


f - William W., b Oct. 2, 1887, d May 31, 1900.
g -
Leo Holmes, b May 21, 1891, d Nov. 2, 1909.
h -
Edward Philo, b Nov. 16, 1895. Residence Janesville.


(iii) Edward Philo, b Sept., 1857; m Jan. 13,    1881, Margaret Virginia Hullihen.


Children of Edward Philo

a - Edward Kramer, b Mar. 12, 1885. Residence Janesville.
b -
Josephine, b Dec. 5, 1889. Residence Janesville.
c -
Margaret, b July 23, 1894. Residence Janesville.


(iv) Minnie Abbie, b Oct. 18, 1863, m June 16, 1885, Dr. Charles Wintermute, d Jan. 9,   1889.


Children of Minnie Abbie Wintermute

a - Ruth Anna, b Apr., 1887. Residence Kilbourne, Wis.
b -
Horace Doty, b Jan. 2, 1889, d Mar., 1889.


(v) Anna Sarah, b Nov. 27, 1865; m Judge C. L.  Fifield. Residence Janesville, Wis.


Children of Anna S. Fifield

a - Minnie Eloise, b Nov. 9, 1890.
b -
Alta, b Apr. 25, 1895.
c -
Frances, b Apr. 8, 1897.
d -
Esther, b Feb. 5, 1903.


(b) Eliza, b Apr. 30, 1834; m Oct. 12, 1852, V. L. Merrill, d Apr. 24, 1913. Residence Pawnee, Oklahoma.


Children of Eliza Merrill

(i) Julius Austin, b Nov. 6, 1853.
Pamelia Abbie, b Oct. 8, 1861, d 1908; m   Jones.


Children of Pamelia Abbie Jones

a - Daughter, b - Daughter, c - Son.


(iii) Fred, b 1865.

Children of Fred Merrill

a - Louanne, b 1896.
b -
Chester, b 1906.


VII-245 Albert.
VII-246 Mariette
, b Apr. 8, 1813; m 1st Buchannan, m 2nd William Wheeler. Residence Wisconsin.
VII-247 Prudence, b Aug. 28, 1815, d July 24, 1820.
VII-248 Lucia, b July 31, 1817; m Usual Young.


Children of Lucia Young

(a) Parker.
Caroline, m Wheeler. Residence Poynette, Wis.


VII-249 Jeanette, b Aug. 25, 1821, d Mar. 25, 1823.
VII-250 Jeanette, b Mar. 6, 1823, m Harvey Allen. Lived in Wisconsin.


Children of Jeanette Allen

(a) Will.


VII-251 Wilber F., b Mar. 19, 1825. Lived in Wisconsin.


No. VI-112
        OLIVER WORCESTER (Samuel5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, July, 1772, d Dunstable, Mass., Dec., 1843; m Polly Maxfield, Boston, Mass. Residence Groton and Dunstable, Mass.

Children of Oliver Worcester

VII-252 Sybil.
VII-253 George, d May 13, 1832.
VII-254 Mahala.


No. VI-114
        JONATHAN WORCESTER (Samuel5, Benjamin4,   Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, May 04, 1776; m Feb. 3, 1800, Esther Tenney, b Oct. 12, 1780. Residence West Windsor, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of Jonathan Worcester

VII-255 Harriet, b July 20, 1801; m Franklin Bannister, Randolph, N.Y.
VII-256 Samuel.
VII-257 Mary
, b Aug. 27, 1805; m Almond Whiting. Residence Claremont, N.H.
VII-258 Charles.
VII-259 Marsina Bannister.
VII-260 Almira
, b Feb. 9, 1812, m Spalding, Windsor, Vt.
VII-261 Emeline, b Mar. 16, 1814; m Woodward.
VII-262 Mahala A., b June 21, 1816, d 1845; m Seymour Chilson, Windsor, Vt.
VII-263 Louisa E., b June 9, 1819; m M. H. Rowe. Residence Sycamore, Ill.
VII-264 William W., b Apr. 9, 1891, m M. H. Rowe. Residence Sycamore, Ill.
VII-265 Laurinda D., b Dec. 4, 1823, m Simeon Chilson. Residence, Chicago, Ill.


No. VI-123
        BENJAMIN WORCESTER (Benjamin5,   Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Weathersfield, Nov. 06, 1783, d Apr. 14, 1849, m Ticonderoga, N.Y., Martha Lane, b Sept. 15, 1788, d Harlem, Ill., Nov. 5,1862. Residence Weatherfield, Vt., and Crown Point, N.Y.


Children of Benjamin Worcester

VII-266 Diantha, b Dec. 24, 1811; m Schroon Lake, N.Y., Sept. 2, 1832, Levi Pangborn. Removed to Illinois in 1848, thence to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in 1854, thence to Benton Co., Iowa. Residence Shellsburg, Ia. 13 children.

VII-267 John, b Jan. 17, 1813; m Hester . Residence Corsica, Oh.
VII-268 Seneca Winslow.
VII-269 Horace Wesley.
VII-270 Levi B
., b Feb. 17, 1819.
VII-271 Dennis Warner.
VII-272 William Kirby
, b Aug. 5, 1825.
VII-273 Elizabeth, b Nov. 30, 1827; m Chapman.
VII-274 Leverett Downs.


No. VI-124
        SAMUEL PARKER WORCESTER (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Weathersfield, Vt., Jan. 02, 1785, d Aug. 17, 1855 in Pittsfield Twp., Lorain Co., Oh.; m Feb. 2, 1811 in Weathersfield, Vt., Mary Polly, dau of John and Lucia (Bradford) McRoberts, b Jul. 24, 1790, Springfield, Vt., d Pittsfield, Apr. 30, 1877. Mary Polly was one of ten children. Her father served in the Revolution. Through her mother's family, she was descended from several of the Mayflower Pilgrims. Residence in Weathersfiled, Vt. (about 1811-14); then Sudbury, Vt., until winter of 1825-26, when upon hearing about Ohio's farm lands, they set out for Lorain Co. While attempting to cross the ice of Lake Champlain, however, their bobsled and horses suddenly fell through losing all their belongings. They were rescued by soldiers from nearby Ft. Ticonderoga, N.Y. In about 1832, the family left Ticonderoga to relocate in Hollis, N.H.; and about 1835, returned to Sudbury, Vt. It wasn't until June, 1845 that Polly's family joined her and Samuel in the long awaited move to Ohio. A son, Benjamin, preceded his parents to Lorain county, settling in Oberlin. They had 14 children, at least 80 grandchildren, and about 150-160 great-grandchildren. Their descendants annually gather in Pittsfield Twp. for a family reunion. They and many of their descendants are buried in the old Pittsfield cemetery.


Children of Samuel Worcester

VII-275 Joseph W. (Wood?).

VII-276 Mary Ann, b Weatherfield, Vt., May 2, 1813, d Vermontville, Mich., Feb. 1, 1889 (consumption); m Sudbury, Vt., Feb. 16, 1842, Martin W. son of Uriah and Polly Dikeman, b Vermont, ca. 1814, d Vermontville, Mich., Feb. 1, 1889. Residence in Michigan.


Children of Mary Ann Dikeman

(a) Mahala Ann, b 1840,d 1858.

(b) Electa, b Pittsfield, Oh., ca. 1843, d Vermontville, Mich., Aug. 10, 1882; m Edgar son of Ropha and Elizabeth (Fulton) Rawson, b Pittsfield, Oh., Jan. 1, 1838, d Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 10, 1910.


Children of Electa Rawson

(i) William R., b Michigan, Oct., 1860, d Birmingham, Ala., 1921; m1st Nora Gregory, d Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 25, 1970; m2d Lensta ____, b Ga., Nov. 1860. Furniture store owner with brother Andrew.


Children of William R. Rawson

(A) Edgar, b Feb.  1887, Georgia, d Birmingham, Ala.
Allie, b Georgia, Sept. 1893; m Sam Jones


Children of Allie Jones

(1)  Sam, Jr.

  James A., b Aug. 1895; m Stella ____.


Children of James Rawson

(1)  Martha; m ____ Bivens.


Children of Martha Bivens

(I)  Randy.


(D)  William Fletcher, b Anniston, Ala., Mar. 8, 1899, d Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 12, 1962; m Birmingham, Ala., Mar. 7, 1922, Sarah Erminedau John and Martha (Frazier) Kitchens, b Hartselle, Ala., Aug. 28, 1899, d Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 7, 1960. He was a radio salesman and repairman.


Children of William FLetcher Rawson

(1)  William Mowery; m Eunice Leone dau of Leo and Courtney (Board) Falls.


Children of William Mowery Rawson

(I)  William Mark.
Donald Edward.


(ii) Gertie Ann, b Wellington, Oh., Oct. 2, 1864, d Birmingham, Ala., Nov. 26, 1957; m Vermontville, Mich., Dec. 8, 1883, Don J. Hawkins, b Vermontville, Mich., Dec. 9, 1859, d Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 8, 1927. He was a wagon maker and wheelwright.



Children of Gertie Ann Hawkins

(A)  Alma Electa, b June 15, 1885, d July 11, 1976; m June 15, 1907, Alexander Hamilton Mixon, b Mar. 22, 1887, d Nov. 9, 1936.


Children of Alma Electa Mixon

(1)  Cecil, b Mar. 9, 1908, d July 7, 1909.
Albert U; m Dorisa Hayes.


Children of Albert U. Mixon

(I)  Gail.


(3)  Alleen; m1st Raymond Herbert Stickler, b Sept. 28, 1920, d Florida, Oct. 31, 1998; m2d Don Buren Cole, b Birmingham, ala., Nov. 21, 1917, d Florida, Dec. 28, 1980.


Children of Alleen Cole

(I)  Sylvia, m Michael Eugene Brown, b Tulsa, Ok., June 30, 1946, d Tuscaloosa, Ala., Feb. 28, 1978. He served with US Navy in Vietnam.

(II) Don Sherwood.


(B)  Bernard E., b Apr. 19, 1889, d July 1, 1914; m May 30, 1914, Vinnie, b Oct. 10, 1883, d Jan. 16,    1943.

(C)  Francis Harold, b Vermontville, Mich., Apr. 28, 1891, d Birmingham, Ala., July 31, 1930m m1st Charlevoix, Mich., Mar. 6, 1914, Ethel Mae dau of Alfred and Edna (Newville) Travis, b Boyne City, Mich., May 26, 1894, d Traverse City, Mich., June 6, 1961, dementia Praecox (schizophrenia); m2d Dec. 18, 1921, Era Susan Hawkins, b Aug. 3, 1901, d July 30, 1973.


Children of Francis Harold Hawkins by 1st m

(1)  Irene Mae, b Nov. 3, 1914, Boyne City, Mich., d May 8, 1993, Birmingham, Ala., heart attack; m Leeds, Ala., Mar. 4, 1939, Audie V. son of Leighton and Sarah (Morrow) Mays, b Hamilton, Ala., Aug. 7, 1917, d Birmingham, Ala., Jan. 18, 1969.


Children of Irene Hawkins Mays

(I)    Charles Everette, m Carol Sue Mehnert.
  Franklin Oliver, m Teena Ann Denham.
Sarah Ann, m John Martz.
Harry Travis, m Debra Smith.
(V)  L
arry Morrow, m1st Debbie O'Berry; m2d Sunny Gayle Snyder.
Leighton Harold, m Beverly Lann.


(2)  Edna, m1st Walter Edward Soulliere, b Nov. 28, 1904, d Jan. 17, 1958; m2d Alfred Otts.


Children of Edna Soulliere

(I)      Walter Willima.
    James Jerome.
   Edna Myra.
   Jullie Ann.
    Don Jay.
    Lorretta Annette.
Jerry Joseph.
Eralyne Annette.
  Frances Lorrayne.
   Robert Harry.


(3)  Emma, b Boyne City, Apr. 7, 1918, d Birmingham, Ala.; m Birmingham, Ala., William Ollie "Buster" Baker, b Mar. 10, 1910, d Birmingham, Ala., May 26, 1990.


Children of Emma Baker

(I)     William Ollie.
   Gene Cornelia.
  Gloria Anne.
  Raymond George.
  Faye Elaine.
   Dianna Leigh.
Helene Eilleen.
Barbara Ellen.
  Catherine Magdaline.


Children of Francis Harold Hawkins by 2d m

(4)  Verlice, m1st Hershal Nichols; m2d Donovan Max Beadle.


(D)  William Ropha, b May 23, 1893.

(E)  Carl Dana, b Vermontville, Mich., Jan. 15, 1895; m Adeline M. Holden, b 1902, d 1984.


Children of Carl Dana Hawkins

(1)  Hilda Ann; m Clarence Lee Reinhardt, b 1918, d 1994.


(F)  Arla Flossie, b Jan. 17, 1897m Irl.


Children of Arla Flossie Irl

(1)  Pauline.


(G)  Eva May, b Feb. 5, 1901; m John Warlock


Children of Eva May Warlock

(1)  John.
Arla May; m James Douglas Howard, b May 24, 1925, d Nov. 2, 1990.


Children of Arla May Howard

(I)  Karen Denise; m Christian Yves Agnew.
Larry Duane.
Kurt Brian.


(H)  George Rawson, b Vermontville, Mich., Feb. 22, 1903; m Louise Bean.


(iii) Andrew E., d Michigan; m Sussie Olivet Mixon, b Gadsen, Ala., d Birmingham, Ala., 1922.





Children of Andrew E. Rawson

(A)  Irma, b Birmingham, Ala., Feb. 20, 1902, d Panama City, Fla., Dec. 1, 1986; m Birmingham, ala., June 3, 1920, Howard Meek son of William and Fannie (Meek) Parson, b Carrolton, Ill., June 9, 1898, d Birmingham, ala., July 11, 1972.


Children of Irma Parson

(1)  Howard Wayne; m Marjorie Carolyn McDonald.


Children of Howard Wayne Parson

(I)  David Wayne; m1st  Shelley Kay Brown; m2d Cindy Guthrie.
Ronald Steve, m Karen Marie Haas.
Howard Edward, m Virginia Ann Stewart.
Janice Gayle, m Joseph Bottles.


(2)  Irma Constance; m1st Esmer E. Hutcheson; m2d Charles N. son of Charles and Pauline (Carter) Boyd, b Birmingham, Ala., June 16, 1922, d Birmingham, Ala., Apr. 26, 1983.


Children of Irma Constance Boyd

(I)  Charlie N.
Earl Garrison, b Birmingham, ala., Aug. 26, 1947, d Birmingham, Ala., Mar. 29, 1956.
Son, b and d, Jan. 6, 1956.
Connie Ann.
Cindy Lynn; m Larry Bridges.


(B)  Mildred, b Birmingham, ala., Nov. 4, 1909, d Leeds, Ala., July 1983; m Cleo McClain.

Children of Mildred McClain

(1)  Son.
Barbara; m1st Bill Sisson; m2d Gene Herring; m3d Bill Anderson.


Children of Barbara Sisson

(I) Shirley.


Children of Barbara Herring

(II) Eugene "Skipper".


(c) Nancy, b about 1846; m ____ Campbell. Residence in Vermontville, Michigan.
Ann, b about 1848; m 1873, Thomas Campbell. Residence in Michigan.


Children of Ann Campbell

(i) Hollis W., residence in Glenville, Oh.


(e) Maryetta, b 1851.
Alzina, b 1854; m 1873, Franklin D. Metcalf, b 1851, d 1877.


Children of Alzina Metcalf

(i) Flora Alvira "Vira" Metcalf Hill.


(g) Hollis, b July 18, 1856, d Vermontville, Mich., Sept. 28, 1934; m Vermontville, Mich., Oct. 18, 1879, Mary Ann Green, b Eaton Co., Mich., 1862, d Vermontville, Mich., 1944. Residence in Sunfield, Mich.



Children of Hollis Dikeman

(i) Zella Maude, b Oct. 29, 1880; m William Pearl Rogers. Residence, Vermontville, Mich. They had eight children..
Myron J. Dikeman, July, 1882.
Murl E., b 1889.
Frank N., b 1898.


VII-277 Benjamin Franklin.
VII-278 Jane Elizabeth
, b 1817, d 1898; m 1840, Gardner Sherburne, b 1811, d 1867. Residence in Pittsfield Twp.


Children of Jane Elizabeth Sherburne

(a) Benjamin Franklin, b 1841. Doctor in Kansas.
Sarah Jane, b 1843, d 1870. Did not marry.
Charles H., b 1845, d 1864 in the Civil War.
Arthur M. (McRoberts?), b 1847, d 1897; m Ada Whitney, b 1853, d 1947.


Children of Arthur M. Sherburne

(i) Cora A. Sherburne Avery.
Alice Sherburne West.


(e) Eliza A., b 1850, d about 1895; m 1873, Daniel M. Calvert, a dentist in South Bend, Ind.
Marshall, b 1852; m about 1875, Elizabeth ("Lizzie") ____, b 1855.


Children of Marshall Sherburne

(i) Lona A.
Gertrude J.


(g) William ("Will") A., b 1856, d 1939; m about 1929, Lois Sax, b 1857, d 1929. Dentist in Wellington.


Children of William Sherburne

(i) Jennie R.
Gardner W. (William?).


VII-279 John.

VII-280 Cynthia Adaline, b 1821, d Pittsfield, Oh., 1896; m 1st 1843, Jewett Clark, b 1816, d 1863 in the Civil War; m 2nd 1876, (as his second wife), Stephen Carter, b 1821, d 1897.


Children of Cynthia Adaline and Jewett Clark


(a) George Washington, b 1844, d 1924; m Lenora Jane Beam. Residence in Dunlap, Kansas.


Children of George Washington Clark

(i) Maud L. Clark Moser.
Roscoe B.
Frank W.
Lena A.
Ida O. Clark Boudeman.
Peter J.
Anna E. Clark Hylton.


(b) John S., b 1845, d 1864 in the Civil War.
) Mary Lois, b 1847, d 1926; m 1870, Edgar Lester Tucker, b 1846, d 1913. Residence in Huron Co., Oh.


Children of Mary Lois Tucker

(i) Apamie F. Tucker Palmer.
Clayton E.
Clifton D.
Clark C.


(d) Julia Louisa, b 1849, d 1938; m Payson Fernando Stone, b 1849, d 1928. Residence in Huron Co., Oh.


Children of Julia Louisa Stone

(i) Roy E.
Onie M. Stone Russell.
Leon B.


(e) Andrew Jackson, b 1853, d 1937; m 1878, Evelyn Theresa "Eva" Freeman, b 1853, d 1916. Residence New London, Oh. area.


Children of Andrew Jackson Clark

(i) Elver J.
(ii) E
dna E. Clark Willaker.
George H.


(f) Ida Jane, b 1855, d 1918; m James Luther Edmunds. Residence in Lorain, Oh.


Children of Ida Jane Edmunds

(i) Herbert O.
Ruby E.


(g) Stephen A. Douglas "Doug", b 1860, d 1935. Never married.

(h) Wallace Jewett, b 1862, d 1949; m Frances Viola Burgan, b about 1865, d 1932. Residence in Cleveland.

Children of Wallace Jewett Burgan

(i) Floy J.
Pearl D. "Dottie".
) Duard H.
Frances M. "Frankie" Clark Scard Cherry.
Earl W.
Theron S.


VII-281 David Monroe.
VII-282 Lucille
, b Sudbury, Vt., 1825, d 1825.
VII-283 James McRoberts.
VII-284 Emerson Gerry.

VII-285 Nancy Elizabeth, b Apr. 12, 1831, d Elyria, Oh., 1925; m 1858 (as his second wife), Stephen Smith, b 1827, d 1899. Residence in Elyria, Oh.


Children of Nancy Elizabeth Smith

(a) Elma, b 1859, d 1882.
Effie E., b 1862, d 1952.
Elmer, b 1866, d 1888.

(d) Earl Emerson, b 1869, d 1959; m about 1910, Estella May "Stella" Phipps, b 1881, d 1951. Residence in Elyria, Oh.

Children of Earl Emerson Phipps

(i) Gertrude I. Smith Judy.
Earl E. "Bud", Jr.


VII-286 Louisa May, b Aug. 4, 1833; m 1861, Henry C. Luther, b 1831, d 1904. Residence in Oberlin, Oh.


Children of Louisa May Luther

(a) Elizabeth M., b 1861.
George, b 1867.
Charles, b 1872; m Gertrude , b 1873.

VII-287 Roxa Ann "Roxy", b 1835, d 1925; m 1872, Samuel Ackelson, b 1827, d 1891. He was a doctor in Oberlin, Oh.

Children of Roxa Ann Ackelson

(a) Harold S., b 1880, d 1924.


VII-288 Henry Edwin.


No. VI-128
        EUSEBIUS WORCESTER (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Weathersfield, Aug. 20, 1794; m Sept. 24, 1818, Unity Jackman, b Aug., 1798. Residence Rochester, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of Eusebius Worcester

VII-289 Rebecca A., b June 17, 1819; m Isaiah Matthews.
VII-290 Abigail S., b Mar. 10, 1821; m Horace Russell.
VII-291 Lucy E., b May 7, 1824; m David Rogers.
VII-292 Emily, b Aug. 14, 1828.
VII-293 Olive M., b Apr. 28, 1832; m W. Chaffin.
VII-294 Alonzo H., b Feb. 19, 1837. Residence Rochester, Vt.
VII-295 Eliza J., b Aug. 3, 1840.


No. VI-130
        BENJAMIN WORCESTER (Benjamin5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass., Dec. 01, 1817; m Dec. 1, 1817, Azubah Hoit. Lived in Dunstable and Tyngsboro, Mass., afterwards in Groton.

Children of Benjamin Worcester

VII-296 Azubah, b July 25, 1818.
VII-297 Hannah, b Aug. 6, 1820.
VII-298 Nathaniel William, b Sept. 4, 1827.

VII-299 Benjamin Franklin, b Dunstable, Mass., Dec. 3, 1829. Married Rebecca, dau Asa Worcester, Groton, Mass.

VII-300 John Edwin, b May 25, 1832.
VII-301 Fanny Frost.


No. VI-135
        JOB WORCESTER (Francis5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass.; m Sally Wright. Residence Groton.

Children of Job Worcester

VII-302 Sally, b Mar. 1, 1826; m Joseph Hall, Groton.
VII-303 Caroline, b Aug. 31, 1827; m ____ Wood, Harvard, Mass.


No. VI-136
        ASA WORCESTER (Francis5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Groton, Mass.; m Feb. 10, 1821, Eunice Bentrodt. Residence Groton, Mass.


Children of Asa Worcester

VII-304 Job; m __ Converse. Residence Groton.
VII-305 Asa.
VII-306 Louisa
; m Lafayette Blood, Groton.
VII-307 Susan.
VII-308 Mary.
VII-309 Rebecca; m Benjamin F. Worcester.


No. VI-139
        LEVI WORSTER (Francis5, Benjamin4, Francis3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass, May 01, 1763, d Grafton, Vt., Dec. 31, 1825; m July 7, 1785, Sarah dau James Whitney, Harvard, Mass., d 1837. Residence Littleton, Acton, and Ashby, Mass., until 1815; 1815-1825 Grafton, Vt. Yeoman.

Children of Levi Worcester

VII-310 Polly, b Feb. 2, 1786; m June 30, 1807, Asa Kimball.
VII-311 Adams, b 1788, d Grafton, Vt.
VII-312 Ai Brown.

VII-313 Reuben, b Littleton, Mass., 1793, d Ashby, Sept. 12, 1819; m Aug. 26, 1819, Eunice Gibson of Fitchburg, b Apr. 6, 1800. Lived in Littleton, Acton and Ashby.

VII-314 Candisa, b 1795, d Grafton, Vt.
VII-315 Warren.
VII-316 Gardner
, b 1800, d Ashley, Mass.
VII-317 Lewis W., b 1802, d Saco, Me.
VII-318 James K., b 1805, d Westminster, Mass.
VII-319 Harriet, b 1809, Ashby, Mass.

VII-320 George Minot, b Ashby, Feb. 22, 1814; m Oct. 16, 1851, Susan S., dau Jonas Trowbridge, of Groton and Ashby, b July 28, 1818. Residence Ashby. Machinist.


No. VI-141
        JOSEPH WORSTER (Joseph5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass, Aug. 25, 1767, d Ashby, Mass., 1830; m Jan. 4, 1791, Nancy Tuttle, Littleton, b Dec. 7, 1770. Yeoman.

Children of Joseph Worster

VII-321 Daniel, b May, 1791, d Dec. 13, 1848.


No. VI-151
        BRIDGES WORCESTER (Joseph5, Joseph4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Littleton, Mass, Nov. 23, 1773, d Aug. 11, 1843; m Mar. 4, 1798, Lucy Boyden, who d Sept. 17, 1833. Lived in Littleton and other places.

Children of Bridges Worcester

VII-322 Sewall, b 1799.
VII-323 Mary, b Jan. 12, 1801, d Feb. 3, 1852; m Jan. 20, 1820, James Hadley, Stoneham, Mass.


Children of Mary Hadley

(a) Ephraim W., b Oct. 13,1821.
Lucy M., b Feb. 10, 1827.
Desirous, b Feb. 10, 1827.
Hannah, b June 28, 1831.
Amos, b Dec. 26, 1833.
Margaret, b Oct. 9, 1836.
William, b Aug. 26,1839.
Franklin, b May 31, 1842, d 1843.


VII-324 Stillman.
VII-325 Louisa
, b Oct. 17, 1808, d young.
VII-326 Ephraim, b Mar. 20, 1812, d young.
VII-327 Lucy Ann, b Feb. 16, 1817; m ____ Rockwell.
VII-328 Louisa M., b Dec. 13, 1820; m ____ Richardson.


No. VI-156
        JONATHAN WORSTER (Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Harvard, Mass., d Crown Point, N.Y.; m Feb. 5, 1798, Mary Hayward Whitney, b Harvard, Mass., Mar. 9, 1777, d Crown Point, N.Y.

Children of Jonathan Worster

VII-329 Rebecca Houghton, b Wendell (now Sunapee), N. H., July 5, 1816, d Sutton, N.H., July 29, 1853; m Crown Point, N.Y., Jan. 20, 1834, Phineas Bachelder Bean, b Newbury, N.H., Aug. 10, 1810, d Suttone, N.H., Dec. 11, 1880.

Children of Rebecca Houghton Bean

(a) James William, b Newbury, N.H., Oct. 13, 1834; m Sutton, N.H., Aug. 6, 1866, Ellen Frances Hardy, b Bedford, N.H., Mar. 4, 1845.


Children of James William Bean

(i) Sarah Estella, b Dedham, Mass., Aug. 21, 1867, d Kansas City, Mo., Sept., 1911; m  N.Y. City, Mar. 16, 1907, Homer Cutler  Crowell, M.D., surgeon in Kansas City, Mo.

(ii) Dora Jane.
                All died in childhood.


(b) Sarah Jane, b Newbury, N.H., Apr. 6, 1836; m George Wadleigh Russell, Suttoon, N.H. He was killed in the battle of Antietam.

Children of Sarah Jane Russell

(i) William Bartlett, M.D., Bennington, N.H.
Grace Ada, m 1st Frank Selwyn Jordan, Warner, N.H., m 2nd Stillman B. Clark.


Children of Grace Ada Clark

- George Selwyn, veterinary surgeon. Residence Williamstown, Mass. Two children.
b -
c -
d -
Hattie Russell, m Mar., 1912, Carroll Melville Sawtelle. Residence Canaan, N.H.
e -
William Tenney, Kansas City, Mo.
f -
g -
Stillman B., Jr.
h -
Arthur George.


(iii) Frederic, d in infancy.


(c) Elizabeth Ann, b Newbury, N.H., Mar. 23, 1839; m Bartlett Hugh Hardy, Manchester, N.H.


Children of Elizabeth Ann Hardy

(i) Lucy J. Clinton.
Ellen Frances, b Bedford, N.H.


(d) Lucy Emeline, b Crown Point, N.Y., Dec. 11, 1843; m Dec. 17, 1863, Eugene Sumner Barnes, Claremont, N.H. Insurance business.


Children of Lucy Emeline Barnes

(i) Fred Eugene Sumner, b Oct. 10, 1864; m Nov.  2, 1888, Ellen Elizabeth Macomber, Claremont,  N.H. She d Apr. 26, 1910. Grad. Eastman's  Coll., Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Representative to  the General Court at Concord, N.H., 1913.  Livedon the Barnes homestead, which has been  in the family for four generations. Business, insurance.


No. VI-160
(Ebenezer5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Bolton, Worcester Co., Mass., May 10, 1779, d Chautauqua Co., New York; m Anna Sayles, b Bolton, Mass., 1786. He is buried at Satellite Cemetery, Chautauqua, New York.


Children of Ebenezer Worster

VII-330 Alita.
VII-331 Almira.
VII-332 David Sayles.
VII-333 George.
VII-334 William Penn.
VII-335 Hiram, b Ripley, New York, 1805.
VII-336 Amanda, b Chautauqua City (Ripley), New York
VII-337 Anson.


No. VI-163
        SAMUEL WORCESTER (Moses5, Jonathan4, Ebenezer3, Samuel2, William1) b Lancaster, Mass, May 12, 1797, d Lancaster, Dec. 18, 1859; m1st July 2, 1815, Rebecca Franklin; m2d July 14, 1847, Ann Nutting, Groton, Mass., who died Dec. 20, 1895.


Children of Samuel Worcester by first m

VII-338 Mary, d Oct. 14, 1816.
VII-339 Elizabeth, b Nov. 20, 1816, d June 20, 1818.
VII-340 Harriet, b Sept. 3, 1818; m Lowell Hartwell, Groton, Mass., Sept. 21, 1835.
VII-341 Infant, b Dec. 12, 1825, d Mar. 12, 1826.
VII-342 Daughter, b June 19, 1829, d June 19, 1832.


Children of Samuel Worcester by second m

VII-343 Samuel Franklin, b Sept. 20, 1848, d July 17, 1870.
VII-344 Charles Reed.
Lucinda Bishop, b 1857; m Feb. 6, 1876, Charles Newton Bushnell, Chester, Conn.


Children of Lucinda Bishop Bushnell

(a) Edward, b May 27, 1877, d Aug. 19, 1877.
Jennie Matilda, b June 9, 1878.
Minnie Lucinda, b July 26, 1881.


No. VI-170
(John5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) bpt., Berwick, Me., May 11, 1773, d Nov. 13, 1845; m Sept. 4, 1799, Lydia Hodgdon, d Berwick, Me., Feb. 13, 1868 (Pine Hill Cemetery, Berwick).


Children of Moses Remick Worster

VII-346 David A., d Apr. 16, 1897.
VII-347 Ichabod, b Jan. 7, 1802.
VII-348 Sarah, b Jan 7, 1802.
VII-349 John, b Nov. 13, 1806.
VII-350 Molly Gowell, b Nov. 13, 1806.
VII-351 Dorcas Hodgdon, b c1812, d Mar. 11, 1830.
VII-352 Parker, b Sept. 25, 1814.
VII-353 Moses, b 1816, d Aug, 28, 1860; m Mary Hodgson.
VII-354 Reubern, b 1822, d Jan. 2, 1826.


No. VI-174
        EZEKIEL WORSTER (George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Somersworth, N.H., Sept. 4, 1768, d Lebanon, Me., Nov. 15, 1841; m Lebanon, Me., July 3, 1795, Ann Pray, d Lebanon, Nov. 13, 1831. Residence, Somersworth and Shapleigh, Me.


Children of Ezekiel Worster

VII-355 Thomas, b Apr. 23, 1798, d Apr. 23, 1841; m Oct. 1, 1820, Ruth Dickson. Residence Shapleigh, Me.
VII-356 Elizabeth, b Feb. 15, 1799; m Sept. 14, 1834, Levi Bragdon, Shapleigh, Me.
VII-357 Ezekiel.
VII-358 Lemuel
, b 1802, d 1802.
VII-359 Mary, b Mar. 10, 1805; m Thomas J. Brown. Residence Gaysville, Vt.


Children of Mary Brown

(a) Ancil


VII-360 Woodbury, b July 16, 1807, d Dec. 23, 1831.
VII-361 Margery, b Aug. 7, 1809, d Aug. 12, 1835.
VII-362 Nancy, b May 18, 1811; m Samuel Twombley, Great Falls, N.H.


Children of Nancy Twombley

(a) Helen


VII-363 Apphia, b Oct. 11, 1813; m Theodore J. Rand, Weymouth, Mass.


Children of Apphia Rand

(a) James W.
) George T.


VII-364 Adaline, b Nov. 29, 1815. Residence Shapleigh, Me.
VII-365 George, b Nov. 20, 1819; m M.D. Evans, Weymouth, Mass.


No. VI-175
        MARK WORCESTER (George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Jan. 7, 1770, d Sept. 8, 1842; m Berwick., Me., Apr. 29, 1798, Dorcas Gowall, b 1773, d May 24, 1834. Residence Berwick, Me.

Children of Mark Worcester

VII-366 Oliver.
VII-367 Harriet
, b Berwick, Me., May 22, 1803; m Aug. 17, 1823, Phineas Butler, Augusta, Georgia.
VII-368 Moses.
VII-369 Jefferson
, b Aug. 9, 1812, d June 3, 1888. Residence Berwick, Me.
VII-370 Mark.


No. VI-176
        THOMAS WORCESTER (George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Aug. 17, 1773, bpt. July 2, 1782, Second Church of Berwick, d Gorham, Me., Mar. 14, 1845; m Sept. 11, 1800, Susan Edwards, b Apr. 22, 1782, d Sept. 15, 1874. Residence Gorham, Me. Yeoman.

Children of Thomas Worcester

VII-371 Betsey, b Oct. 20, 1800; m Jan. 14, 1819, William Blanchard.
VII-372 George.

VII-373 Louisa, b Cumberland, Me., Nov. 20, 1804, d Apr. 17, 1885; m June 3, 1825, John M. Parker, d July 31, 1873.

Children of Louisa and John D. Parker

(a) George W., b Mar. 22, 1826.
Mary A., b Oct. 28, 1827.
Harriet S., b Oct. 25, 1829.
) Elizabeth B., b Aug. 26, 1831.
) Gardner M., b Sept. 26, 1833.
Charles L., b Aug. 12, 1836.
Martha L., b July 21, 1838.
John M., b Mar. 4, 1842.
Mahlon H., b Feb 12, 1843, d May 31, 1863.
Almira E., b June 24, 1845.


VII-374 James L., b Aug. 22, 1807, d July 31, 1845.
VII-375 Thomas.
VII-376 Lathrop L.
, b Apr. 15, 1812.

VII-377 Martha Ann, b Cumberland, Me., Sept. 9, 1819, d Jan. 19, 1901; m Dec. 8, 1850, John Horton Roberts, b Jan. 21, 1818. John began military service in 1862 in 17th Me. Co 1. Died in Washington, DC on Sept 15, 1864, from wounds received at Spotsylvania.


Children of Martha Ann and John Horton Roberts

(a) Samuel.


No. VI-178
        ALEXANDER WORSTER (George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Feb. 11, 1776, d Lebanon, Me., Dec. 14, 1849; m1st Jan. 25, 1796, Mollie Libbey, b July 9, 1775, d Lebanon, Oct. 13, 1832; m2d Lebanon, Me., Oct. 25, 1836, Mrs. Avia Remick, d Lebanon, Me., 1850. He was a major in the militia and a man of standing and influence in the community. Served in War of 1812. 1st Lieut. in Capt. Bartholomew Thompson's Co., 1st Reg't., "Nowell’s" Mass., Militia. Also Major. Residence Lebanon, Me. Farmer.


Children of Alexander Worster by 1st m

VII-378 Ebenezer.

VII-379 Hiram E., b Lebanon, Me., 1798. Family traditions say he was killed at battle of Lake Erie, or Lake Champlain.

VII-380 Margaret, b Lebanon, Dec. 1,1799, d Detroit, Me., Sept. 14, 1840; m Wentworth Butler, b Jan. 31, 1790, Palmyra, Me., Aug. 9, 1863. Residence Detroit, Me. Farmer.



Children of Margaret Butler

(a) Mary A., b July 31, 1824, d Dec. 5, 1864; m Alexander Goodwin. Residence Detroit, Me.
) Harriet M., b Oct. 23, 1826, d Jan. 12, 1901; m John Sanbern. Residence Palmyra, Me.
Thomas J., b Aug. 22, 1828, d Apr. 3, 1903; m Abbie Goodwin. Residence Detroit, Me. Carpenter.
Belle H., b Oct. 9, 1834; m Charles H. Smith.
Melinda F., b June 7, 1837, d Feb. 17, 1909; m Phineas Goodwin. Residence Burnham, Me. Carpenter.


VII-381 Sally, b Lebanon, Me., June 21, 1801, d Detroit, Me.; m 1822, Elisha Goodwin. Residence Detroit, Me.


Children of Sally Goodwin

(a) Thomas Jefferson.
Alexander W.
Abigail W.


VII-382 Lemuel.
VII-383 Susan
, b Lebanon, Oct. 22, 1805, d young.
VII-384 George.

VII-385 Mary, b Lebanon, Jan. 9, 1816, d Bradford, Me., Jan. 26, 1892; m Mar. 12,1837, Isaac Libby. Residence Bradford, Me.

Children of Mary Libby

(a) Daniel, b Sept. 27, 1839; m Sept. 24, 1860, Augusta M. Randall. Killed by torpedo in Civil War. Residence Bradford Center, Me.

(b) Elizabeth, b Jan. 27, 1841; m1st May 1, 1859, Octavius Severance; m2d Nov. 28, 1867, Asa W. Severance . Residence Bradford Center, Me.

(c) Hebron, b Apr. 17, 1845, d Corinth, Me., Feb. 23, 1868; m May 1, 1867, Alsada T. Rose. Residence Corinth, Me. Farmer.


Children of Alexander Worster by 2d m

VII-386 George Washington, b Nov. 1, 1834.


No. VI-181
        JOHN WORSTER (George5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., May 19, 1784; m Mar. 7, 1813, Hannah Gowall, b  Dec. 8, 1792, d Berwick, Me., Apr. 13, 1883. Residence Berwick, Me. Yeoman.

Children of John Worster

VII-386 Hiram.
VII-387 George.
VII-388 Nancy
, b Berwick, Me., May 11, 1819.
VII-389 Ebenezer.
VII-390 John.
VII-391 Adaline
, b Berwick, Me., July 31, 1828.
VII-392 Harriet, b Feb. 19, 1831, d Aug. 28, 1848.


No. VI-182
        ISAAC WORCESTER (Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Apr. 11, 1772, d Milton, Me., Mar. 11, 1838; m Berwick, Me., Tamson Frost. Residence Milton, N.H.


Children of Isaac Worcester

VII-393 Dorcas, b Aug. 22, 1797; m Ezekiel Nute, Milton, b Aug. 22, 1797. Four Children.
VII-394 Mary, b Dec. 24, 1798; m Mordecai Varney. Five children.
VII-395 Isaac.
VII-396 James.
VII-397 Mark.
VII-398 Sophia
, b Sept. 22, 1808, d Dec. 15, 1815.
VII-399 George.
VII-400 Lewis
, b Apr. 4, 1815, d Dec. 18, 1815.
VII-401 Sophia, b July 29, 1817, d June 5, 1886; m Daniel W. Dame. One son.
VII-402 Adaline E., b Milton, NH, Feb. 18, 1822; m Elijah Hanson. One daughter.


No. VI-183
         LEMUEL WORSTER (Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., 1789, d Belgrade, Me., aft 1850; m Gardiner, Me., Nov. 11, 1815, Nancy Marson, b Dresden, Me., c 1789, d aft 1850.

Children of Lemuel Worster

VII-403 Temri.
VII-404 Lucy Ann, b Belgrade, Me., Jan. 29, 1819.
VII-405 Zinri, b Aug. 19, 1820.
VII-406 Lemuel.
VII-407 Mary Jane, b  Belgrade, Me., Nov. 18, 1824.
VII-408  George, b  Belgrade, Me., June 19, 1826.
VII-409 Stephen, b  Belgrade, Me., Mar. 26, 1828.


No. VI-185
        GEORGE WORSTER (Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me, Jan. 25, d Glenburn, Me., Aug. 16, 1828 (Birch Grove Cemetery); m Oct. 19, 1797, Mercy Tibbetts, b May 1, 1774, d Glenburn, Oct. 19, 1861. Residence Duttton, Me.


Children of George Worster

VII-410 Joshua.
VII-411 Daniel.
VII-412 Lemuel.
VII-413 Martha, d Pewauky, Wisc.; m Aaron Clark bef. 1830.
VII-414 George W.
VII-415 Mary, d Willow Creek, Wisc.; m Dulton, Me., Jan. 3, 1832, Nathaniel G. Cate.
VII-416 Isaac Gilman.
VII-417 Thomas Hilliard.
VII-418 Soloman.

VII-419 Charity G., b Glenburn, Me., Nov. 22, 1814, d Oct. 19, 1900 (Birch Grove Cemetery, Glenburn, Me.); m aft 1838, Greenleaf  Staples.


Children of Charity and Greenleaf Staples

(a) Charles F.
Isabela F.
Greenleaf B.
George R.
James F.
) Henry J.


VII-420 Mercy, b Glenburn, Me., d Aug. 1823.


No. VI-189
        JOHN WORSTER (Lemuel5, John4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b Berwick, Me., Jul. 9, 1787, d Belgrade, Me., Mar. 12, 1852; m Betsey Jones. Residence Belgrade, Me. Yeoman.


Children of John Worster

VII-421 Samuel, b  Belgrade, Me., Oct. 17, 1815 d Augusta, Me., June 12, 1914.

VII-422 Mary Ann, b  Belgrade, Me., Mar. 4, 1817, d Apr. 12, 1890; m Isaac Weaver, b Mercer, Me., Oct. 16, 1809, d Belgrade, Me., June 14, 1888.


Children of Mary Ann and Isaac Weaver

(a) Isaac, b Sept. 11, 1844, d Sept. 12, 1907.


VII-423 Betsey, b  Belgrade, Me., Mar. 7, 1820.
VII-424 John, b  Belgrade, Me., Nov. 11, 1821, d Dec. 8, 1826.
VII-425 Isaac J., b  Belgrade, Me., Sept. 11, 1824, d June 6, 1908.
VII-426 Hiram, b  Belgrade, Me., June 28, 1826, d Feb. 8, 1838.
VII-427 Dorcas, b  Belgrade, Me., Mar. 28, 1828, d July 4, 1916; m George W. Knox, d Wash. D.C., Apr. 1894.
VII-428 John, b  Belgrade, Me., Apr. 25, 1830, d Sept. 23, 1919.
VII-429 Sarah, b  Belgrade, Me., July 23, 1832, d May 23, 1880.
VII-430 George.
VII-431 Richard, b  Belgrade, Me., July 20, 1838, d Aug. 22, 1920.


No. VI-202
        MOSES WORCESTER (Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b before Feb. 10, 1765, d Columbia, Me., Oct. 13, 1855.; m Columbia, Me., 1791, Hannah Leighton, dau Samuel and Dorcas (Bunker), b Steuben, July 31, 1770, d Columbia, Me., Feb. 23, 1862 (age given as 91 yrs., 6 mos., 23 days). Burial at Epping Cemetery, Columbia, Me. He was often referred to as Deacon Moses.

Children of Moses Worcester, Jr.

VII-432 Mary, (Polly), b Columbia, Me., July 23, 1792, d Addison, Me., Sept. 17, 1887, m 1st May 2, 1812, Abraham, son of Gideon and Susan Ingersoll Rideout Allen; m 2nd Centerville, Me., before 1854, Obediah Allen, bro. of Abraham as his sec. wife.


Children of Mary Worcester and Abraham Allen

(a)    Hannah W.
  Aaron Worcester.
  Mary Jane.
Nancy J.
Theodosia Drisko.
Parmelia Ann.
Juliette E.


VII-433 Jude "Judith" Norand, b Columbia, Me., May 2, 1794, d Columbia, Me., July 9, 1869, m about 1811, Jonathan, son of Jonathan and Eunice Down  Dorr, d Columbia, Me., July 22, 1883. He was a laborer in Columbia.

Children of Jude Norand Worcester and Jonathan S. Door, Jr.

(a)    Sophronia W., b May 8, 1812, d 1867m 1829, Daniel Low, Jr.


Children of Sophronia W. and Daniel Low, Jr.

(1) Henry R., b 1839, d 1890.


(b)    Joseph Pattern, b June 22, 1813, d 1896.
(c)    Richard Barfield, b Feb. 25, 1815, d 1910.
(e)    Moses Worcester, b Nov. 29, 1816, d c1900.
(f)    Eunice Dorr, b May 28, 1818, d 1880; m Samuel Kincaid


Children of Eunice Dorr and Samuel Kincaid.

(1) Georgetta E., b Dece. 3, 1847, d 1924.


(g)   Leonard Worcester, b Jan. 19, 1820, d 1884.
(h)   William Ingersoll, b Dec. 7, 1821, d 1881.
(i)    Sophia Ruggles, b July 14, 1823, d c1910; m 1845, Luther Nathaniel Ingersoll.
(j)    Thomas Sinclair, b Nov. 13, 1825, d 1896.
(k)   Philander R., b Nov. 26, 1827, d Feb. 4, 1834.
(l)    Erastus F., b Mar. 31, 1830, d c1880.

(m)  Andrew Jackson,  b May 6, 1832, Aug. 7, 1905; m1st Columbia, Me., May 6, 1832, Mellisa A. Merritt; m2d Leitha Jane Norton.

(n)   Wilbury J., b Sept. 21, 1834, d July 20, 1854.

(o)   Esther A., b Nov.1, 1837, d 1914; m 1854, John McGee, Jr..


VII-434 Amos.
VII-435 Leonard.

VII-436 Esther, b Columbia, Me., May 27, 1800, d Addison, Me., Aug. 6, 1885, m Columbia, Me., Nov. 3, 1819, David, son of Richard Gowell and  Susan (Leighton) Merritt, b Addison, Me., Nov. 16, 1792, d Dec. 29, 1876.

Children of Esther Worcester and David Merrit

(a)   Cyrene.
(b)   Jotham L.
(c)   Ambrose Coffin.
(d)   Darius F.
(e)   Jane L.
(f)   Ezra S.
(g)   Concnat.
(h)   Emeline.


VII-437 Hannah, b Columbia, Me., June 24, 1802, d Columbia, June 13, 1880, m 1st Columbia, Oct. 10, 1824, Moses, Jr, son of Moses and Martha (Haycock) Look; m 2nd Columbia, Jan. 8, 1869, Daniel, son of Isaac and Mary (Worcester) Leighton (his third wife.)


Children of Hannah H. Worcester and Moses Look, Jr.

(a)   Philena N.
(b)   Willima H.
(c)   Delana A.
(d)   Wooster Moses.
(e)   Hannah M.
(f)    Phidelia.
(g)   Shedrick W.
(h)   Lincoln.

Children of Hannah H. Worcester and Daniel Leighton

(a)   Melissa Ann Nash, b 1830, d May 19, 1870.
(b)   Fonze Greenhill, b Sept., 18, 1834, d Oct. 3, 1899.


VII-438 Miriam, b Columbia, Me., May, 1804, d Unionville, Me., Apr. 4, 1883, Burial at Unionville Cem., m 1st Nov. 16, 1822, Asa, son of Samuel and Esther (Leighton) Tucker, b Columbia, Me., 1799, d Dec. 10, 1858; m 2nd, Columbia, Me., Oct. 25, 1861, Ebenezer, son of Joseph and Betsey (Jordan) Leighton as his second wife, Cherryfield, Me., Aug. 9, 1801, d Unionville, Me., May 7, 1891 (Unionville Cemetery).


Children of Miriam Worcester and Asa Tucker

(a)    Florinda, b Jonesboro, Me., 1824, d c1865; m Aug. 9, 1845, Ira Barney, b c1813.


Children of Florinda and Ira Barney

(1) Sophia, b 1861, d 1955.


(b)    Benjamin N., b 1827, d June 18, 1864.
(c)    Infant, b 1828, d c1840.

(d)    Esther Jane, b 1830, d c1881; m William Ingersoll Dorr, b Dec. 7, 1821, d Ellsworth, me., 1881. Civil War veteran.

(e)    Abraham A., b 1834, d c1878; m Columbia, Me., Mar. 28, 1855, Jerusha L. Grant.

(f)    Amos H., b 1839, d Apr. 27, 1863; m Oct. 28, 1860, Sophronia E. Reed, b 1842, d aft. 1869. He served in the Civil War with Co D, 22nd Maine Regt.

(g)    Arolean, b cDec. 28, 1849, d Apr. 16, 1872.


VII-439 Deborah, b Apr., 1806, Columbia, Me., d Sept. 7, Newton, Mass., Sept. 7, 1892, m Columbia, Me., Nov. 10, 1822, George Washington Stevens, b 1800, d c1876.


Children of Deborah Worcester and George W. Stevens

(a)    Martha L.
(b)    Melissa E.
(c)    Almira W.
(d)    Emeline.
(e)    George Washington.
(f)     Elery Green.
(g)    Susanna A.
(h)    Horace M.


VII-440 Abigail C., b Columbia, Me., Mar. 9, 1808, d Addison, Me., July 18, 1901, m Columbia, Me., Oct. 1, 1826, Stillman, son of George and Elizabeth  (Stevens) Look, b Addison, Me., 1803, d aft. 1880.


Children of Abigail C. Worcester and Stillman Look

(a)    Alonzo.
(b)    Loraine West.
(c)    Delana A.
(d)    George E.
(e)    Christiana P.
(f)    Caroline.
(g)    Augustus N.


VII-441 Moses.
VII-442 Aaron
, b ca. 1813, d young.

VII-443 Louisa, b Columbia, Me., 1816, d after 1881; m 1st int. June 12, 1836, Joshua, son of Adriel and Grace (Hall) Farnsworth, m 2nd July 23, 1846,  Joseph Hazzard Root, son of Thomas and Deborah (Tucker) Small, b Lubec, Me., May 9, 1815, d Cherryfield, Me., Aug. 26, 1858; m 3rd int. Apr. 3, 1859, Hiram Lowe, b Apr. 15, 1810, d Columbia, Me., Mar. 22, 1878.


Children of Louisa S. Worcester and Hazard Joseph Root Small

(a)    Truman Irons.
(b)    Augusta V.

Children of Louisa S. Worcester and Joshua Farnsworth

(c)    Arethusa T.
Dean R.
   Adariel F.


Notes from the "Machias Union", June 16, 1881: " A family of 12, one died in infancy, 4 died as follows: Mrs. Jonathan Dorr (Judith) at 80; Amos Wooster at 80; Moses Wooster at 66; Hannah Leighton at 78. The living members: Polly Allen age 90; Leonard Wooster age 83; Esther Merrittage 81; Marriam Leighton age 77; Deborah Stevens age 75; Abigail Look age 73; and Louisa Low age 86."


No. VI-205
        JOHN WORSTER (Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b cMarch 1769, d Columbia, Me., Dec. 26, 1858; m1st Oct. 11, 1818, Mary (Polly), dau Clement and Dorcas (Tucker) Fernald of Gouldsboro, Me., b Gouldsboro, Apr. 5, 1776, d Columbia, c 1818; m2d Gouldsboro, Oct. 11, 1818, Elizabeth Fernald (Mary's sister), b Gouldsboro, Dec. 19, 1785, d Columbia, c1824; m3d Sept. 16, 1825, Mrs. Katherine (Crowley) Tibbetts, widow of Thomas and dau of Jeremiah Crowley, b Cape Elizabeth, 1784, d Columbia, 1860's.


Children of John Worcester by 1st wife

VII-444 Clement Fernald.
VII-445 Son
b c1800, d 1810-1819.
VII-446 Son, b c1802, d 1810-1819.
VII-447 Saloma, b 1803, d July 22, 1857; m Dec. 24, 1842, Thomas Foster as his 2d wife.
VII-448 Margaret (Peggy), b 1806, d 1880+; m Aug. 24, 1830, Joseph Tibbetts, b 1809, d Columbia, June 1894.


Children of Margaret Worcester and Joseph Tibbetts

(a)    Gerome B.
(b)    George Stillman.
(c)    Jotham M.
(d)    John Worcester, b 1846, d c1907.


VII-449 Eliza Ann "Lizzie", b Addison, Oct. 27, 1808, d 1879; m 1830, Aaron Leighton, b 1804, d 1894.


Children of Eliza Ann Worcester and Aaron Leighton

(a)    Mary Emily.
(b)    Ealthea A.
(c)    James L.
(d)    Samantha L.
(e)    Hollis J.
(f)    Selden B.


VII-450 John, b 1814, d Mar 6, 1864 (age 49 yrs.); m Columbia, Me., May 3, 1843, Mrs. Irene Young (Ingersoll) Nash. No children. She was born Columbia, Sept. 22, 1811, d Jan 14, 1891. He served in Aroostook War (Feb.-May 1839). House carpenter at Columbia (1850-1860).

VII-451 Isaac Case.


Children of John Worcester by 2nd wife

VII-452 Mary, b c1820, d c1840 (age 20)


The census of 1810 shows John Worcester as living in Addison, Me. with 3 sons under 10 and a daughter under 10. He was still living at Addison in 1820 with 3 sons, 2 of them under 10 and 3 daughters under 16 and 1 over 16. This would indicate that 2 sons and a daughter are unaccounted for. The daughter over 16 could be Salome Worster, b about 1803; m Thomas Foster of Centerville, Dec., 1842 and d before 1860. Her age was given as 47 in the 1850 census.


No. VI-208
        JOSEPH WORCESTER (Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b c1782, d Columbia, Me., before Mar. 11, 1824. On this date, Enoch Low was appointed administrator of his estate. He m Abigail Nash, dau John and Eunice (Merritt), b Addison, Jan. 4, 1787, d Jan. 25, 1872. She married Oct. 21, 1824, Capt. George Look of Addison as his second wife.


Children of Joseph Worcester

VII-453 Martha Parritt "Patty", b Columbia, Me., July 10, 1809; m Dec. 1832, Peter Joseph Look, b Addison, Me., Feb. 24, 1869.

Children of Martha Parritt ans Peter Joseph Look

(a) Elizabeth A.
Joseph W.
Delia A.
Otis Foster.
Ellis W.
Henry M.
Clarence E.


VII-454 Clarissa, b Eastport, Apr. 28, 1811, d West Roxbury, Mass., July 25, 1893; m Mayhew C. Drisko, b c1805, d 1885.

Children of Clarissa and Mathew C. Drisko

(a) Luthera.
(b) Lucy W.
(c) Auguatine.


VII-455 Lorraine West, b Columbia, Me., Sept. 9, 1813, d 1893; m 1832, Aaron J. Look, Jr., b Addison, Me., May 22, 1804, d Nov. 25, 1886. He was a sea captain.


Children of Lorraine West and Aaron J. Look Jr.

(a) Jerome.
(b) Philander W.
(c) Moses Wellington.
(d) Susan C.
(e) Warren Jerome.
(f) Lucy Abie.
(g) Elmira Eleanor.


VII-456 William Bingham.
VII-457 Lucy
, b 1820, d. 1846; m Oct. 27, 1839, Jason Clapp Drisko as his 1st wife; b Addison, 1815.


Children of Lucy and Jason Clapp Drisko

(a) Harriet R.
(b) Everett W.


VII-458 Joseph.


No. VI-211
        ISAAC WORSTER (Moses5, Thomas4, Thomas3, Moses2, William1) b about 1787, d Springfield, 1860; m Columbia, cMar. 1808, Lydia dau of Samuel and Esther Tucker, b Cherryfield, 1785, d Springfield, 1860. Both living in 1850 at Springfield, Me., with Isaac, Jr. They were living at Jonesboro in 1820 and at Cherryfield in 1840. Resided Pleasant River (Addison), Columbia.

Children of Isaac Worster

VII-459 Sarah H., b Columbia, Me., July 27, 1808, d Addison, June 22, 1891; m Apr. 12, 1828, William Gray, Jr. She is buried in Gray Cemetery, Addison, Me.


Children of Sarah H. Worcester and William Gray, Jr.

(a)    Jeremiah, b 1830, d July 5, 1864; Columbia, Me., Dec. 25, 1852, Mercy Susan Nash, b Calais, Me., d Mar. 4, 1912. He was a millman and fisherman in the Indian River area in the mid 1800's.

(b)    Seward Worcester, b Feb. 18, 1833, d Apr. 30, 1892; m Columbia, Me., Apr. 30, 1892, Mary Merritt Nash, b Calais, Me., Dec. 3, 1829, d Feb. 19, 1910.

(c)    Diantha E., b Crowleys Island, Me., Jan. 1835, d 1909; m Samuel Mansur Kelly, b Addison, Me., Mar. 1829, d Addison, Jan. 15, 1903.

(d)    George, b 1836, d c1850.
(e)    Charles Henry, b 1838, d c1858; m Addison, Me., July 6, 1858, Annie H. Trask.

(f)     Ezra C., b Apr. 14, 1841, d May 4, 1903; m Addison, Me., Mar. 23, 1866, Harriet E, Henderson, d Jonesport, Me., Sept. 1836, d Addison, Me., Mar. 11, 1924.

(g)    William, b 1843, c1885; m Mar. 31, 1866, Abigail J. Crowley, b 1846, d aft. 1880..
(h)    Abraham McKenzie, b 1852, Apr. 12, 1881; m Dec. 2, 1871, Julia A. Crowley, b 1852, d aft. 1876.


VII-460 Seward Bucknam.

VII-461 Susanna Joy "Susan", b Cherryfield, Apr. 20, 1814, d Springfield, June 18, 1896; m Columbia, Me., Dec. 31, 1831, Ichabod Willey Downs, b Steuben, Oct. 12, 1805, d Webster Plant, Dec. 1, 1898.  She is buried in Tucker Ridge Cemetery, Springfield, Me. Residence Cherryfield and Springfield, Me.


Children of Susanna Joy Worcester and Ichabod Willey Downs

(a)     Mary Ann., b Oct. 18, 1833, d Mar. 6, 1908; m Seward Tucker, b Crowleys Island, Me., 1830, d of wounds in June 30, 1864 in Civil War. Served as pvt. in Co H, 1st Maine Heavy Artl. Rgt. Also, pvt. in Co. H, 1st Maine Heavy Arty. Rgt.

(b)    Sarah Elizabeth, b 1835, d 1928.
(c)    Maria, b Sept. 24, 1839; m Joseph Cole, b Greenwood, Me., June 7, 1833, d Apr. 21, 1917.


Children of Maria and Joseph Cole

(1) Benjamin B., b Jan. 1860.

(2) Charles Downs, b Webster Plantation, Me., Sept. 27, 1861, d Apr. 13, 1940; m Springfield, Me., Mar. 6, 1886, Dorothy Ann Bowker.


Children of Charles Downs Cole and Dorothy Ann Bowker

(A) Walter Harrison, b May 4, 1889, d Nov. 22, 1950.
(B) Asa Fay, b Jan. 2, 1894, d June 24, 1895.
(C) Cecil Ray, b May 23, 1896, d July 24, 1918.
(D) Louis Blake, b Jan. 8, 1899, d Apr. 21, 1958.
(E) Corris Leone, b JAn. 8, 1899, d Apr. 21, 1958.
(F) Wilber Allen, b Sept. 12, 1905, d Feb. 8, 1962.
(G) Robert Ernest, b Mar. 10, 1910, d Oct. 5, 1977.
(H) Lola Blanche, b Aug. 25, 1911, d Feb. 16, 1978.


(3) Mary E., b Apr. 18, 1864.
(4) Aribell Abiah, b Jan. 15, 1867.
(5) Josiah W., b Jan. 9, 1870.
(6) Helen Maria, b Aug. 1, 1873.
(7) Freeman D., b 1875.
(8) Danvil, b Jan. 18, 1878, d June 9, 1941.
(9) Abbie Jane, b Aug. 6, 1880, d July 22, 1957.


(d)    Charles, b 1843, d 1919.
(e)    Clarissa, b Apr. 1845, d c1900; m Greenwood, Me., Feb. 9, 1836, Hanson P. Cole.
(f)    Joseph, b c1847, d c1860.
(g)    Ebenezer, b c1848, d c1871; m Springfield, Me., Aug. 6, 1871, Georgiana Boyington
(h)    Rachel W., b c1852; m Springfield, Me., Oct. 28, 1871, Charles H. Davis..
(i)    Simpson Worcester, b c1855, d Nov. 15, 1908; m Springfield, Me., Feb. 13, 1876, Martha E. Stanley.


VII-462 Isaac.
VII-463 Mark.
VII-464 Robert Leighton.
VII-465 Roxanna "Roxie", b Columbia, Me., 1824, d 1854; m Feb. 14, 1839, Calvin C. Grant.


Children of Roxanna and Calvin Grant

(a)   Jerusha L.
Kalvin Augustus


VII-466 Joseph.
VII-467 Sewell French (twin), b 1828 d Apr. 21, 1855, age 29 yrs.
VII-468 Simpson (twin).


No. VI-214
        SAMUEL WORCESTER (William5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) d Sanford, Me., Nov. 24, 1791; m Sanford, Me., Oct. 12, 1817, Susan Fernald, b Lebanin, Me., Sept.10, 1795, d Sanford, Me., Dec. 22, 1869. Residence Sanford, Me. Yeoman.


Children of Samuel Worcester

VII-469 Fernald H.
VII-470 Dorcas, b Jan. 28, 1820; m Nov. 18, 1841, Libbeus Shaw.
VII-471 Mary F., b Springvale, Me., Feb. 10, 1823, d Jan 26, 1888.
VII-472 William.
VII-473 Susannah, b Apr. 19, 1827, d Apr. 17, 1848.
VII-474 James, b Jan. 11, 1830, d Mar. 25, 1865 (Worster Cemetery, Springvale, Me.).
VII-475 Sarah Ann, b July 11, 1832, d Mar. 6, 1896; m Oct. 12, 1853, Libbeus Grant, b Oct. 1, 1834, d 1891.

VII-476 Samuel, b Sanford, Me., Oct. 1, 1834, d Jan. 11, 1915; m Acton, Me., July 16, 1873, Lucy J. Ellis, b May 1849, d Sanford, Me., Jan. 25, 1905.


No. VI-221
        JOHN WORCESTER (Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Sept. 13, 1791, d Mar. 10, 1834; m Nancy, dau Jethro Heard, Sanford, Me., d Somersworth, Me., June 25, 1847. Residence Sanford, Me., and Somersworth, N.H.


Children of John Worcester

VII-477 Elmira, b Apr. 9, 1818.
VII-478 Harriet W., b Dec. 3, 1820, d May 30, 1832.
VII-479 Mary S., b Sept. 9, 1822; m ____ Henderson, Rochester, N.H.
VII-480 Jethro H.
VII-481 Ira.
VII-482 Susan Ann
, b Nov. 3, 1828.
VII-483 John Franklin.


No. VI-222
        JAMES WORCESTER (Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., May 24, 1794, d Georgetown, Me., June 4, 1843; m1st Jan. 9, 1823, Mary, dau Enoch Tenney, Georgetown, Mass., d Georgetown, Me., Jan. 9, 1838; m2nd Apr. 5, 1841, Abby Carter, Newbury, Mass. Residence Sanford, Me., and Georgetown, Mass.


Children of James Worcester

VII-484 Abbie Jane, b May 12, 1823; m Nov. 28, 1844, Humphrey S. Howe, Blyfield, Mass.


Children of Abbie Jane Worcester

(a) Mary Elizabeth, b Mar. 17, 1846.
(b) Parker, b May 8, 1848.


VII-485 James Parker, b Aug. 17, 1827, d Feb. 27, 1847.
VII-486 Ira William, b Feb. 2, 1830.


No. VI-223
        AARON WORCESTER (Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Feb. 28, 1797; m Aug. 31, 1818, Affa Wadleigh, b July 23, 1796. He removed to So. Atkinson, Me., where he resided for many years, and then removed to Oshkosh, Wis. Yeoman.


Children of Aaron Worcester

VII-487 Selenda, b Nov. 5, 1819, d Newberry Port, Me., Aug. 13, 1898; m Newberry, Jan. 7, 1841, Ebenezer W. Jewett, son of Robt. Jewett and Mehitable Lord Dole of Rowley, b Georgetown, Me., Sept. 28, 1817, d Ipswitch, Mass., Apr. 30, 1904. Residence Sanford, Me.


Children of Selenda Jewett

(a) Lorenzo Thirston, d in Civil War, buried at Byfield.
(b) Mary Ann, b Aug. 10, 1845; m Benjamin G. Morse.
(c) James L., b Aug. 30, 1849; m Mary Hill.  Residence in Tx. Three daughters.
(d) John Mullen, b Aug. 25, 1855; m Mary A. Blake.
(e) Nellie, b Aug. 25, 1855; m Frank Emmons Howe.


VII-488 Thomas, b June 26, 1821.
VII-489 Bradbury.
VII-490 Sewall
, b Nov. 8, 1825.
VII-491 Asa, b Apr. 15, 1827, d May 13, 1851.
VII-492 Dianthe, b June 29, 1831.
VII-493 Franklin, b Feb. 14, 1834.
VII-494 Mary Jane, b June 14, 1836.
VII-495 Very Ann, b Sept. 24, 1840.


No. VI-224
(Thomas5, Simeon4, William3, Moses2, William1) b Sanford, Me., Nov. 10, 1803, d Ipswitch, Mass.; m Nov. 12, 1831, R. G. Stevens, Salisbury, Mass., b Salisbury, Mass., May 15, 1804. Master of House of Corrections, and Superintendent of Asylum for the Insane, Ipswich, Mass. Residence Blyfield, 6 years; Brighton, 4 years; and afterwards in Ipswich, Mass.


Children of Ira Worcester

VII-496 Daniel C. b Byfield, Mass., May 22, 1832, d Boston, Mass.; m Sept. 6, 1853, Sarah, dau of Jacob B. Tenney, Ipswich, Mass. Residence Boston. Merchant.

VII-497 Leigh Richmond, b Jan. 2, 1835.
VII-498 Mary A. P., b June 7, 1837.
VII-499 Sarah E., b June 12, 1840.
VII-500 James F., b May 6, 1842.

[1] Sarah Alice’s Introduction to her book is reprinted in whole in the Appendix.

[2] All the wills referenced in this Introduction are printed in the Appendix.

[3] See Family Tree for William of Cheddington printed in the Appendix.

[4] The family tree is shown in the Appendix.